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From Alone to a Loan

6/21/2012 2:30 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

What could go wrong??? Octomom -- the most financially irresponsible person on the planet -- is now hawking a solution to all YOUR money problems ... in the form of dangerously high-interest cash loans.

Sources tell TMZ, Octo recently signed a deal to endorse a service called OctoLoan, which connects users to cash lenders -- offering financially desperate people access to as much as $1,000 instantly.

Problem is -- the loans are short-term ... and extremely high-interest ... often exceeding 600% APR ... which means they're usually NOT a good idea for people in dire straits (the target demo).

Go figure.


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Cheryl A.    

They used to call mafia guys who would lend you money with a huge interest payment "Loan Sharks" but if you didn't pay they would give you the incentive to pay by breaking your leg (or legs) Now it's LEGAL to charge that much interest??? Crazy company with a crazy spokesperson. Perfect.

817 days ago


LOL you gotta admire Nadya for at least keeping a study income coming in, no matter how outrageous trifling or ridiculously outrageous the jobs are. She's earning a paycheck, that's all that matters.

Whether some morons out there take the bate and sign up for that funny loan. Know that Nadya didn't twisted their arms or put a loaded gun to their heads and force them too. She's doing this to make legit money, see no crimes has been committed, seem worse commercials. It's a ridiculous job probably you or I wouldn't take, but none the less a job. haha make that money Nad...

817 days ago


TMZ... No one cares about this broad but you. Stop "reporting" on her.

817 days ago


So she is going through financial hardships. And her solution is to help convince some desperate people to turn a financial mess into an apocalypse. I wouldn't stand to close to that girl. Karma is probibly going to smack the :bleep: out of her.

817 days ago


I would never pay more than 500% interest.

817 days ago


A new low for Octo-turd.

817 days ago


When is her porn video going to be released? I can't wait to see a close up of her sweet meat locker!

817 days ago


This B*tch needs to go away!

817 days ago


TMZ is not going to stop posting about her because she is a hot item. She gets more comments than a lot of people. You hate her but you still making comments and THAT is the reason to keep posting about her.

817 days ago


Wow a loan shark online. Why would anyone want to associate with anything regarding her and her poor judgment? She'd rather pay big money for a haircut then to pay the rent. She definitely needs an intervention.

817 days ago

bayou biloxi    

She should have done commercials for baby food, diapers, or anything baby related as soon after birth as possible. If she had kept her stupid mouth shut and her clothes on, she could have been financially independent. After her porn sideshow and insane interviews, her ability to provide for herself and her 14 kids has evaporated. My advice to her now is finish you degree, nobody wants to hear what you have to say, or watch your porn. You are truly a loser.

817 days ago


I don't think Octomom knows what the word "loan" means. I don't think she realizes that if someone "loans" you money, you're supposed to pay it back.

But, seriously, where would a commercial like this appear? I see stories from time to time about loser stars doing commercials for weird and obscure companies, but I've never seen the commercials aired anywhere.

817 days ago


Is this the same company that Kim K had her name on and Harvey thought it was just great to expand her business model? Didn't they get sued by several states because of all the fees that they had no idea they charged but put there name on it?

817 days ago


What's up with the unmade bed behind her. Is her 'empire' so busy that she has no time to go between porn flicks and hawking a loan company that charges 600% interest. What a dumb b*tch.

817 days ago


It is cheaper interest to go to your local Loan Shark they might bust a couple of knee caps but it is still better than looking at OctoSlut picture.

817 days ago
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