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Karen Klein

Student Targeted

in Hostage Hoax

6/22/2012 8:24 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF
Exclusive Details

Cops believed one of the students who taunted bus monitor Karen Klein was at the center of a serious hostage situation yesterday ... but it turned out to be a hoax.

Steve Chatterton -- Captain of the Greece Police Dept. in Greece, NY -- tells TMZ ... someone called the cops yesterday claiming to be holding a family hostage at gunpoint.

The caller gave police an address ... which turned out to be a home where one of the kids on Karen's bus lived ... so cops reacted with full force.

We're told cops raced to the location ... set up a perimeter ... and tried to make contact with the family, which proved difficult because the fam had turned off their phones after receiving TONS of harassing phone calls.

But cops eventually spoke with family members and realized there was no danger ... and determined the whole thing was a hoax.

Still, Captain Chatterton tells us the threats are coming in fast and furiously ... targeting the bullies and their siblings, parents, girlfriends and boyfriends. Chatterton says students who weren't even on the bus are getting threats.

Chatterton says cops are investigating ... everything ... but so far, no arrests have been made.


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I wonder how many pizzas they got...

768 days ago

BB not bb    

I agree with the epople on TMZ live who said that she should have been handling it better. What if they were doing that to another kid then, would she just sit there and cry also? She is supposed to be like the cop on the bus and she let them keep mouthing off and being harrassing. It was her job to put stop to it. I think she was maybe scared to becasue anything you say or do to these brats nowadays gets you charged with abuse.

Honestly kids were this bad when I was in junior high on the bus, they would yell out the windows at teachers and taunt them. The teachers would do nothinhg but smile. Kids are very nasty but then again so are adults. It is up to the authority figure, in the is case Karen, to take charge and maintain order.

People who act like this won't happen if it is allowed to are hypocrites. It happens every day in many ways with all kinds of people. She should have started laying down orders, like turn around and keep your mouth shut or the bus will be stopped. This is what driveers would do when they were sick of being taunted, they would pull the bus to the side and refuse to drive until the brats behaved.

768 days ago


Only in America. She's currently signing a movie deal and ready to start the talk show circuit. Her memoir's in the works too. J/K. Terrible way to treat this lady but who would have thought it would explode like this?

768 days ago


Hopefully, these kids will now realize that their actions have consequences.

768 days ago


If I was the parent of one of these little pukes I would be seeing to it that they a) found someone to hire them and b) a signifigant portion of every paycheck until they were at least 18 would be used to pay back all the tax money wasted to respond to these threats. The kids brought the threats on, they should be responisble for the cost of protecting themselves.

768 days ago


These kids were really mean and I've worked with hard core kids in government care. A few were in gangs, lock up facilities etc. and they didn't speak so disrespectfully.

768 days ago


Sounds like a bid for sympathy.

768 days ago


These kids will either wind up in the military, on welfare in a trailer park...or the republican presidential nominee 40 years from now. Mark my words. At least if the latter comes to pass, they can't claim they have no memory of it.

768 days ago


The sad thing is kids these days have absolutely no respect for others. When I was their age I wouldn't dream of talking back to a teacher/authority figure. Those were the days when you had to fear punishment instead of today's age when mommy and daddy will come to your rescue regardless if you were wrong by screaming the American motto " I Will Sue You!" I'm sure the apple doesn't fall too far from the tree...behavior from these bullies is usually learned from family life. Hopefully these kids will be punished correctly and maybe lesson will be learned.

768 days ago


this is getting way out of hand. what if the homeowner had quick access to firearm and grab it because he thought intruders were busting in? dead homeowner and/or cops. people need to leave them alone now, they learned their lesson

768 days ago


Not meaning to be a bleeding heart, but two wrongs don't make a right. You can't fight bullying with bullying. What they did to that woman brought me to tears, it was so hurtful and cruel, but some of these kids' parents are really upset by their children's actions and now they have to suffer for it, and I can't see where any good is going to come of that. Ok ... now I can get back to being snarky.

768 days ago

Bad Dog    

If parents acted like parents and didn't rely on tv, video games or the govt to raise their kids, things like this would not be as wide spread as it is.

768 days ago


I bet these kids have been watching too much "basketball wives".

768 days ago

Throwback kid    

I have one question about these loud mouthed punks who bullied a 68 year old woman. When their mother's have friends over do they talk to them like that? They should not be allowed to ride the bus anymore and let mommy and daddy drive them to school now

768 days ago


Just watched the video for the first time, and am absolutely appalled at what I saw. Aside from the verbal abuse, one kid kept touching her, and yet another was telling her he was going to stick his knife in her. And the parents believe a written apology is sufficient? Are you kidding me???

768 days ago
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