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The Sober Stumble for Two

6/22/2012 8:00 AM PDT BY Johnny Lopez

0622_snooki_fall_PCNJust because she's carrying an unborn baby inside her and not downing tequila shots doesn't mean anything has changed for Snooki ... as the pint-sized mother-to-be once again stumbled to the ground in Seaside Heights on Thursday.

Rockin' a pair of maternity platform sandals, the unmarried "Jersey Shore" star lost her footing and took a sober tumble on to the sidewalk yesterday. Luckily, she was uninjured, quickly got up and went on her non-alcoholic merry way.

Snooks isn't letting pregnancy stop her from getting on her knees.


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john wayne gacy    

the absolute best 15 seconds of fame ever, is
watching snooki get her lights punched out;

just google; snooki getting punched !

764 days ago

_][ Character_Assassin ][_    

Somebody please get this girl some Tubbs snowshoes for women before she has a miscarriage.

764 days ago


i would never understand how can a guy put his dick in that......even get an erection ??????

764 days ago


Thank you TMZ, it had ALMOST been 20 mins since reading bout another dumb wh*re ! Snooki = *** Dumpster !

764 days ago

Walter WalkerIII    

u know you laughed, shame on you

764 days ago

Prince Von A-Hole    

I like the way the ""photographer"" just kept snapping instead of doing the decent thing and putting down the camera to make sure she was OK.

OOPS SORRY He is gay so normal rules dont apply, Please dont think I was being Homophobic

764 days ago

Prince Von A-Hole    

No one wonders why the A-hole "photographer' kept snapping pictures instead of putting the camera down, doing the decent thing, and making sure she was OK. OOPS the photog is gay so normal rules dont apply SORRY

764 days ago


Stupid moron...wear flats. You're too fat and preggers. Hope she breaks her ankle next time!

764 days ago

your not all that    

2 words...........STUPID TRASH

764 days ago


Nice...make fun of a pregnant woman falling on the ground. I'm no big snookie fan but you people are just as disgusting as those bullying kids on the bus.

764 days ago


TMZ - where stupid whores can stretch out their 15 minutes!

764 days ago


How do you know she was not downing any shots?

764 days ago


What an idiot risking the health of her child for fashion. Why doesn't TMZ refer to Kourtney Kardashian as "the unmarried" just like you do with Snooki?

764 days ago

go home!    

She is an idiot. Pregnant midgets should not wear high shoes like that. And it wasn't right when Jessica Simpson it did it either. They are more concerned about how they look than the safety of their baby! Plus, the shoes are always ugly, why can't they see that?

764 days ago


....and while a pregnant woman was falling, your photographers stood there and watched instead of goodness. AND, what was the purpose of mentioning that she's unmarried, you sound as judgmental as Barbara Walters and Elizabeth Hasselback on The View the other day.

764 days ago
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