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Jessica Simpson

Working on Her

Post-Baby Weight Loss

6/22/2012 10:28 AM PDT BY Johnny Lopez

Jessica Simpson is trying to get her body back!Seven weeks after giving birth to her daughter Maxwell, Jessica Simpson was spotted hard at work trying to get her body back to her pre-pregnancy weight.

The 31-year-old new mom threw on her post-partum workout leggings and sneakers and hit the gym in L.A. on Thursday.

Jess should be back to fitting into her mom jeans in no time.


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Just GROSS!!! Absolutely no reason to look like that after giving birth. No reason at all she needed to gain 70-100lbs while pregnant. Hope she is happy with her decision to get FAT while pregnant - she certainly doesnt look happy.

790 days ago


At least she is doing something about it and not just sitting on her butt. She will lose if she really wants to. I wish her luck and hope she gets all the support she needs.


790 days ago


Jessica weighed 210 pounds on the day she delivered Maxwell.

The baby was delivered at 38 weeks, because the baby was 9lbs 13 ounces, lets just say 10 pounds.

She is not even giving her body a chance to recover from her C-Section, because she signed a 4 million dollar contract with Weight Watchers.

Money talks, logic out the window.

790 days ago


Sorry, but Jessica doesn't get to use the "baby weight" excuse. She just got plain old fat. The fact that she did it while pregnant just makes her irresponsible, not sympathetic. Why she decided not to work out and maintain a reasonable diet while pregnant baffles me. I also wonder what her doctors were saying to her during her pregnancy. They could not have been happy with her weight and lack of exercise. Good thing she had a Caesarian, because I doubt she could have pushed a baby out in the shape she was in.

790 days ago


They say her father is a male "Kris Jenner". She always acts and speaks very unintelligently. Someone else had to be making all the business decisions for her.( Daddy dearest) Still, with all her money,she won't be hurting.
in any way!

790 days ago


poor jessica she has a looooooooooooooooooooooong ass road ahead of her, let's not loose any hopes she figure out the tuna thing, LMAO

790 days ago


You are so powned!!!!!!!

790 days ago


yes she will...its easy to lose the weight when you have millions to pay the best trainers and so forth

790 days ago


those dumb commercials were for real. "Submarine races, Snipe hunting, etc.

790 days ago


Dyam! I heard the Arobics studio told her she would have to install a back-up alarm if she wanted to continue classes (for insurance purposes) and wear a bicycle helmet with little mirrors on the side.

790 days ago


She just used pregnancy as an excuse to be rebellious, and eat the way she really wants to eat. It is hard for people to stay model thin all the time, as is required of female celebrities.She rather just be able to eat like a regular person does and went overboard.

790 days ago


Hey Nick Lachey, you definitely dodged a major bullet!!!

790 days ago

Virtual Insanity    

I feel bad for her. She looks uncomfortable at that weight. I think people should lay off as she loses to a healthy weight. I'd hate to see her become one of those has-been celebs whose only continual claim to fame is their battle with their weight. I think she has more to offer than that.

790 days ago

denise vidal    

she will be fit in about 6 mon. you guys try to have a baby and she what you look like after male downers

790 days ago

denise vidal    

you guys no she will be fit in about 6 mon try having a baby you male downers

790 days ago
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