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Jessica Simpson

Working on Her

Post-Baby Weight Loss

6/22/2012 10:28 AM PDT BY Johnny Lopez

Jessica Simpson is trying to get her body back!Seven weeks after giving birth to her daughter Maxwell, Jessica Simpson was spotted hard at work trying to get her body back to her pre-pregnancy weight.

The 31-year-old new mom threw on her post-partum workout leggings and sneakers and hit the gym in L.A. on Thursday.

Jess should be back to fitting into her mom jeans in no time.


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Without surgery? I don't see it. Her stomach is still bigger than her t*ts. For some reason I just get the impression that she's ok.... happier fat and if that works for her and her baby daddy who are we to complain.

852 days ago

buzz kill    

WOW, and I thought Kirstie Alley was fat.

852 days ago


I'm so sick of these stories. Women DO GAIN WEIGHT when pregnant. To follow her around and talk about it is disgusting. No one cares. Lots of WOMEN HAVE BABIES. Good grief. It's only been 7 weeks. Lay the hell off of this crap. Probably some stupid man wrote this story.

852 days ago


Wow is that disgusting. Getting pregnant does not mean putting on 100lbs. She will never be remotely attractive again!!

852 days ago


Why is there two different photos, TMZ. The leggins are different, the shoes are different and so are her tops. Her hair is down in one, up in the other. You could post this up on "WHAT"S THE BIG FRIGGIN DIFFERENCE" and have more than three.

852 days ago


OH, WTF? BACK OFF, at least she's going to the damn gym. MORE than I can say for A LOT of new moms......myself included. Although, I didn't gain NEAR as much as her........and don't have anyone to babysit while I go.

852 days ago


TMZ... you posted this exact same story like a week ago. Different picture but same story... It's been 7 weeks. Leave the girl alone. If she loses the weight, she loses the weight... if she doesn't then how does that really effect anyone else?

852 days ago


I bet she is cursing Kelloggs and their pop-tarts with every sit up.

852 days ago


After my pregnancies my trainers and nutritionists, cooks, housekeepers, handlers, nannies, wet nurses ... you know all those people who serve us common folk ... all took care of me so all I had to do was make millions of dollars by going to the gym and eating the food they put in front of me. Oh yeah, and of course I had the requisite C-section delivery so they could cut off some of that excess stretched out skin before they sewed me back up. Lucky, lucky me!! NOT.

852 days ago


The beginning's hard because we look at ourselves and go 'ugh.'

Maybe not Jessica - but me - I'll speak just for me.

Then you hit a work-out groove and vibe -

Then you're motoring, up at the same time, seeing results, etc.

Then the checks start pouring in -

You realize how much of a pay-off's involved.

Then people start saying, "Wow."

This is why in the beginning I don't even look at myself -

Speaking of which what happened to the "TMZ Fit Club" - never hear about this anymore -

Used to love hearing about Harvey's work-out regimen and eating choices.

Motivated me just LOOKING at Harvey.

Multi-millionaires in the gym at four a.m. is a serious motivator.

I've been in that particular gym at four a.m. - it's evil - two other Zombies shuffling about.

Weights clanking which hurts your ears and spirit and mind at that hour.

852 days ago


LOL look at all the fat chicks coming on here to post in her defense. There is no excuse for that kind of weight gain.

852 days ago

your not all that    

Sorry but she was FAT before she got pregnant. She needs to just keep eating ding dongs and give it up already. Once a fatty ALWAYS a fatty !!

852 days ago


ok, let's cut her a break. She is a not really an actress or really a singer so she is not performing anytime soon. It has only been like 8 weeks or so since she gave birth. It will take her 6 months to get back I am predicting.

852 days ago


Keep it classy TMZ, why are you guys all over this girl..leave her alone already....

852 days ago


It might be easier if she hadn't gained over 100 pounds. I don't care what she says, she gained over a 100.

852 days ago
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