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Karen Klein

Student Targeted

in Hostage Hoax

6/22/2012 8:24 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF
Exclusive Details

Cops believed one of the students who taunted bus monitor Karen Klein was at the center of a serious hostage situation yesterday ... but it turned out to be a hoax.

Steve Chatterton -- Captain of the Greece Police Dept. in Greece, NY -- tells TMZ ... someone called the cops yesterday claiming to be holding a family hostage at gunpoint.

The caller gave police an address ... which turned out to be a home where one of the kids on Karen's bus lived ... so cops reacted with full force.

We're told cops raced to the location ... set up a perimeter ... and tried to make contact with the family, which proved difficult because the fam had turned off their phones after receiving TONS of harassing phone calls.

But cops eventually spoke with family members and realized there was no danger ... and determined the whole thing was a hoax.

Still, Captain Chatterton tells us the threats are coming in fast and furiously ... targeting the bullies and their siblings, parents, girlfriends and boyfriends. Chatterton says students who weren't even on the bus are getting threats.

Chatterton says cops are investigating ... everything ... but so far, no arrests have been made.


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Oh 4chan...

852 days ago


Why do I suspect that the students who bullied Karen are involved in this hoax themselves???

852 days ago


Thats all this country does is make empty threats. Somebody should own up to their threats so i have something entertaining to watch on tv.

852 days ago


So...people are showing their anger at bullies by bullying them and all the innocent people in their lives? And we wonder why our young people learn what they learn.

852 days ago


Kari, if parents actually raised their children, and not let the television do it for them these days, I don't think things would be anywhere near as bad as they are in this day and age.

852 days ago


Cass..I agree. Television and parents being role models.

852 days ago


I would not put it past the little bastards to have called the cops themselves to make people feel sorry for them Grrrrr

852 days ago


They deserve whatever they get!

852 days ago


Time to grow up people. They are acting as bad as the bullies. Let the lady and the school work it out without your interference.

852 days ago


I feel so bad for this woman. I cried when I was watching the video on HLN.

852 days ago


Well just because those little punks don't have a shred of humanity doesn't excuse people sinking to their slimey level. Although wanting to make the little brats lives miserable is very understandible.

There is no need for threats, there is Karma. They will probibly be expelled because of public pressure and be dispised for quite some time. And good luck getting a date fellas', lol. While Karen will spend the rest of her life relaxing with all the dough she got for her vacation. Ahhh Karma, gotta love it.

852 days ago


i hope someone rape those little bastards moms in front of them

852 days ago


So this old lady has gotten 500k for just being called names in a bus by kids who know nothing? ...Where do i sign up?

852 days ago

john wayne gacy    

quite obviously, there already are several hostages
hiding somewhere lost inside of this bus monitor;

852 days ago


How is giving her money fixing or helping. If she is sensitive, that job is not for her. 14 years olds do stupid stuff!!! The 14 years olds need the help. It was a teaching moment for children instead, people threw money at the problem. She should be working wih kindergardners, We need parents and volenteers who are real soldiers for our teenagers.

852 days ago
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