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Christie Brinkley

Taunts Ex's New Wife

Outside of Court

6/23/2012 7:19 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

0623_christie-brinkley-peter-cook_gettyChristie Brinkley showed a little bit of crazy Friday in her never-ending legal war with ex Peter Cook  ... when she snapped at Peter's new wife outside court, saying, "When you find out he’s been cheating on you, I'll be here for you."

Brinkley followed up the insult, says the NY Post, by then tapping Suzanne Shaw on the head in a sign of "mock tenderness." Shaw then allegedly shot back, "Get a new line," before standing up to confront Brinkley. She was blocked by court officers.

The supermodel also reportedly told Shaw -- who married Cook back in February -- that she "pitied" her.

Cook and Brinkley were in court arguing over rude emails and small sums of money each allegedly owes the other. 


No Avatar


These two need to get there **** together fast.They are acting like spoiled brats. Get over yourselfs

830 days ago


I think she's got a lot of people fooled into thinking she's some kind of innocent person when all the time she can't stand all her ex's to be happy.

830 days ago


How did she react to Billy Joel's little wife? He married that youngster, who used him to promote her "cook book", then, unceremoniously ,dumped the old fool. Why did he and Christie split, anyway?

830 days ago


Hard to completely disconnect, when there are children involved. "One woman's trash, another woman's treasure?????" LOL ha,ha, ha

830 days ago


She appears to have some serious Issues. Say some class..move on

830 days ago


He screwed up, he was wrong, waaaaay wrong, but it's been years. Christy needs to move on, it's not his fault she fails at marriage, she needs to take responsibility. At some point he was good enough to marry have two kids with, she needs to grow up and stop whining to the press. Is she giving any thought to her kids? She's been married 3 or 4 times, she should not offer marriage advice to anyone.

830 days ago


What Peter Cook did to Christie and their family was wrong, but maybe there is a reason WHY she's been married 4 times. If she really wants what is best for her kids, she'd shut up in public and just talk trash with her friends.

830 days ago


Christie, please stop embarrassing yourself over this guy. Don't ever mention his name in public again. You have been married 3 or 4 times already, and I hate to say this b/c I really like you, but you have issues honey. Get yourself together, get a shrink, let go of this guy and your anger towards him for your kids sake. They will be 18 soon enough and you won't have to deal with him much at all. Let his new wife figure it out for herself. Don't let Peter and the new wife bond over their hatred of you. Keep it Classy, keep your mouth shut and for Christ sakes don't put your hands on the wife, they will sue you.

830 days ago


Oh my, did I see her fake sweetness slip in public...LOL

830 days ago


She needs to grow up and see how bad she is looking to her children and herself.

830 days ago


Show some class Christie. We know you used to have tons of it. Don't lose it because of this guy.

830 days ago


the uptown girl is looking long in the tooth
and has psychological problems to boot!

830 days ago

Ratings Needed    

Brinkly is very bitter, too bad, it makes her look old & ugly. She's too into herself, probably drove her ex's nuts...and a phoney.

830 days ago


Telling the new wife she'll be there for her when the dirt bags starts banging other women is not a taunt whatsoever TMZ!! I absolutely hate when you try to cause trouble. Just report what F'n happened without adding your two cents and narrating it in a negative way!

Christie Brinkley is a Classy Lady who had the misfortune of marrying a FROG!

830 days ago


Christie Brinkley should never be married. She's too beautiful and too rich. This Peter guy saw a big payday when he met Christie. Why marry? She's already rich and has grown kids! It's expensive to get out of these nightmares with these golddigger men. Why should she bother with a legal entanglement? She's rich!

830 days ago
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