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Karen Klein

Bus Monitor Gets Apology

from Little Bastards

6/22/2012 6:00 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF
breaking news

Karen Klein -- the 68-year-old school bus monitor who was verbally abused by a gang of students in NY -- has FINALLY received an apology from 2 of the little jerks.

The statements of apology were written to Karen ... but have since been released by police.

One letter -- penned by a boy named Josh -- reads, "I am so sorry for the way I treated you."

Josh continues ... "When I saw the video I was disgusted and could not believe I did that. I am sorry for being so mean and I will never treat anyone this way again."

Another student -- identified as Wesley -- penned a note that read, "I feel really bad about what I did. I wish I had never done those things. If that had happened to someone in my family, like my mother or grandmother, I would be really mad at the people who did that to them."

Karen has said she feels bad for the little kids who bullied her. If you haven't seen the original full video, click here. Or watch below (WARNING: EXPLICIT LANGUAGE).

Now we gotta ask ... 


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Forgiveness does not mean that they should get off the hook...they should be punished and removed from the bus and made to walk to school, they should also have community service. Yes, forgive them, but make them work at redemption.

855 days ago


These kids only feel bad that they got in trouble for doing this. Posting it on Youtube was not the brightest of ideas. Punishment: mowing her lawn, raking her leaves in the fall, painting her house, etc. for the rest of this year.

855 days ago


Forgive doesn't mean to approve. These kids can't do much else other THAN apologize. I also believe there was some group think in this. The screwed up BIG time, they have apologized, everyone knows about it, i.e., hopefully other parents and kids who will take this as a serious teachable moment and NOT do this in the future. If someone apologizes and is sincere, what other recourse do they have to make things as "right" as they are every going to be? In any case, it doesn't matter what anyone other than the Karen thinks. It is up to her to forgive or not.

855 days ago

charlei harper    

those kids will grow up to be thugs...or worse...DEMOCRATS......

855 days ago


They better have meant it. I would have whipped my kid silly if he was one of those little aholes. If they just did it because their parents said so, they will probably be in jail in a couple years.

855 days ago


If that was my grandmother they were speaking to like that I would have slapped them right into a coma.
I'm glad, for whatever reason at least two of them stepped up and took ownership of what they did and made an attempt to make it right. Where are the others? Oh and where are the parents?

855 days ago


vergonzoso !!! Los padres deberian tomar clases de educacion y educar a esos sinverguenzas .

855 days ago


demon kids >:-(

send them to sahara desert!!!

855 days ago

Bubbles The Chimp    

They are only apologising because they were made.

........and I hope TMZ Gary choked on a Twinkie overnight for is idiotic words. His arteries must be about closed by now. Look at him. That guy sweats butter.

If Gary and any other TMZ staffer can be a b@stard/b#tch to others, so can the viewers. Enjoy the comments.

855 days ago


I saw that coming... the kinder gentler discipline approach is to rattle some bullsh!t to those little bastards' behavior being INAPPROPRIATE and to instruct them [after the nation has come down on the worthless parents and school board] to issue an apology. Then provide an EXCUSE for the kids that their - their brains aren't fully developed, they're impulsive, they have a conduct disorder and need to undergo "THERAPY" and to be provide ACCOMMODATIONS, "I think they learned their lesson", "the public is being to hard on them".... Give me a bloody break. The school should have expelled the kids and fined the fvcked up parents.

855 days ago

Mick Kahler    

Every kid who hassled that lovely woman should be forced to do the following this summer.
1. Write heartfelt apologies to her and read them online for all people to see.
2. Do 25 hours of volunteer work each week of the summer for old folks at their homes or in retirement communities. And also some time working with physically and mentally handicapped kids would give these idiots a better picture of how good their lives are.
3. Finally, NO cell-phones, texting, internet access, videogames or movies ALL summer.
If I was the parent of one of these cruel kids, the above list is what I would put into action to make sure they NEVER do anything like this again!

855 days ago

average jane    

They will do it again. I work with kids on a daily basis and have seen it many times before. They bully, get caught, are told to apologize, and then do it all over again in a couple of days. They are bullies and that doesn't go away overnight. I say press charges against these punks and sue their parents for emotional distress. Maybe that will get some sort of message out.

855 days ago


I wouldn't feel sorry for her. Some guy already raised almost $500,000 (and counting) for HER within about 2 days. What the little lowlife boys did was way wrong. But, it's hardly worth half a million dollars. And TMZ, it was 4 boys, not a "gang of students".

855 days ago


Kids are cruel, but it's good that they got called on their bad behavior. Maybe it really will make them see how stupid mob behavior and teen aged angst can really be. I hope they learn something, and since Ms. Klein can forgive them, I guess I can, too.

855 days ago


This woman was hired to be a bus monitor. Although I think the things these little FFA (fFuture Felons of America)said, she needed to assert herself and the authority given her. I teach 7th grade and one can not react to these children in a manner which gives them the power....and she did.

855 days ago
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