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David Letterman

Rips Justin Bieber

for Ignorant Remark

6/22/2012 7:10 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Justin Bieber is 18 years old ... and believes Michelangelo painted the "Sixteenth Chapel" ... and last night, David Letterman ripped him for it.

Bieber was showing off his new arm tattoo on the "Late Show" ... when Dave, acting like a cranky disapproving old man, reached over and grabbed the fresh ink, causing Justin to scream out in pain.

While Justin forced a smile, Dave continued to give the Canadian singer a hard time ... and then advised Bieber, "Don't go nuts [with the tattoos] ... because more and more you see like the mural ... like the Sistine Chapel, it's too much."

Bieber replied, "I'm not going for the Sixteenth Chapel."

Letterman laughed ... and quipped, "Canadian high school."

While there's really no excuse for not knowing about one of the most famous places on the face of the Earth, Justin was under attack from the moment he stepped foot on the stage.

So, we gotta ask ...


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Wooaaahhh...i'm a Letterman fan and have no use for Bieber....HOWEVER...there is absolutely NOTHING wrong with the education afforded to Canadian students....if a Canadian student chooses not to pay attention and learn nothing at all, that is UP TO Dave, lets not be passing judgement on an entire education about sticking to passing judgement on inattentive individuals....

831 days ago


really gay tattoo but seriously if that old man would of touched my brand new tattoo. i would of broke his hip

831 days ago

Pudding Tang

831 days ago


So rich, but so dumb.

831 days ago



831 days ago


Leno sucks yes he's got his tongue so far up there he must be related to the anteater. BUT Dave has been this way (unpredictable,unapologetic) since I was little... he use to rake them across the coals. At least the ones he did not like, that is why Oprah was afraid of his show. I respected Dave for it only because he did not bull**** or fake it with a guest. it was.... U are here to promote ~ good for U , U suck and I'm gonna say so. He asked uncomfortable questions that no one else would, then he would bring on pee wee after for the laugh.lolol. He tore apart Jane Seymour years ago but she had the stones to appear more than once shooting daggers at him lololol. visually, that is, not literally. I respected the man for not sucking up and kissing ass because not everyone wants to kiss the ass of flawed individuals, who make a lot of money in "entertainment".

831 days ago


Does it really surprise anyone that he isn't that brilliant?

What? Running into glass doors wasn't enough of a hint?

Let this not be a reflection of the Canadian education system because let's face it, he wiped his hands clean of any and all education years ago when he became famous. Like many child stars...

831 days ago


Wow, was David drunk? He should apologize, and what's with grabbing his arm.

831 days ago


been watching the justin bieber do***entary they had on NBC recently and the kid is so impressive; down to earth, kind.. Dave's hemmoroids must have been acting up

831 days ago


here is the link

Michelangelo di Lodovico Buonarroti Simoni

Life Span: Born 6th March 1475, Caprese, Italy; died 18th February 1564, Rome
Star Sign: Pisces
Famous As: Renaissance Italian sculptor, painter, and poet.
Childhood: Michelangelo's father, Lodovico, was resident magistrate in Caprese. Michelangelo was brought up in Florence and was placed in the care of a sculptor and his wife in Settignano where Lodovico owned a small farm and marble quarry

Education: In 1488, against his father's wishes, Michelangelo was apprenticed for three years to Domenico Ghirlandaio who recommended him to Lorenzo "Il Magnifio" de Medici. Michelangelo entered Lorenzo's school (1490-2) where a collection of antiques had been gathered in the Boboli gardens. While living in Lorenzo's household Michelangelo came under the influence of many key thinkers of the time who affected his ideas about the purposes of art and his attitudes towards his own sexuality. During this period Michelangelo produced two reliefs: Battle of the Centaurs and Madonna of the Steps
Work: After Lorenzo's death in 1492 his sucessor Piero de' Medici did not support Michelangelo and under the gloomy theocracy of Savonarola he fled to Bologna for three years. He returned to Florence in 1495. Cardinal San Giorgio bought his marble Cupid and summoned him to Rome in 1496. Michelangelo was influenced by Roman antiquity and produced the Bacchus and the Pietà (left). The Pieta
After four years in Rome Michelangelo returned to Florence where he produced his marble David. He also painted the Holy Family of the Tribune and the Madonna.
In 1503 the new pope, Jullis II, summoned Michelangelo back to Rome. He was commissioned to construct the pope's tomb, which he worked on for 40 years, but is was not completed because of other demands. Michelangelo was instructed to paint the ceiling of the Sistine Chapel (1508-12).
Jullius II died in 1513 and Pope Leo X (below, by Raphael), of the Medici family, commissioned Michelangelo to rebuild the facade of the church of San Lorenzo in Florence and to enrich it with sculptured figures. During 1528 to 1529 Michelangelo worked on the fortifications for Florence which was under siege.
Michelangelo was again commissioned to produce frescoes for the Sistine Chapel and he began The Last Judgement in 1537.
In 1547 Michelangelo was appointed architect of St. Peter's to which he devoted himself until his death.
Friends & Relationships: Michelangelo developed romantic but apparently not sexual relationships with Tommaso de' Cavalieri and Vittoria Colonna. Tommaso de' Cavalieri was 23 when the two men met in 1532. Michelangelo's corresponded with Vittoria Colonna in chaste and intellectual tones.
The homoeroticism of Michelangelo's poetry was obscured when his grand nephew, Michelangelo the Younger, published an edition of the poetry in 1623 with the gender of pronouns changed. John Addington Symonds reclaimed Michelangelo's homoeroticism by translating his sonnets into English and writing a two-volume biography and publishing it in 1893.

Greatest Achievements: From 1508 to 1512 (and again in 1537), he painted the ceiling of the Sistine Chapel, in Rome, his best known and most frequently visited work

831 days ago


Dave's a bully and Justin seems like a nice kid,

831 days ago


Letterman was totally out of line there. I'm all for joking on Justin Bieber because I really don't understand all the hype about him but that really turned me off. Justin should have knocked him upside the head for grabbing his tattoo you can see in his face that it obviously hurt.

831 days ago


I never thought it possible to have a lower opinion of him.her, until I read the article on him in GQ magazine (Michael Fassbender on the cover). What a complete douche this POSER is. He looks like Rachel Maddow, and that's an insult to her.

831 days ago


Considering Beiber has been on other shows, one time not knowing what German was, even when the host showed him the cue card, yeah, not surprised by Beiber at all.

831 days ago


How many 18 Y.O. Americans have heard of the Sistine Chapel - probably very few. Is the USA known for their great public education system? I know you have to be laughing your ass off at that thought.
God Bless America (you may need the help)

831 days ago
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