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Karen Klein

Student Targeted

in Hostage Hoax

6/22/2012 8:24 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF
Exclusive Details

Cops believed one of the students who taunted bus monitor Karen Klein was at the center of a serious hostage situation yesterday ... but it turned out to be a hoax.

Steve Chatterton -- Captain of the Greece Police Dept. in Greece, NY -- tells TMZ ... someone called the cops yesterday claiming to be holding a family hostage at gunpoint.

The caller gave police an address ... which turned out to be a home where one of the kids on Karen's bus lived ... so cops reacted with full force.

We're told cops raced to the location ... set up a perimeter ... and tried to make contact with the family, which proved difficult because the fam had turned off their phones after receiving TONS of harassing phone calls.

But cops eventually spoke with family members and realized there was no danger ... and determined the whole thing was a hoax.

Still, Captain Chatterton tells us the threats are coming in fast and furiously ... targeting the bullies and their siblings, parents, girlfriends and boyfriends. Chatterton says students who weren't even on the bus are getting threats.

Chatterton says cops are investigating ... everything ... but so far, no arrests have been made.


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Vernon P. Alarcon    

dis ho thang smell like a HOAX 2 me ,,,,,, FAkE FAkE FAkE

851 days ago

Holly G    

I grew up in Greece NY. The schools are a joke the people that live there are rude and act like they have money when they don't. The police department was just investigated for a bunch of stuff. This will all blow over in a week. And those kids parents will buy them a PS3 because they have been traumatized by the media.

851 days ago


I agree with the person who said these little basturds need some trauma in their lives. Who cares they're getting threats? We should be glad people are outraged, because it will be a scary day when people don't care anymore about things like this.

851 days ago

Syn D    

The bullies are getting bullied, hmmm wheres the problem here!?!? Harassment yes, threats, no!!

This lady is to sweet, she wont have them arrested, and the school wont do much.. Here's the chance to make an example..

These kids took it above and beyond, the kids and their parents should be held accountable.. Leave the siblings, gf, and bf alone, unless they were involved..

But yes, they should pay in one way or another.. Our country needs to take bullying a lot more serious...

851 days ago


This is starting to turn ugly, but it sounds like a good start for a Stephen King movie..... with all the fixings to come in the end....

851 days ago

die ho    

Serves them right! Give them a taste of their own medicine!

851 days ago


So, the people who are upset at bullying are becoming bullies?

851 days ago


It's called SWATing. Bing it. It's been employed recently against bloggers.

851 days ago


I want to know what will happen to the four Brats/bullies..... God bless their parents

851 days ago


I thought i was the only one who shed a tear after seeing this video. Disgusting, disturbing, sad! If you dont teach, your children right, you are setting yourself for major disappointment. I was bullied by a guy in school...and off course, after a slap on the wrist, he didn't learn his lesson. Messed with other people, picking fights...where is he now you ask? RESTING IN PEACE?

851 days ago

I love anarchy     

Awe man, what i would do if one of these spoiled litlle brats was my son! I cant imagine how embarrased their parents are at this point for good reason!!

851 days ago


and the bullies become the bullied. Can't say I'm shocked. People are sick and tired of kids behaving this way these days.

851 days ago


I am a bit worried about these death threats. How long will it be before one of these "concerned" onlookers sends something like anthrax to the kids?
The fact that Miss Klein seems to have no problem with people threatening and promising to kill the kids, some of who had nothing to do with the bullying or be on the bus at all, is saddening. Be the adult. Just because the kids on a bus acted like kids on a bus does not mean they deserve death threats or to die.

851 days ago

abe lincoln    

i was touching myself during the video

851 days ago


Why is it that she gets half a million dollars for getting called names, but all the homeless people and the sick and needy in the country get nothing

851 days ago
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