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Ann Curry


6/22/2012 12:20 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Ann Curry $$$.
Ann Curry will get her walking papers from the "Today" show next week, and NBC will pay dearly for its blunder -- because network sources tell us she's under a contract that guarantees her $10 million a year.

Our sources tell us Ann signed a new contract almost a year ago to the day, when she took over as co-anchor of "Today." Under the deal, Ann gets a cool $10 mil, and it's a long-term contract.  We're told she's guaranteed that amount for 3 years.

Network sources tell us ... the likely scenario is that Ann will become a foreign correspondent for NBC News.

Short story ... she'll be the first foreign correspondent who will rake in an amount equal to the gross national product of some of the countries she will cover.


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WHETHER HER ENEMIES LIKE IT OR NOT, Ann Curry is a LADY! No other woman on that show, except Hoda, cannot live up to Ann's poise, her charm, her dignity, her class, her soft compassionate nature, her incredible intelligence, and someone who is not above getting her fingernails soiled by "roughing " it in sometimes dangerous foreign countries! What other woman on that show would DARE to parachute or take chances she would not survive physical harm, or, NBC returning her to her family in a body bag!. She DOES NOT have the FALSE EGO demonstrated by the other females on that show. Like it or not, Ann Curry is GENUINE. the others ARE NOT!!! And for all the HATERS in TV Land and "news people, " put THAT in your pipe and SMOKE IT!!! For those who deliberately made the effort to "cut her out," your wish has been granted. So, don't fly too high, "life" will probably come back and BITE you, too!

831 days ago


This is such a mistake! Ann Curry is the best on The Today Show. She is warm and compassionate. I will not watch Savannah Guthrie. I'll go back to Good Morning America.

831 days ago


It is a shame they are getting rid of the wrong person, instead of the other cackling women. That is why I no longer watch. I heard one of the others literally say " Oh I thought drugstore mascara caused eye infections".. The other is a flaming socialist. None are real, except Ann and sometimes Matt, though he is on a high horse and that does not go over big these days. Ann is down o earth and sincere, the show needs more of that NOT less.

831 days ago


they should take 10 million form Mr wonderful Matt L. since he thinks he has the power to get rid of her because he dosen't like her. Mr ******* thinks he is worth 25 million a year=========== disgusting for some one to read the signs for 2 hours a day.

831 days ago

Throwback kid    

Why doesn't this talentless hack just retire, no one would miss her. These news people have to be the most over paid people on the planet. They all have these huge ego's like they are the only one who could do that job? Curry looks depressed all the time and has no energy. I change the channel when I see her

831 days ago


I love it! And, I hope that IF Matt the prick had anything to do with it, they dock his pay!!

831 days ago


Ann and Matt where never a great match. Ashleigh Banfield would be a better match with Matt Savannah looks like an Amazon next to the Today Show presenters. And Savannah is like beige. Boring!

831 days ago


How about several weeks ago, when she blurted out that George Zimmerman is a 250 lb man? We know Zimmerman shot Martin, but where does Ann Curry get off editorializing and LYING to viewers to paint a more ominous picture of Zimmerman> By the looks of him on tv, Zimmerman looks to be abt 5'6 maybe 180. I can't stand her whispered way of talking, either. NBC (MSNBC) is a trash dumpster of news.

831 days ago


Why is it always the female anchor's fault when the program isn't doing well? Has anyone looked at how arrogant Matt Lauer is? If anyone should leave, it's Matt Lauer NOT Ann Curry!!!

831 days ago

Throwback kid    

They should just get Hoda to do it by herself. They would save money and appeal to both the male and female audience at the same time since Hoda is a woman with the face of a man. She is kind of a man/woman newscaster rolled into one

831 days ago


Gra Davis got his walking papers here in calif. and had a ton of money, haven't heard a word about him since, with any luck the same will happen to ann, but no she will cry on the other network with it 50 viewere.

831 days ago


obozo will probably give her his "brother" cut. $39,000.00 instead of $40,000.00 for his presence.

831 days ago

Hank Wanky    

Don't feel too bad for her. She's getting $30 million guaranteed.

831 days ago

andrew ahr    

If she signed a three year contract one year ago then she is due for two years at $10 Million a year so she is due $20 Million - so the title should say NBC's $20 Million Mistake.

831 days ago


Who is this source of NBC's leaking all of this and humiliating Ann Curry in the media with such stories?

I read an interview how hurt Ann is from all of the criticism, and who would not be hurt?

Whomever is behind leaking all of this is the one who should be fired.

If they want to improve the Today Show, fire Mat Lauer, his pompous arrogant attitude is hard to stomach or watch anymore and now to know he is behind encouraging that Ann loses her job just so he stays, makes me really not want to watch him on TV ever again.

So NBC and the Today Show, you lost another viewer.

<3 Ann Curry and what you NBC and the Today Show and, Mat Lauer and any of her other colleagues who are betraying her, the part you play in all of this is cruel! How would you like it done to any of your? Do those who are humiliating her and hurting her, have a conscience at all or are they so full of their own ego, that they have no empathy for Ann?

She was loyal and dedicated years to the Today Show. She was the only interviewer who comes across genuine and full of compassion when she interviews really sensitive topics. She is a lady of grace and always seemed pleasant and sweet, some of the others on the Today Show, could learn a lot from Ann Curry on how to act like a lady and be yourself and be real and genuine and not fake for the camera.

My best to you Ann Curry, but I hope you ditch NBC after the way they are treating you. It is not right.

831 days ago
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