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'Swamp People' Arrest Report

Star Attacked GF

with Lit Cigarette

6/21/2012 6:33 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

"Swamp People" star Trapper Joe tried to burn his girlfriend with a lit cigarette ... and then punched her in the chest with a closed fist ... this according to the arrest report obtained by TMZ.

Trapper Joe -- real name Noces Joseph LaFont Jr. -- was arrested for assault and battery in Orange County, Florida early Wednesday morning.

According to the arrest report, a witness told police Trapper Joe and his GF were arguing at the Buena Vista Hotel and Spa just after midnight ... and both appeared very drunk.

The witness claims he watched Joe punch the woman in the chest ... and then grab her by the arms and shake her very hard.

The GF told police Joe had received a call on his cell phone ... and she wanted to know who was calling ... but when she reached for his phone, he tried to burn her with a lit cigarette.

According to the report, Trapper Joe denied the allegations ... but cops arrested him anyway and hauled him to a nearby station where he was booked into custody.

A rep for Trapper Joe has no comment.


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sometimes them biotches deserve it. emotional bullying should be a crime too, and she's prob guilty

799 days ago


sometimes them biotches deserve it.
emotional abuse should be a crime too, which i bet she's prob guilty of.
if there was a way to equate emotional abuse from women into prison time, most women would be in jail.\

799 days ago

Outlaw Jesse    

Duh...Swamp people!

799 days ago



799 days ago

Scott Garlock    


799 days ago


He is a real man !

799 days ago


hey great....keep taking these nobody's and make them stars with these silly nonsense reality shows and we can keep ussing them for role models for our children. TV has turned from entertainment to
crap !!!!!

799 days ago


Evidently he was so drunk she looked like a gator....either that or she really does look like a gator!

799 days ago


One shouldnt judge until the entire situation is brought to light. Did he really burn her or did he just play like he was going to so she wouldnt grab his phone? Was she coming at him to get the phone and he held his hand up to stop her from getting at him? One story I read stated a bystander called the police: well I tapped my daughters hand while in walmart of course she cried, and a bystander called the police on me saying I struck my child!! Until the entire truth comes out noone should condem him.

799 days ago

Not Fooled    

I am soooo concerned that there is still such ignorance in this world...especially concerning the abuse of women. The people leaving comments that she probably provoked it should also sit quietly when the man that rapes their sister/mother/wife/gf gets off free because she was wearing a skimpy outfit - she provoked it, right? They should also sit quietly when their daughter's/sister's/mother's boyfriend beats them to a pulp because she was "mouthing off" - she provoked it, right? As for the INANE remark that she was probably emotionally abusive and therefore deserved it - Where do you live and who in the hell raised you? If she were that emotionally abusive, he can leave the relationship. He has a RESPONSIBILIY to himself and her to leave the relationship before he gets physical. And, 99% of the time, physical abuse is preceded by emotional and verbal abuse from the male - and if we were to take your suggestion for handling emotionally abusive women, there wouldn't be enough prison space and money to house the emotionally abusive men of the world. People that still believe in 2012 that there is a shred of justification for a man putting his hands on a woman, need to crawl of the rock they live under and educate themselves. Your views are disgusting, apalling, and make me feel so sorry for your current/future wives and girlfriends, as well as your daughters who will live with their abusive partner, and the bruises, because they were raised believing it was okay. Tell you parents I said, "job well done."

798 days ago


Every know and you got to put a woman in her place. What do you tell a blonde with black eyes , nothing you already told her twice ....

790 days ago


I have a question for all the people on this show.
Are your parents brother and sister?

788 days ago


Say it ain't so Jo!!!

777 days ago


Kinda reminds me, what good old dad used to say "son you know what you say to a woman with 2 black eyes? Not a damn thing, the bitch has already been told twice"

777 days ago


He looks like he loves his beer his girlfriend is probably the same, a good hillbilly relationship...

476 days ago
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