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Jessica Simpson

Working on Her

Post-Baby Weight Loss

6/22/2012 10:28 AM PDT BY Johnny Lopez

Jessica Simpson is trying to get her body back!Seven weeks after giving birth to her daughter Maxwell, Jessica Simpson was spotted hard at work trying to get her body back to her pre-pregnancy weight.

The 31-year-old new mom threw on her post-partum workout leggings and sneakers and hit the gym in L.A. on Thursday.

Jess should be back to fitting into her mom jeans in no time.


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Man, she's gotta be loving life. Got a new baby, a great husband, a loving family, and from what I have read her net worth is over $100M and her monthly residuals from recordings are well over several million a month. At age 31 she has got the world by the ass. Looks like all that hard work has really paid off. I don't give a hoot what she looks like, but sure do admire her for having the guts to make it all happen for her. I wish more of my countrymen and women had the drive and determination people like her have.

861 days ago


It's brilliant and admirable that Jessica Simpson's put herself in position?

To be a spokesperson.

Dramatic-weight-loss results every time.

Along with five or six million dollars - more key roles - etc. -

That's a credit to Jessica Simpson.

No one posting here can touch her.


You can type on a keyboard -


861 days ago


Boy is Nick lucky. Is she just supposed to get as "skinny" as she was 9 months ago. Nothing wrong with how she looked, but for a celeb...

861 days ago


Keyboard-Hatred p.s.

When we communicate hatred from a keyboard.

We are reflecting our own lives, bitterness, etc.

We are telling the world -

Who we are.

It doesn't affect these celebrities.

They know better than to read it.

They know who's here and who's not here.

861 days ago


If you see a letter in your home mail box.

From a known hater, spiteful and vicious person -

Do you open and read it?

No - not unless you're an idiot.

861 days ago


She needs to meet Shaun T and start Insanity!!

861 days ago


Keyboard hatred p.p.p.s.

If someone here clicks on "hate" to a recent post?

Then adds a personal comment?

Do they actually think I'd READ that?

I did that ONCE - oh - six years back -

Ye learn ...

861 days ago


Why doesn't she just stay home and enjoy her baby?? She's filthy rich, she doesn't need anybody (the public). Lots of fat women, just go to Walmart! She'll lose some weight, eventually. She kind of looks miserable ,in the photos though. Moms' usually forget about "themselves" and are absorbed in caring for their babies. Oh, forgot about the nanny's the rich have, to do it. Oops-

861 days ago


this is why hot hoes should not ruin their bodies by letting some punk a$$ dude fill her with man cream.

861 days ago


When Jess was smokin hot...she deprived herself of any and all calories of emptyness - Then, once she's preggers - she goes off the rails on a Rocky Road / Yoo Hoo milk shakes, In & Out dbl cheese burgers and Denny's Southern Slam BINGE for 8 months and 3 weeks! She has now reset her body's natural metabolism and created insatiable cravings for chocolate and salty animal fat.

She is now much like LiLo...One day at a time and the slightest trigger and she could be found passedm out in a Krispi Kream parking lot in the bad part of town!

861 days ago


she will definitely bounce back, so long as she lands on her belly

861 days ago


She's not losing the baby weight, she's cashing her check. Once a Simpson, always a Simpson - endangering your baby's life by piling on way more than is healthy while pregnant so you can make a few more bucks to lose it.

861 days ago


What's taking so long? Beyonce already lost her baby weight + 10 by now.

861 days ago


She won't lose weight by working out, although that's good for fitness and tone. Only way to lose weight: EAT LESS. Good luck, Jessica.

861 days ago


You guys are disgusting. Why do you post stories like this about new mothers? Since when does a mother have to appease the world with her body during pregnancy or in the weeks to follow? Your mothers didn't have to do that. Why do you trash Jessica like this? TMZ putting a poll out about her losing the weight? What kind of a-holes are you guys? Let's put a poll out about each of you then. "Think ____ from TMZ will stop looking ugly?" "Think ______ from TMZ will ever tone his muscles or will he be flabby all of his life?"
That stuff is stupid, it's hurtful and it's not necessary.
Jessica Simpson is a new mommy.
Back the heck off of her. Even motherhood isn't sacred to you idiots.

861 days ago
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