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Lindsay Lohan 911 Call

Hotel Emergency Classified

As Life-Threatening

6/22/2012 4:40 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

TMZ has obtained the 911 call placed moments before paramedics rushed to Lindsay Lohan's side last week at a Ritz-Carlton in L.A. -- and according to the caller, the emergency was life-threatening.

The caller -- a male nurse who works for the production company behind Lindsay's new movie -- called the situation a "Code 3" ... which is emergency lingo for "life-threat response."

Ambulance protocol for a Code 3 is lights and sirens. Translation: the nurse thought Lindsay was in serious trouble when he made the call.

TMZ broke the story ... Lindsay informed someone from the "Liz & Dick" production team she wasn't feeling well Friday morning -- and producers dispatched a doctor to the hotel. Before arriving, the doctor called the hotel and asked someone to check on Lindsay.

Someone from the hotel went to Lindsay's door, checked on her, and determined she was "unresponsive." That's when the 911 call was placed.

Paramedics eventually arrived and decided nothing was wrong. They left without transporting Lindsay to the hospital.


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She's garbage.

855 days ago

D. Potter    

All drama, no substance...

855 days ago



855 days ago


What a waste she is and her parents as well

855 days ago

go home!    

WTH? Why put it up if you are going to bleep out all the good stuff? SMH.

855 days ago


Worst 911 call ever...beeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeep.

855 days ago


Where is the 911 call that the truck driver made with the accident with the Porshe Lindsey was driving. I would like to hear that one.Remember, he said he was offered money etc and all that was heard over the phone and yet none of that has been released?I do believe the truck driver, I just want to hear the sorry excuses that she will come up with when it does get released.

855 days ago


Who gives a rats ass.

855 days ago


I can remember as vividly as if it were yesterday when Dina was minimizing her daughter's party lifestyle like it was perfectly normal and acceptable for a 19 year-old to act like a drunken sailor in public every night. I'm sure when Dina buries her daughter she'll think better of that.

855 days ago


wow tmz, you so want something to be wrong with her for ratings you won't leave it alone. good god, just stop it is getting embarassing for you.

855 days ago

She's baaaack    

She was probably in an alcohol stupor. A quick running IV hydration drip loaded with vitamins probably did the trick. She is going to end up as one of those people who die inhaling their own vomit . Oh well

855 days ago

Mumra the Ever Living    

The emergency was garbage, the tape was garbage, and she's garbage. Why play it at all if the most important parts are beeped out. All this piece of crap told us was the address to the Ritz Carlton.

855 days ago

Mumra the Ever Living    

I like how everybody is so quick to trash her. This is why I'm perfectly happy being a nobody....****ER'S !

855 days ago

two cents    

NObody cares about lindsey! Same goes for kartrashian. STOP it tmz

855 days ago


"Wolf" maybe next time they will stop for coffee prior to arriving. this is going to a no big deal soon. " It's lindsay again" she is obviously kidding for the attention and simpathy.

855 days ago
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