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Christie Brinkley

Taunts Ex's New Wife

Outside of Court

6/23/2012 7:19 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

0623_christie-brinkley-peter-cook_gettyChristie Brinkley showed a little bit of crazy Friday in her never-ending legal war with ex Peter Cook  ... when she snapped at Peter's new wife outside court, saying, "When you find out he’s been cheating on you, I'll be here for you."

Brinkley followed up the insult, says the NY Post, by then tapping Suzanne Shaw on the head in a sign of "mock tenderness." Shaw then allegedly shot back, "Get a new line," before standing up to confront Brinkley. She was blocked by court officers.

The supermodel also reportedly told Shaw -- who married Cook back in February -- that she "pitied" her.

Cook and Brinkley were in court arguing over rude emails and small sums of money each allegedly owes the other. 


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LA Shark    

I always thought of Christie Brinkley as a classy lady. How disappointing!

762 days ago


Christie ENJOYS the free publicity but it is unfortunately at the expense of her children's relationship with their father. This should not be played out in public but kept behind closed doors!

762 days ago


Christie looks very bitter. Enough is enough, why not move on?Perhaps the root of the problem is u. U left Billy for that guy u 'connected' with. Your history is public. She was one of the greatest models of all time but really she's a nut job.

762 days ago


Her public persona is fake, what you see her portraying in interviews and out in public is not the way she really is. This latest incident is showing her true self, she slipped up. This woman married to Peter now has done nothing to Christie, Christie is a true b!tch. Wonder she's had 4 husbands, this woman has a very evil, full of herself side. Peter did wrong cheating on her, but I bet he had some very good reasons too, she de-mans every guy she is with, be friends with her guys but never marry her, she is evil. Feel sorry for her kids, she's so fake she has to make them crazy.

762 days ago


I hate when my image of someone is ****tered like this lol. I used to think she must be at least a halfway classy woman... I guess she's no better than one of the Real Housewives of New Jersey

762 days ago


Good for her. I think it's great she's still a burr in his side. He deserves all that, and more. The new wife must still believe in love. Hah!

762 days ago


Brinkley is such a pompous bitch. Remember she's got, what? 4 failed marriages behind her? Everything can't always be the guy's fault.

762 days ago


I am so amazed at how asinine and sophomoric - not to mention vicious these miserable commenters sound while spewing their jealousy and venom. I cannot imagine that happy people write this stuff. Christie is a wonderful, loving, successful, charitable and courageous woman who is setting a great example of not giving into a bitter, bullying, malignant narcissist.

762 days ago


She's a cheater! She's such a two-faced hypocrite. She divorced Billy Joel (or he divorced her) in August 1994 and she married her boyfriend just 3 months later in December 1994, it's true go to IMDB and check it out! Her son Jack is the son of this guy Richard Taubman, they were only married for a year, so she could have already gotten pregnant b him while she was married to Billy Joel. She's no better than Peter Cook!

762 days ago


Christie is a cheat too! She was married to Billy Joel for years when she met Richard Taubman in March 1994 and started seeing him cheating on Billy Joel. Richard proposed to Christie in MAY 1994 while she and Billy Joel were STLL married, they divorced in August 1994, 3 months later Christie was already pregnant when she and Richard Taubman married in December 1994! She's all high and mighty, she's as much a trash cheater as Peter Cook, she has no room to talk, she needs to keep her mouth shut, she can dish out the cheating but she sure can't take it when it's done to her! She and Peter deserve each other! Karma is a b!tch isn't it Christie?!

762 days ago

Clyde T.M. Nestra    

I'd tag that: You are one hostile brother. But you are correct, I don't have to read anymore of your posts.

762 days ago


We'd like to invite you to have a conversation about narcissism and its effect on the abused partner in a narcissistic relationship, since it is clear from your "report" that youve done zero background research to prepare.

761 days ago
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