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Karen Klein

Bus Monitor Takes a Stand

6/22/2012 10:30 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF
TMZ Live


School bus monitor Karen Klein fires back at the God-awful kids who verbally attacked her -- and one TMZ staffer. Gary states his case with Karen ... we'll see if she forgives him.

Plus, think Justin Bieber knows what the Sistine Chapel is now? His hysterical slip of the tongue with Letterman has us wondering if JB is any smarter -- or dumber -- than an average 18 year old.

Also, LeBron James disses his fiancée and kids right after winning the NBA Championship! Maybe. Is winning the title really the most important moment of his life??

(0:00) Justin Bieber catches hell from David Letterman for not knowing about the Sistine Chapel ... so much so that the "Late Show" host apologized to him at the end of the show.
(5:22) LeBron James finally wins an NBA championship -- and calls it the best day of his life! Errrr .... so what about the birth of his two kids?
(9:35) Karen Klein -- the school bus monitor who was terrorized by a group teens -- calls in ... and says she does NOT forgive the kids after their lame apologies.
(20:20) Tony Parker sues W.i.P nightclub for $20 MILLION over the Chris Brown/Drake fight ... after his cornea was scratched by some flying glass. Did he goes a little overboard with the lawsuit?
(23:06) Is there any difference between Mary Kay Letourneau and Woody Allen?
(26:55) Ann Curry -- NBC's $30 million mistake.
(32:30) Hillary Clinton lets loose again -- Harvey thinks her newfound cavalier attitude makes her a prime candidate for POTUS in 2016. Charles ... not so much.
(36:45) Jessica Simpson -- finally photographed in all her glory. Can she really lose all the weight?
(38:00) Pregnant Snooki falls down again because of her heels ... is fashion really that important?
(42:00) We take your calls!

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Flying Blind    

I'm 99.9% sure TMZ is putting AD_TRACKERS on your computer through their live-stream and videos. I've been tracking this for two weeks now. The only place the ads show up I've been going too as a test shows up on TMZ's home page. And when I run my AVG sure enough the ad-trackers are there.

860 days ago

Flying Blind    

it may be, but the last place i'm going is to a website posted in a comment section.

860 days ago


He said ONE OF, not the only....

860 days ago


Harvey, why why why is Lindsay Lohan not being brought before the judge after lying to cops about NOT driving the car in the accident. This breaks her probation! Is it okay to lie to cops now?

860 days ago


Harvey, why why why is Lindsay Lohan not being brought before the judge after lying to cops about NOT driving the car in the accident. This breaks her probation! Is it okay to lie to cops now?

860 days ago


Lebron was in the moment. He was excited. I wouldn't take it literal.

860 days ago


Imagine being Bruce Jenner. "Hi, I'm that guy that won a gold medal in 1976. Now, I have the worst nose job since michael jackson and have married into a family of complete whores that worship money...that sound you hear is of me being puzzy whipped 24/7." What an embarrassment you have become Sir. Your greatest accomplishment in the last 40 years was making an infomercial that came on at 4 in the morning...=(

860 days ago

miss tia    

you guys are treating the bus monitor very disrespectfully and trying to put the blame on her.....she does your show and you attack her basically....just when you think tmz can't get any lower....

860 days ago


I felt very bad for the monitor, but I agree with Gary.

860 days ago


I think Karen handled the situation well. If she would've lost her temper then there would've been lawsuits.

860 days ago


you are wrong Gary and Harvey leave that bus driver alone

860 days ago


LBJ can go EFF himself.

860 days ago


Harvey you are absolutely right. Hoda is the way to go.

860 days ago


we dont need a fun president.. we need one that does their job.. these new lacky's at tmz suck..

860 days ago


I'm starting to hate myself for watching TMZ on my lunch hour. I first started tuning in because it was mindless and an escape, but lately it's just become way too mean and manipulative. I need to look for other things to watch that don't leave me feeling angry or hopeless about the human race.

860 days ago
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