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Meredith Vieira REJECTS NBC Offer

to Replace Ann Curry

6/21/2012 10:01 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

NBC secretly offered Meredith Vieira a big contract to replace Ann Curry on the "Today" show ... but she turned them down.

Sources connected with the network tell TMZ ... the offer was made approximately two weeks ago but Meredith wasn't interested in returning to the show she anchored for 6 years.

TMZ broke the story back in April ... Ann Curry was on her way out, partly because NBC was unhappy with her performance, partly because the ratings started to suck, and partly because Matt Lauer didn't like working with her.

As we reported, when Matt re-signed with "Today," he made it clear he wanted a new co-anchor, but NBC delayed making an immediate change because the network didn't want to make it look like a big foot on Matt's part.

From what we're hearing, Ann could be 86'd within a matter of weeks. 

As for who will replace Ann, network sources say the frontrunner is Savannah Guthrie, who co-hosts the third hour of "Today."


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What we should all be asking ourselves is what kind of a prick is Matt Lauer to work with?? He seems to have WAY too much say at the Today Show and if he doesn't like his co-anchor, he's successfully had them after another.

DITCH MATT. HE'S BORING AND TOO FULL OF HIMSELF! I think Meredith, Ann, and even Katie were heads above him!!

856 days ago


Pretty lousy treatment after Ann worked on the show for over 14 years, through several hosts waiting for her chance to co-anchor. She was a good news reader and a loyal employee the entire time. But I guess if you she doesn't appeal to the men in charge, she get's the heave-ho.

856 days ago


Looks are obviously not a factor in the decision-making process.

856 days ago


matt wants ann out cause he and savannah were/still are having an affair.

856 days ago


Savannah is a good choice. Me don't like ann.

856 days ago

Pudding Tang    

The problem very well could be Matt Lauer and not Ann Curry. I see nothing wrong with her and how she does her job. Seems to me replacing her with Savannah Guthrie is not anything that's going to make much of a difference if any.

856 days ago


I think Ann Curry was great in the position she was in before. I'm not a fan of Savannah, she's a freakishly tall woman. I personally think Natalie Morales would be good, or my fave, Jenna Wolfe, she is hysterical!

856 days ago


Ann Curry is rude and interrupts too much. She doesn't come across and caring or sincere at all. She's the reason I don't watch that show.

856 days ago

Michael Malone    

I think it kinda sucks to **** on Ann like you are doing. And you guys have kinda made it public weeks ago that Ann was gonna get fired as soon as ya found a replacement..She does have feelings people and you've trounced all over them yet she is still there with her head held high..I really liked her and I say Kudos to you Ann Curry and shame on the rest of you for your low down tactics

856 days ago


Wow. Matt seems to be an egotistical prick. I work with people whom I cannot stand, but I don't try to get them fired. He's an ass.

856 days ago


Matt Lauer is a douche, I can't remember the the last time I watched the "today" show, I get my news from the internet when I get to work in the morning.

856 days ago


Savanah is cheerleader-lite. Airhead and not at all as interesting as Ann Curry. I like Matt but, no to Savanah. She's totally on the level of "ET."

856 days ago


no 1 curr!!!!!!!!!!

856 days ago

John Betteroffer    

Ann Curry asks the stupidest questions, she is the worst interviewer on the today show.
She is great at doing the news, she should just stick with that

856 days ago


Ugh, this makes me sick for so many reasons. It just goes to show you that no matter what if you put in the work and work hard and pretty much do everything over 100% it doesnt matter. Also, Savannah disgusts me. she is more than annoying! MAybe they should have gone after Katie Couric! But i say, keep ann, and maybe switch her with Natalie. I like Natalie way more then i will EVER like Savannah!

856 days ago
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