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Karen Klein

Questions Remain ...

6/23/2012 6:00 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

The Karen Klein bus incident has polarized TMZ users.  Is she a victim or a wuss?  So without further adieu, we gotta ask ...


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Martin Luther the King... beotch    

TMZ, shows like yours are in part, responsible for creating societies little monsters like this. You guys glamorize and profit off of making fun of people. Wether or not you accept it, the fact remains that you fail at being socially responsible. I know it's your schtick, but in essence you influence and affect society in a very negative way. Congrats Harvey! This is your legacy...but, who cares right? Long as your making money! I believe it's called " selling your soul to the devil."

832 days ago


When I first saw the video, I felt really bad for Karen. Four little douchebags bullying and old lady on the bus. I thought it was a nice gesture for there to be a donation set up for her to go on vacation. I thought 5K was a good goal and then when it went over to 15K, I thought it was still alright. But now it is at 600K and still there are 28 days left on the donation. The donation has become ridiculous and a joke.

It was this woman's job to STOP bullying on the bus. She is PAID to stop bullying. She didn't do her job and now shes getting rewarded for it? Would we pay the president for not doing his job? Oh wait....

This is the logic of the American people. Let's reward people for not doing their job. What if students were being bullied? Would she have just sat there and watched it? It is a shame that students are bullied every single day and that some kids commit suicide because of being bullied so much. THOSE are the people that deserve this money. Karen said this was a one time occurrence... The money should be donated to an anti bullying campaign, not to some woman that was bullied once while getting paid to STOP bullying and failing at her job.

832 days ago


Why does everyone keep saying that "she didn't do her job"?

Were any kids harassed by other kids? NO.
Were any kids bullied by other kids? NO.
Were any kids threatened by other kids? NO.
Were any kids hurt by other kids? NO.

She was paid as a monitor to protect kids from other kids. From what I see in the video no kids were bullied, so she did her job.

832 days ago


She was smart not to stand up to them, you never know who's carrying a knife these days. Kids are not the same anymore, they're aggressive and have few boundaries thanks to lazy parents that won't parent.

832 days ago


Please help this family. Thank you.

832 days ago


Corporal punishment for these kind of kids is a GREAT idea for this kind of kids. They would be humiliated by the experience (the same kind of humiliation they are trying to make their victims feel). I bet that would solve 80% of bullying problems and set these kids straight!

831 days ago


Once again I don't believe it. It's a scam between Klein and Sidorov whatever his name is to get money for both parties.People get bullies everyday around the world all the time.

831 days ago


good grief you guys are harsh. they were just name calling. i could understand if they were doing it to another peer, but an adult. big deal! she needs to get over it and hell no she needs money. that's bull ****! she's an adult for goodness sakes. i don't think the kids should go w/o being punished but it was just words and they are children and Hello she was adult. i watched the video it didn't seem that bad. besides she is fat she should lose weight! i don't think she should work for kids, at least not older kids. she obviously can't handle the stress. time to retire!!!!

831 days ago

Martin Luther the King... beotch    

I know whether and you're is misspelled, so save it.

831 days ago

get a life ho    

it pays these days to be a "victim".,...

she has got enough monetary pledges to retire not just vacation .,.,.

831 days ago


Hey TMZ- Aren't you just contributing to the 'bullying' by referring to her as a 'wuss'?!

831 days ago


Hey TMZ- Aren't you just furthering the bullying by referring to her as a 'wuss'?! Don't you think she's had enough?

831 days ago


In-school suspension is more appropriate than expelling; expelling a child from school is like giving the child days off from school and learning.

Parents need to have a clear set of moral values and prepare their children for not only school, but for life.

Hitting a child only teaches violence. The monitor would have been fired and jailed for hitting the students.

The bullies need to be really, truly, honestly remorseful and understand that they were wrong in order to be forgiven. It is too soon to forgive them because it is not known if they have learned a lesson and are remorseful for their actions.

831 days ago


I voted for the money to go to her because the bullies put it out there for everyone to watch. True, they were too stupid to realize it might backfire on them, but their intent was to humiliate her publicly, to the whole nation and beyond.

I also voted that she did the right thing by ignoring them because it would have been impossible to predict what they would do if she challenged them. They may have ganged up on her even more, it may have actually fueled them into even more bullying or cause them to get physical. Even a man would have a problem controlling three, healthy middle school boys if they went ballistic on them.

I also don't think her job should just go to a man. That is saying that the school/parents know and expect this kind of behavior from the kids and so they need to put someone on a bus that is more like a prison guard than a bus monitor. That is sad and a cop out.

The expectation should be just the opposite. The parents and school should expect their kids to act respectfully and if there is bad behavior it can be controlled by an adult, male or female, because the kid has been taught how to act and respects the authority of the adult. Sadly, this just doesn't happen these days.

831 days ago


She is incompetent at her job if she is a monitor and
can't deal with 4 kids who are just bullying her.
NO WAY should she get half a million dollars for
this while the kids' parents get death threats!

831 days ago
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