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Karen Klein

Student Targeted

in Hostage Hoax

6/22/2012 8:24 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF
Exclusive Details

Cops believed one of the students who taunted bus monitor Karen Klein was at the center of a serious hostage situation yesterday ... but it turned out to be a hoax.

Steve Chatterton -- Captain of the Greece Police Dept. in Greece, NY -- tells TMZ ... someone called the cops yesterday claiming to be holding a family hostage at gunpoint.

The caller gave police an address ... which turned out to be a home where one of the kids on Karen's bus lived ... so cops reacted with full force.

We're told cops raced to the location ... set up a perimeter ... and tried to make contact with the family, which proved difficult because the fam had turned off their phones after receiving TONS of harassing phone calls.

But cops eventually spoke with family members and realized there was no danger ... and determined the whole thing was a hoax.

Still, Captain Chatterton tells us the threats are coming in fast and furiously ... targeting the bullies and their siblings, parents, girlfriends and boyfriends. Chatterton says students who weren't even on the bus are getting threats.

Chatterton says cops are investigating ... everything ... but so far, no arrests have been made.


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JugEars McKenyan Sr..    

THIS is the exact kind of reaction Americans have to have whenever and wherever we see crap like that, so overwhelming and frightening they and the next three generations of their family remember how miserable it was so it never happens again. Period.

854 days ago


Just wanted to add my two cents here..I would have got my ass kicked (at least) if I did anything like this as a kid. I raised two sons and if they ever pulled **** like this, they'd be better off taking a different bus stop. There is NO excuse for treating anybody like this. Your kids are a reflection of you...guess the parents are *******s too. K..done ranting.

854 days ago


What is the big deal? They basically just called the lady fat, which she is. Kids will be kids.

854 days ago


I live near where this happened... this lady is far too nice to have these jerk kids doing that to her. They filmed this for the sole purpose of putting it on the net.. they deserve to be punished. Their parents should be ashamed that they raised kids who act like this and treat others this way. If all that's happening to them right now is phone calls and empty threats, they should consider themselves lucky.

854 days ago


Too bad they didn't tell her she looked like the Profit Mohammad. That would have really upset some people and generate follow up stories.

854 days ago

Throwback kid    

The punk who was talking to her about stabbing her in the stomach with a knife should be in therapy with his parents before he ends up actually stabbing someone. I have never heard a teenage boy laughing while he is talking to a 68 year old woman about stabbing her? This kid is old enough to know right from wrong. If he was talking about stabbing a classmate with a knife that would be taken as a threat and the parents would all be up at school and action would be taken against that student. But there is no problem when you make a comment about stabbing an adult? These kids are all disgusting and I bet they don't talk like that in their own homes

854 days ago

BB not bb    

See at least these kids were showing how they really feel. Most kids think like this but they hide it by being passive agressive, which is even nastier and harder to control. This is more or less headbutting on an even playing field. The passive aggressive looks with the fake respect and dirty looks and nasty attitudes is more hurtful, that is if anyone even cares to pay attention.

If someone admits that they are challenging you, it is easier to deal with than if they hide it and make you suffer anyway.

854 days ago


If President Obama still had a momma, she'd probably look like Karen Klein. Justice for KayRon!

854 days ago

BB not bb    

The reason that kids have no respect is because they have no fear. The only way to make them have fear is to scare them, but if you do, their parents will charge you with bullying and abuse. The parents are the defacto bullies here, because they are what intimidates people from staning up to their kids.

Most people only care about being popular and keeping thier jobs and not about doing a good job or doing what is right. That is the problem with America, not that kids are naughty. Oh my.

854 days ago


LOL, serves 'em right to get bullied. Little turds need some trauma in their lives.

854 days ago


Media need to lay off this story..... It would have never made it to the media in the first place if the bullies hadn't been so ignorant as to put it on FB & then someone put it on youtube.... Bottom line: Yes, this is terrible what happened to this woman, however, let's not forget that this happens to MANY on a daily basis that never hits the media....
Now we have 'death threats' towards the kids, the families, siblings, friends & kids that weren't even on the bus... Media is just creating 'more bullying' only from others in the form of 'death threats'....Sad but true......

854 days ago


Seriously, hope this poor lady gets enough money to never have to work again. No 68 yr old grandma should be treated so disrespectfully. That being said, I have to wonder why the hell this went on for an entire year without her reporting to officials that her bus had turned into The Lord of The Flies mobile.

854 days ago

Illinois person    

Well this whole matter is just the sadest for this poor lady. I think it's safe to assume she is not our little thugs only victim(s). Yeah, quite certain they've taunted schoolmates & teachers, etc. Of course they're sorry now, but why? Because they were caught? The good news is that people who don't even know her have reached out to offer her money. It's a shame that the school board as whole (well educated people mind you) could do nothing to help our elderly victim. Who knows if she asked for help but what about the bus driver? He or she said and did nothing and reported nothing? She took the high road and now she's being rewarded and great for her. If anything, these delinquets should be kicked-out of their school and force to attend classes elsewhere. No way in hell should they be allowed to return under the roof of that school period. Let their parents find them other schooling (if any others would accept them). Frankly, these kids should be forced to write a 1000 word essay on why they should be allowed to attend to any school. If the powers that be don't get tough on them now, they'll be future victims on an unsuspecting public. I couldn't care less that they and/or their families are getting death threats. That's just too damn bad. What's really sad is that these taunters are too iqnorant to realize this lady was there to help them and/or watch out for their safety. Yep, a mind sure is a terrible thing to waste and these kids are prime examples of that. Gone are the days of learning reading, writing and math at school with parents teaching their brood manners and respect at home. Remember kids, you're never too big of a bully that you won't just meet your match someday. Good luck kiddies, you'll need it.

854 days ago


I also think this video should become mandatory viewing for children over age 10 at the beginning of every school year. Along with a summary of the repurcussions and backlash that followed these hoodlums afterwards. Who knows...Maybe some good could come of this.

854 days ago


I wonder how many tampons they got

854 days ago
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