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Karen Klein

Questions Remain ...

6/23/2012 6:00 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

The Karen Klein bus incident has polarized TMZ users.  Is she a victim or a wuss?  So without further adieu, we gotta ask ...


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So this woman, who is getting paid to STOP KIDS FROM BEING *******S ON THE BUS, doesn't do anything to stop them and you all are ok with that cus she's sweet little Karen the Bus Monitor? The kids are *****, but this woman should not have been in that position if she can't stand up and move the little ****s around on the bus in the very least. Gesus. I'll bet that her time as a bus driver is the reason why the district needs monitors, cus she'd sit there and not do a damn thing.

851 days ago


She was suppose to be a "bus monitor" and she failed at her job. What was she gonna do if a fight broke out? Nothing. What was she gonna do if a girl was being sexually assaulted? Nothing. She was basically there as if "an adult in the room" was going to stop all reprehensible activity. If that's the case, then that's why a lot of buses have video cameras installed. It's like the school district hired her just so they can say they have a elderly employment program. She shouldn't have been hired to control the behavior of adolescents (in addition to being feeble, she also has hearing problems). She shouldn't have been ridiculed by the 4 boys, but she also shouldn't get $500,000 for being insulted for 10 minutes. Most every person in America would gladly be ridiculed for 10 minutes if they could get tens of thousands of dollars in return. It's really a shame that these people would make her rich for failing at her job, but these same people will probably be miserly to the very poor, disabled, and diseased instead. The fact that she can't even forgive them while knowing that she's getting over half a million dollars out of this is just more proof that she doesn't deserve the money.

As for the proper punishment of the 4 boys, they should spend the summer working at a convalescent center/retirement community doing yard work, cleaning, etc. I don't think it would be a good idea to send them to the bus monitor's home to work because there would be no supervision and it would be like pouring salt on an open wound. The boys need to be separated so they know how it feels to be on their own in the big world, to break that pack mentality, and to respect their elders.

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851 days ago


People donated that money for her..YES she deserves it!!!

851 days ago


Living less than 40 miles from where these kids live, I've heard nothing but this story for days. I'm not sick of HER. I think that what happened to her is awful. People keep saying that she should have done something, but you know what would have happened if she had... the parents of those little jerks would have sued her, the school, the district and who knows who else. Adults are not allowed to do anything when it comes to kids.. that's why there are kids out there who act like this. Proof of that is the fact that the parents think a forced apology from the kids is good enough and that should be the end of it. That teaches those little brats nothing. Maybe if their parents had taught them some respect in the first place, they wouldn't have been acting that way. Instead, the parents are just trying to pass it off as "kids being kids"... that is NOT the way that kids should act. They've failed as parents and they are trying to blame HER for not having more control over the kids on the bus. WTF. Again, they aren't making their kids own up to anything and neither the kids nor the parents are taking responsibility for anything that happened. ONE OF THE KIDS THREATENED TO STAB HER for goodness sake, but because he's a teenage boy, he's just a kid being a kid.. is that what our society has come to? That is what we expect from our kids? Wow. Yes, the person who started the fund for her never expected it to get that big, but that is what the private public wanted to give her. Does she deserve it? Who are we to say that she doesn't. She didn't ask to be put on the internet or on TMZ. She didn't ask to have this story get so much attention, that was done by the kids who harassed her and posted the video on the net. THEY ARE THE ONES THAT GOT THIS SO MUCH ATTENTION. They deserve to be punished and not simply by being forced to write a four sentence letter with an empty apology.

851 days ago


Look, I feel bad for the lady, but at the same time I feel that she was not up to the job. She was the bus monitor and dealing with problems on the bus was her job. She should have had the bus driver pull over when the boys wouldn't stop, and either she or the bus driver should have called in the situation. Whether the school (or district) sent out another vehicle to get the boys off the bus, or the police were called, that would depend on policy.
It certainly looks to me like this has been going on for a while, and was not just a one time event. That means that the woman didn't want to report it because she needed the job, needed the income, and needed the something to do. She was not reporting this behavior for fear of looking inept and possibly losing her employment. That's understandable, but unacceptable considering the nature of the job she was hired to do.
The boys should have been barred from riding the bus long ago and that should have been the end of the story. If their parents had to drive them to and from school every day, that would have been punishment enough for both parent and child.

851 days ago


500K...Where can I hire the little sh1ts to insult me....

851 days ago


She wasn't just called fat! A kid said that she didn't have a family because they all killed themselves. Her oldest son did kill himself 10 years ago. It was way beyond cruel. I'm glad people are donating to her, it is a great act of kindness. All of the children who were involved should be expelled!

851 days ago


Wai a minute.. This just in. CBS this morning right now... She's hard of hearing. I'm watching and her on cbs, she can't hear. she probably did'nt hear what was said. Who gave her 600 k? Everybody's city is getting rid of services. and why are people throwing money at this woman? Is she poor? This is the most bazarre ****. I'm feeling sorry for the children, I hope they move on from this circus and know that it's wrong to pick at anyone. but money won't fix it either.

851 days ago


It is unfortunate but even though she was on the bus as a monitor young rabid animals had already dehumanized her, so no matter what she had done it would have been met with further bullying and probably would have escalated to being spit upon and having things thrown at her to the point of physical harm. Pack mentality and adolescence is not a good thing. The situation was too far gone for her to have put a stop to it.

851 days ago


TMZ employs some pretty juvenile staffers...but then, Harvey talks poop, on-air. So they're just following his lead. Which isn't always good. Harvey's smart, but lacks insight in some areas...just like the rest of us. But when Evan said, "That's how kids are" he likely didn't realize he's backing showing no backbone. You don't have to accept the unacceptable. You change the unacceptable. So the bullies should be made public, and Karen should get a nice, 500k vacation and no more. Also, the school deserves to be embarrassed, as it should. Good on the first father who showed up to apologize.

851 days ago


I am horrified that some of your staff believe that this woman not a victim. I suppose these people would also believe that a rape victim just asked for it.
Kids do this type of behaviour on busses all the time, I have been a witness and a victim. The people on your staff that believe this as being just kid play are the very people that become parents of the future bullies.

851 days ago


I am surprised on the split of votes on "does she deserve $500k"... Yes, she deserves it.. She deserves it because the people who donated felt like she earned it.. That's what they wanted to do to have right a wrong... I bet the people who donated felt very good after they donated...

And of course, this woman has been through hell and I am sure the support she has received and just the thought of people donating their hard earned money to her -- has helped her cope with the abuse she was subjected to.

So yes, she does deserve it... simply because the people who donated think she deserves it..

851 days ago


Fire fat, puke-face TMZ Gary. He's just like the bus-bullies!

851 days ago


I'm wondering how many of the folks who say "Do not forgive" are in church every Sunday.

851 days ago
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