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Karen Klein

Bus Monitor Gets Apology

from Little Bastards

6/22/2012 6:00 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF
breaking news

Karen Klein -- the 68-year-old school bus monitor who was verbally abused by a gang of students in NY -- has FINALLY received an apology from 2 of the little jerks.

The statements of apology were written to Karen ... but have since been released by police.

One letter -- penned by a boy named Josh -- reads, "I am so sorry for the way I treated you."

Josh continues ... "When I saw the video I was disgusted and could not believe I did that. I am sorry for being so mean and I will never treat anyone this way again."

Another student -- identified as Wesley -- penned a note that read, "I feel really bad about what I did. I wish I had never done those things. If that had happened to someone in my family, like my mother or grandmother, I would be really mad at the people who did that to them."

Karen has said she feels bad for the little kids who bullied her. If you haven't seen the original full video, click here. Or watch below (WARNING: EXPLICIT LANGUAGE).

Now we gotta ask ... 


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What on earth?!?!?! These kids needs to get ****ed up! There parents too! My kids would never dare to disrespect there elders! This makes me so angry! Bless her heart she was crying. That is unforgivable! These parents need to step forward and apologize or kick there kids ass!

797 days ago


I can't believe they just went on and on.........and how dare that boy touch her??? There need to be consequences, then of course forgive them, but their parents must be sooooo proud right now!

797 days ago


What on earth?!?!?! These kids needs to get ****ed up! There parents too! My kids would never dare to disrespect there elders! This makes me so angry! Bless her heart she was crying. That is unforgivable! These parents need to step forward and apologize or kick there kids ass!

797 days ago


I usually don't like to encourage violence but I really would like to hear that these little bastards get their a** whooped and have it YouTube! Disgusting. Makes me SICK! I wish their names would be brought to public so they can be shamed by this for life!

797 days ago


we were all children once...and not all children who have roll-models who desplay respect for all people/sex/es/ages !! CHILDREN REPEAT WHAT THEY SEE ANS HEAR!!! therefroe we need to be proud of thechild/parent&child etc. that cared enough to reiterate/ recall statements of derrogatory/dehumanizung nature...all GOD'S children have made minor mistakes...yes, minor during these trying times people have done much woret!!

797 days ago

What I Think    

Each one of those punks should have their sorry a** caned.

797 days ago


People used to upset when school bus drivers used to give some kids a beat down. Now you see why.

797 days ago


True that those kids may have been taught to respect their elders, but as you said in your post, they "threw it out the window." They could have made a choice to leave her alone, but they chose to harass and bully Mrs. Klein. So yes, they are still at fault.

797 days ago


I wish nothing but the worst for these kids. haha I would LOOOOVE them to talk to my grandmother like this.. would absolutely love it.. these kids are disrespectful pieces of s*it & they obviously learn it from there piece of s*it parents.. theyll get theress !

797 days ago

What I Think    

The following is 100% true and a good example of why things are so topsy turvy in the USA.

A few years back, my friend's adopted son was caught by the police while he was trying to steal a car and when my friend got the boy home he gave him a much deserved a** whipping.

What happened next? DHR became involved and forced my friend to attend anger management classes. F****** unbelievable.

One final note to those who might be wondering. DHR only found out about the incident because the boy called them and not due to any excessive injury being inflicted.

797 days ago


disgraceful.........where was the bus driver when this abuse was going on? why wasn't that bus pulled over and the police called and had those little ****s charged with harrassement and assault (one kept flicking her ear and poking her stomach). let them spend a few days in juvenile detention, get the **** knocked out of them and maybe they will learn to treat other people with respect. had this been turned around and an adult was talking to these kids this way thier parents would have lawyer suing the board of education,k the bus company, the matron, the bus driver and anyone else that insulted thier little darlings. this is our very afraid.

797 days ago


I'm not defending the kids in anyway, what they did is obviously wrong. But the lady talking back is just asking for it. She should have sat there and ignored them instead of giving the kids the attention they wanted from her.
Either way, if that was my son doing that, he would be punished for a long time.

797 days ago


community service at a retirement home and no internet.

797 days ago


These kids are just getting a slap on the wrist for what they have done. I feel they need to have more of a punishment then they will get. chours for the lady yard work clean her house stuff kids Hate doing just for starters lord help me if i ever have kids like that

797 days ago


yes what the kids said was very wrong, and the lady should have said something, but then if she would have stood up for her self then the kids would have went and told their parents that an older women hurt their feelings and then she would have been sued for millions cuz no matter what thats what everyone wants to do first...same thing with the teacher it went way over bord and its fast money...and what the bus driver didn't see or her this?? if i was the driver i would have pulled the bus over and had the school call their parent to come and pick them up ... kids just get away with too much stuff

797 days ago
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