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From Alone to a Loan

6/21/2012 2:30 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

What could go wrong??? Octomom -- the most financially irresponsible person on the planet -- is now hawking a solution to all YOUR money problems ... in the form of dangerously high-interest cash loans.

Sources tell TMZ, Octo recently signed a deal to endorse a service called OctoLoan, which connects users to cash lenders -- offering financially desperate people access to as much as $1,000 instantly.

Problem is -- the loans are short-term ... and extremely high-interest ... often exceeding 600% APR ... which means they're usually NOT a good idea for people in dire straits (the target demo).

Go figure.


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Jackazz flatts    

Can't wait to get financial advise from a genius like octomum

862 days ago


Mike Walters From TMZ it is OctoSlut you better go get your loan we all know how much You love OctoSlut.

862 days ago


Octostank. Ewwww.... so it's official. Word is Octo has a smelly vajayjay.! This according to someone from Howard Stern's show after rubbing her nasty all over the Sybian. Will said it smelled. LMAO

862 days ago


Octowhore would sell off her kids if she thought it would generate revenue. She is one money grubbing bitch!

862 days ago


Oh, laugh it up TeamNutter. Your idol is on a fast downward spiral and it will only become worse for her and the 14 feral hostages living in a world of filth and stink. Octostankvajayjay's world is on it's way to derailment. The lives of the children will implode now that they will face perpetual scorn, ridicule, bullying and humiliation from their schoolmates when school resumes in the fall.

862 days ago


OctoSlut better hope her loan idea works out i just sat through 12min of her porn on one of the free pornsites it is the most boring thing i have ever watches a insurance seminar is more exciting than OctoSlut. Steve Hirsh has to be the happiest man on the planet to think he offered her 1million to do porn and she is that boring he must be so happy Wicked on the otherhand must be worried if that 12min they put out for free is boring who wants to pay for the video.

862 days ago


The idea of using her for one of these commercials is good (like they used to do with Gary Coleman), but calling it "Octoloan" is a bad idea. I think that will hurt the company more than it helps.

862 days ago


Years ago that rate would be considered Raketerring. And you would go to Jail. Let's stop this crap.

862 days ago

Kylie's injected lips    

I doubt it's gonna make them money. What's next? Octomom to appear on Dancing with the Stars? She needs to buy her children a house with the money she makes, don't spend it on your self, selfish bitch!

862 days ago


OctoLoan if you don't pay she will lock you in a room with her 14 kids.

862 days ago


What a all time low shank. I don't care if she wants to drag herself down and do whatever to herself to support her children but she doesn't have to contribute to hurting other people who might be down on their luck. Is this what she's teaching her 14 kids, how to scam the world to earn a buck.

862 days ago


600 fu_cking percent interest? That means that 1,000 loan is gonna cost you 6,000 in the long run. Fu_cking scam artists, who would ever sing up for this garbage?

862 days ago


Instead of Western Sky, they can call it Western Skank.

862 days ago


I am soooooo suck of hearing abouth this sh1t stain on the underwear of life!

862 days ago


Im a manager at a Short Term Loan place in Ohio and reading this makes me sick! Octo is an idiot and who ever wrote this is as well! To the untrained eye this seems outrages 600% on a loan but on the contrary read more, the loan is short term and APR stands for? ANNUAL PERCENTAGE RATE which means for a whole year! You cant take a short term loan out longer than 31 days, the interest for most short term loan establishments are 15%! 15% is less then LATE FEES charged by BANKS and CREDIT CARD COMPANY'S! Trash Octo all you want, but not a business you know nothing about!

862 days ago
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