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Jessica Simpson

Working on Her

Post-Baby Weight Loss

6/22/2012 10:28 AM PDT BY Johnny Lopez

Jessica Simpson is trying to get her body back!Seven weeks after giving birth to her daughter Maxwell, Jessica Simpson was spotted hard at work trying to get her body back to her pre-pregnancy weight.

The 31-year-old new mom threw on her post-partum workout leggings and sneakers and hit the gym in L.A. on Thursday.

Jess should be back to fitting into her mom jeans in no time.


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This coota makes me want to hurl. Her godawful fake blond hair looks ridiculous with her features. Brown eyed women rarely look good with platinum hair. (Gwen Stephani excluded.) She looks like a trailer park welfare mom.

862 days ago


Didn't she have a Cesarean section??? That would prevent her from being able to work out for at least 4-6 weeks... She will be fine and if not, I'm highly doubt she really cares what all of you haters think about what she looks like... She has a new baby and I'm sure that's all that matters right now... I think the weight watchers thing was in hopes to motivate herself, nothing more. She certainly doesn't need the $$$....

862 days ago

Ratings Needed    

TMZ are you going to bully Jessica every week about losing weight? Show me one person on your staff that is perfect besides Max! lol Give the woman a break & leave her alone. Be nice for a change & don't be a bully.

862 days ago

There's a problem here    

That's great. I'm sure she'll feel better once she unloads all of that lazy lard she packed on. However, she'll still be stupid.

862 days ago


give the girl a break! She just had a frickin' baby human!!

862 days ago


Hitting the gym eh? You'd think a celebrity of her stature would have her own gym AND personal trainers...

862 days ago

There's a problem here    

Maybe I'm missing something here but what is so hard to understand about healthy eating, like fresh vegetables, fruit, lean meats, limited fats and carbs etc.? You really don't need more than the 9th grade education that Jessica has to understand what lettuce is.

862 days ago

frenchy boy    

But WHO CAN TELL TO EUROPE WHO IS THIS TURKEY girl you always talking about ???

She's simply awful and seems to have no interest (except on TMZ^^)

American people seem to like TURKEY...

It's your choice

862 days ago


I feel fat just by looking at this cow! Put a bell around her neck!

862 days ago


She will lose it to some degree. But you could tell she was a larger lady waiting to come out. But she's still beautiful inside and out. Oh the millions to represent is also a motivation as well. You can do it. Personally cut the carbs and sugars and watch what happens... It took a year to gain and sometimes if you do it safely it can take a yr to lose.

862 days ago

karen dapello    

C'mon, go easy on her, so many snipey comments, and TMZ is at the helm. Give the girl a break.

862 days ago


She really let the rip cord go!

862 days ago


Well at least she was actually pregnant unlike that stupid lyin Beyonce who was never pregnant and miraculously lost all her baby weight in 2 days lol. Get over it we have babies, we gain weight, we get stretchmarks.. we get old.....keep on living and see what you look like....who cares!!

862 days ago

Throwback kid    

If Jessica Simpson doesn't get a hold of her issues with alcohol she will always be heavy. More than a few times I have seen pictures of Jessica being helped out of a restaurant because she has had too much too drink. She seems to have very little discipline when it comes to alcohol and food, she is not 23 anymore, Daisy Duke is long gone, she is now a mother in her early 30's and will have to work very hard not to look like Oprah

862 days ago


Poor thing she looks so sad. She'll get the weight off in time, with hard work. I must say I really appreciate Jessica's authenticity, she is showing she is human like everyone else and working to get the weight off. She didn't just get all of her fat sucked out and then face the cameras a month after birth like she "magically" worked off her weight like some of these other celebs. Keep working Jess you'll get there. #teamjessica

862 days ago
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