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Karen Klein

I DON'T Accept

the Kids' Apologies

6/22/2012 2:15 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Karen Klein tells TMZ ... she DOES NOT accept the apologies issued by the kids who taunted her on a NY school bus ... claiming "I think they can do better."

Two of the devil children penned letters of apology to the 68-year-old bus monitor ... after the video went viral this week. Klein also got a letter from the parents of a boy who participated in the incident.

But Karen and her daughter just called in to "TMZ Live" ... saying they're just not ready to forgive.

Klein also says she has a few suggestions about how the kids should be punished.

Klein says she's blown away by the outpouring of support she's received -- and has already come up with a few ideas on how to spend the hundreds of thousands of dollars people have donated to her.


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i think the kids involve should make a televised public apology...shame on them. Parents really need to do a better job a raising their children. If this was my son....i would make him publicly apolgize...i would make him feel horible about ever treating a human being in such a way...especially a 78 yr old woman...seriously???!!!!

762 days ago

Marvins Mom    

I agree with Gary. I have worked with children for over 20 years and the bottom line is she failed to do her job. She not only let the situation escalate but she also failed to insure the safety and well being of the other children on the bus.

762 days ago


Why are people complaing about her receiving money? She didn't ask for it! It just shows you there are still good people who care. If I was her, I wouldn't accept those little basturds apology either.

762 days ago


I dont quite understand this situation, she is a grown woman who has the job of monitoring the kids on the bus. She let them get out of control. The kids are punks, but why are people giving her hundreds of thousands of dollars? Give it to a charity and stop complaining about punk 13 year old's making fun of you.

762 days ago

john wayne gacy    

perhaps if the apology was attached
with a gift certificate to hometown buffet;

762 days ago


There is hope for this country yet as evidenced by the outpouring of support this dear lady has received. I retired from teaching just before little juvenile delinquents like these exhibited such behavior. When I was in school, it would NEVER have entered my mind to speak to a school employee or any of my elders, for that manner, like that. First of all, we would've called her "Miss Karen." We were taught to respect older people. Where are the parents who allow such disrespect? I'm sure their little darlings have never felt the sting of the wooden "Attitude Adjuster" like we did when we misbehaved at school. Add to the fact that children are not taught to respect older people or ANY kind of authority at all these days and there you have the future leaders of this country. I hope the authorities use this oppourtunity to teach these little thugs a cold, hard lesson.

762 days ago


If you work with unruly teens and pre teens you need a backbone, a video cam and some snappy comebacks . The reason you are on the bus is to stop this behavior , not sit and cry. sheesh

762 days ago


I think she did the right thing by staying silent. The parents, school, police and the public - like you and me - would be all over her for verbally abusing those monsters. Either way, she was in a no-win situation. I'm glad she was silent and that one of the stupid monsters posted the video on YouTube and are feeling the outrage of the public. I hope she has an great vacation and retirement.

762 days ago


For 500k+ You could call me names all day, for that much you can spank me too!

762 days ago

BB not bb    

I give the kids who apologized some credit because that must be embarrassing to admit that they were just evil and mean. I could see maybe banning them from the bus for a while, a whole year is alot, but banning them from sports also is a bit much.

Like I said, I have seen kids act like this with calling names before. There was one kid who kept doing it and then when he threw in the f word, he got in some kind of trouble. I know they yelled at him but I can't remember if he actually was banned from the bus. I know it ended there from what I remember.

I think she should just put the money in the bank for herself so she can retire if she wants to. This doesn't seem like a job she can handle well.

762 days ago


I am so proud of you for being so strong! The video made me cry and i dont know how you could have done it. If that was my grandmother... I m just so speechless how so many people can be so cruel and im only in 8th grade.

762 days ago


Someone set a a fund for her to go a vacation and to get away.. yes her feeling was hurt and we don't like that, this was a to show her that she has support and people are supporting her, it's that simple, its not about the money it's about showing her a lot of people care.

762 days ago


I bet she WILL accept all that money that people are giving her...

762 days ago


i'm a substitute school teacher and open myself up to this kind of risk everyday.....but it doesnt happen cause we nip in the bud,,,,,,,,administration, security, parents other kids. Wish someone would pay me big bucks everytime a kid tries to push my button. Not really.

762 days ago


Look, I feel bad for the woman. I do. Those kids were really mean, but why was she in charge of them, if she couldn't handle them?? I don't blame her, I blame whoever gave her that job and put her in that position in the first place. They need to hire a HUGE man to be a bus monitor. Then I bet those kids will sit down and shut up.

762 days ago
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