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Khloe Kardashian

Kris Humphries Is SICK ...

Mom Didn't Stage Sex Tape

6/21/2012 1:24 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Kris Humphries
invented the story about Kris Jenner masterminding Kim Kardashian's sex tape in order to live out a "disgusting" fantasy -- this according to Kim's sister Khloe Kardashian.

Khloe was out in New York today when we asked her about the TMZ story -- that Humphries told his ex-girlfriend that Kris Jenner directed Kim to make her infamous sex tape ... and even had Kim re-shoot it because the first take wasn't pretty enough.

Khloe responded, "That is just disgusting and disturbing, and probably HIS fantasy!"

It's a shocking statement coming from the woman who defended Humphries just days ago -- calling him "a good guy" unfairly caught up in a cruel extortion plot.

Clearly, family comes first.

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They've proven themselves to be liars again and again. Kris Jenner has pimped her children out in every way for years, and has never seemed mortified by the sex tape, because it made MONEY! Smart business decision. None of the Kardashian "girls" give a rats ass what the public thinks of them, because they have been raised without morals, and taught to judge their success by how much money they make, even if 99.9% of the public loathes them!

800 days ago



"Which Kardashian do we do a piece on today?" TMZ is on the Kardashian's side because they do things that TMZ would want access to, whereas Kris Humphries spends half the day trying to tie his shoes.
I've seen TMZ obviously take sides before. It's fine. People that care about the facts should learn to recognize the pattern when TMZ is biased, but this site is for entertainment. It's not for real news like CNN or The New York Times. I do think people care about believing what they are reading, but I don't necessarily think they care if it's absolutely true.

800 days ago


RJ has said many times that he gave the only copy of the tape to Kim. I do beleive her mother released it to create more buzz after seeing what Paris' sex tape did for her....

800 days ago

bobby stoney    

the kardashians are nothing but hookers... look at when kim was 14 oh i wanan f this guy i think hes the one durrr durr durrr i wanna loose my V to him... years later shes spread open over and over and over again used by every guy... and yet kim says she a role model.. haha on what how to be a 2 cent re re hooker... the whole family is nothing but trash and sick.. and only care for money n screwin around.. and killin animals so they can wear them... we all need to ban the kardashin from tv... im tired of seein and hearin about what there doing every single day... there not even good lookin they are all UGLY and i hope one them bs see this u all can kiss my american ass cause im one guy who dont like ur fake selfs... so u all need to grow up stop messin with these gangsta music thugs.. and learn respect for ur self.. but that wont happen

800 days ago

the truth    

this is a JOKE!!!! its all about ATTENTION! thats y these idiots do a REALITY SHOW. also O needs ratings . they wanna make **** up so people think they are not as innocent as people think they are. they talk on O and im sure they r making so much garbage up because we know so much about this stupid ass family! we could all be a GYN Doctor thanks to Kim. so YEA i seen and heard ENOUGH!

800 days ago


The whole family is a waste of good air and strong canidates for post birth abortion. America wake up and dont give these people any publicity.

800 days ago


HAHA! Khloe knows it's true & commenting on this only makes it more true. This disgusting family has absolutely no shame, morals, and class. To be famous for a sex tape is one of the lowest things one can do. And I love how Kim thinks she is this classy and stunning woman-- she is ugly and trashy. If I were a designer, I would have to pay her to not wear my clothes because she cheapens everything she touches. A high priced hooker has more class than this entire family combined. This family is dirty money and shame on Kris Jenner! I really DO believe this is true, even before this story came out! TEAM HUMPHRIES!!!!!!

800 days ago


Who cares what Big Foot has to say. The mother is a whore and so are her swarthy daughters. I want to take a shower after looking at this family.

800 days ago


I seriously can't understand how ANYONE can continue to support this whoring family. The mother is nothing but a pimp literally encouraging her daughters to be nothing more than whores. I have boycotted anything to do with the KarTRASHians and wish others would vote with their dollars and time by boycotting anything to do with these pigs.

800 days ago


Seriously - I would LOVE to see TMZ go an entire day without giving more ink to the KarTRASHians. Are you on their payroll or what?

800 days ago


Well of course the family isn't going to mention it around her. Otherwise she'll start asking why mommy didn't make a sex tape for her.

And we can't let the Sasquatch get into porn... what would Chyna do for a living then?

800 days ago


you mean "MADAME". Kris.

800 days ago


sorry , that's MADAM Kris and her pawns

800 days ago


Come on, Chewbacca, who are you trying to kid?? You know pimp mamma would orchestrate anything if the price was right. And they've all been living off Kim's fat ass since she leaked her sex tape. Disgusting fantasy...a perfect description of all the Kartrashians. Always planting stories to keep the sheep audience following them.

800 days ago


Khloe you look like Big Foot - you are disgusting, mean, trucker's mouth, & a loser. Kim did a sex tape, your mother had an affair while married, & you staged a sex room with a sex swing - Lamar doesn't even want to have sex with you because you are so ugly. Lamar doesn't even enjoy being with - he always wants your brother or his friend around instead of being alone with Big Foot. Your family is disguising & disturbing - oh wait their not your real family - DNA will set you free. Make this family go away.

800 days ago
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