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David Letterman

Rips Justin Bieber

for Ignorant Remark

6/22/2012 7:10 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Justin Bieber is 18 years old ... and believes Michelangelo painted the "Sixteenth Chapel" ... and last night, David Letterman ripped him for it.

Bieber was showing off his new arm tattoo on the "Late Show" ... when Dave, acting like a cranky disapproving old man, reached over and grabbed the fresh ink, causing Justin to scream out in pain.

While Justin forced a smile, Dave continued to give the Canadian singer a hard time ... and then advised Bieber, "Don't go nuts [with the tattoos] ... because more and more you see like the mural ... like the Sistine Chapel, it's too much."

Bieber replied, "I'm not going for the Sixteenth Chapel."

Letterman laughed ... and quipped, "Canadian high school."

While there's really no excuse for not knowing about one of the most famous places on the face of the Earth, Justin was under attack from the moment he stepped foot on the stage.

So, we gotta ask ...


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Dave was ragging on Bieber because last time Bieber was on his show he was a rude, entitled little brat. Kudos to Dave for putting that little bugger in his place.

853 days ago


i won't lie, i'm attracted to him and he can dance, but the whole thing was staged. it's sick the amount of people that type and act crazy over meaningless things. i don't know how some of them are going to ever make it in the real world when they get older.

852 days ago


HAHAHAHHAHAHAHA!!! SO funny!!! He totally didn't know he said anything wrong!! AWKWARD for the Bustin Jeiber ;)

852 days ago


If Ellen were dumb it would be Justin Bieber...oh, if Ellen were Dumb and liked men

852 days ago


Letterman is just a grumpy ass old man who isn't even funny.

852 days ago


Letterman is great lol

852 days ago


Justin is a fake little punk. If he did his little pop song thing that would be fine but he thinks he's so gangsta, dawg! hhaha

852 days ago


I have to wonder about the intelligence of an individual who would make a broad statement stereotyping an entire educational system based on one person who has obviously had no time or interest in obtaining an education

852 days ago


justin is ****ing hilarious he is a prankster he can take a joke and he can laugh at himself lol obviously he messed up and was a bit embarrassed but try running his life? i am surprised he knows which month it is or where he is on earth i know my head would be spinning after living just 1 DAY in the life of the busiest pop star in the planet and i can guarantee you he IS the BUSIEST

852 days ago


Letterman doesn't know how to keep his hands to himself. Ask some of his employees he has had an affair with.

852 days ago


Well, that's a funny thing for him to say. My best friend is American, I'm Canadian. She graduated before I did, yet she couldn't tell me what date the Americans joined WW2 while she was helping me study for an exam. All through school I'd ask her for help and she would say they didn't cover that. So, lets not compare education systems because ours is in a different league.

852 days ago


It's not surprising. I'm sure very few of the empty-headed celebrity types know what the Sistine Chapel is. It was funny to see Letterman take down this moron, although it is like stealing candy from a baby.

852 days ago


I don't have Bieber Fever, but Letterman is, and always has been, a bully. There was no reason to humiliate the kid.

852 days ago


Not a big deal. David Letterman is great and always delivers some type of comment, whether it be funny,stupid,tacky or serious. THAT'S HIS JOB!!.... As far as Justin not knowing the name, ... Not a big deal. It does sound like 16th. Chapel and maybe he heard it that way back in school. I thought it was that too for a long time until I started actually studying that part in history. Now the part about Canadian high school was a funny comeback so chill out! They don't like Americans anyway nor does any country! Lol

852 days ago


I don't think he was ripping on him at all. Clearly, TMZ never watches all. This is how he always acts. Not to mention Justin was picking at him right back with the "grandpa" comment. It all seemed in good fun.

852 days ago
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