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Karen Klein

Questions Remain ...

6/23/2012 6:00 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

The Karen Klein bus incident has polarized TMZ users.  Is she a victim or a wuss?  So without further adieu, we gotta ask ...


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While I do not think she should have been a bus monitor in the first place and that there should have been someone there who could put the kids in their place, I feel bad for her. Her son killed himself and the kids taunted her about it. It wasn't just about her weight. The death comments were incredibly cruel. The woman may not have been the sweetest woman but she was genuinely hurt while the kids insulted her. She really couldn't do much in that situation. I'm sure she wanted to beat the **** out of them but if she did anything like that she'd be sued by the parents and would be losing her job. She also didn't ask anyone to donate money. She has no control over that. If she does get the money, then she's allowed to do whatever the **** she wants with it. She can donate to whoever she wants and she can buy a nice house. Does that make her a bad person?

820 days ago


ONE QUESTION: Who was driving that damn bus and why didn't They pull over and intervene????

820 days ago

Uh oh i am screwed    

Had she done her job and reported the behavior of the little turds then I would have more sympothy for her. I think the brats deserve whatever punishment is coming to them, but i don't think she is in an innocent victim.

She was hired to do a job to keep the kids on the bus in line and that includes reporting and do***enting any bullying or bad behavior. By not doing that she sent the signal that this behavior is acceptable.

I would be terrified to put my kids on her bus as she obviously can't handle the kids. I hate to think of what she would have done had it been a kid at the end of that bullying. She claims she couldn't get them to stop, then she shouldn't have been doing the job.

I also don't think age shouldn't factor into it. Whether she was 30 or 60 she shouldn't have put up with the tormenting she did. She is an adult, she should have been able to handle the situation, and if not bring in someone who can.

I have seen cases of bulling like this on the busses my kids ride. THe driver has to handle it all without a monitor and they are able to know what is going on all the way to the back of the bus. The driver contacts the school, turns he the bus around and the principal meets the bus and deals with the kids involved, usually kicking them off the bus. It should have been reported PERIOD there is no excuse for ignoring it and not doing the job for which she was hired.

If the kids were bullying an adult this badly i would bet anything other kids on that bus were victims of bullying by those kids. If there is no do***entation of this incident then if it does happen again the kids will get away with it even more.

I feel sorry for her that she it happened but she is an adult, she should have stood up for herself. If there wasn't anything she could do on the bus then it should have been handled by school administration. Most schools require staff to be mandatory reporters for behavior like this. It needs to be do***ented to protect the staff member, the school and any future bulling victims.

Hopefully this will change the rules about how things like this are handled.

820 days ago


الحياة الطبيعة الجمال التكنولجية السياسة

820 days ago


Looks like she was whipped before the video started. She should have kicked their bony little a|sses.

820 days ago


I would love to do my job half ass and make $500,00. She should have been fired from her job!

820 days ago


for those who don't agree with Karen Klein getting so many donations.....first of all she never asked for any donations and the person who started that donation site had no idea it that it would add up to that much money, but if you don't agree with her getting donations...then don't donate to her, no one is forcing you to and if people out there have donated or will...then that is their business, its their money, they have a right to donate money to whoever they want, so I don't get why some posters on here are so upset about it. What those idiot kids did to Karen was despicable, they knew very well that they were hurting her feelings and didn't even give a sh** the only reason they are so apologetic because they knew that they were in big trouble.

819 days ago


for those that don't agree with people making generous donations to this woman, she never asked for any donations and the person who started that site for donations had no idea it was going to add up to that much money, if you don't agree with her getting donations then thats fine, no one is forcing you to donate anything, but if others out there want to or did...then that is their business, its their money...they have a right to donate to whoever they want, so I don't see why some posters here are so upset about it.
What those kids did to her was despicable, saying that they were going to "stab" her, making fun of her weight, making harsh comments about one of her children that commited suicide, those kids knew that they were hurting her feelings, made her cry....and they didn't even give a damn, they were only apologetic when they found out they were going to face consequences.

819 days ago


I bet those brats only apologized after the parents threatend to away their Iphones and Xboxes!

808 days ago


Those brats make me wonder if its time to bring back the belt!

808 days ago
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