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Karen Klein

Questions Remain ...

6/23/2012 6:00 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

The Karen Klein bus incident has polarized TMZ users.  Is she a victim or a wuss?  So without further adieu, we gotta ask ...


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Wrestling fan    

What about the other bus monitors that have had the same thing happened to them huh.This ain't the first time it happened but the first one on youtube

816 days ago

Throwback kid    

I think the punk that was telling her what it would feel like to stick a knife into her stomach is very disturbed. I think if his family doesn't get him into therapy in a couple of years that behavior will turn into anti social personality disorder and there will be another trench coat wearing Columbine type ready to kill somebody. What would make a 13 year old boy tell a 68 year old woman what it would feel like to stab her with a knife?

816 days ago


Sorry folks,I do NOT blame the parents,what I do blame is ADULTS in general.What do you expect from GREEDY TV producers that glorify.programs .like the "housewifes of everyplace" backstabbing,drinking,CAT FIGHTS,,The Jersey Shore PIGS,The filth and DISCUST EVEN ON tmz ,making fun of OLD PEOPLE,WHAT DO YOU EXPECT.There is NO EXAMPLE BEING SHOWN,JUST RATING AND MONEY.,Do not suspend the kids,.AFTER SCHOOL MAKE THEN ALL WORK IN A NURSING HOME.and learn compassion.You sew what you reap,and its the adults that are at fault

816 days ago

Throwback kid    

I think these bullies should not be allowed to ride the bus next year. Instead have mommy and daddy drive them to school, and every day on the way to school the parents can explain to them how to speak to an adult, and maybe teach them some manners. This is something the parents should have done in the first place, kids who speak that way to an adult were not raised properly. It's time their parents start doing there job, so far they have failed. Those kids were horrible. Sorry if it is an inconvenience to the parents, but it's nothing compared to what that poor 68 year old woman has to ut up with every day because they raised punks for kids

816 days ago


The kids should have their asses beat. What ever happened to paddling in school? That's why kids are as bad as they are.

816 days ago


It's very unfortunate that this happened to this woman and I believe strongly that the children involved in this should be punished, severely. Suspension would be appropriate for about a week or so and the parents should also be held to Community Service or something. As for Ms. Klein, I felt real sorry for her UNTIL she opened her mouth and said she would not forgive these kids. She is acting like a bully herself at this point, old lady style. $500,000 is a ton of money, most of which she certainly does not deserve. If she was a smart woman, she'd keep 50k of it and donate the rest to charity.

816 days ago


Uh oh i am screwed:
"what would have happened if the bullying was happening to one of the kids on the bus? What would she have done then?"
Good point. I feel bad for the woman...but not that much.
She was a bus monitor, bus monitors are there on the bus *specifically* because kids can get out of hand..
Kids have always challenged adults, always will, there was never a Leave it to Beaver atmosphere in the "good old days" like some people say...never existed, delusional nostalgia.
And the idea of beating kids up, lame. We can't beat respect into someone.
Respect is not an object we can ram down someone's throat.
Granted, the kids were mean, and should be disciplined, but no more disciplined than any other kid who mouths off.
$500k donations is ridiculous, half a million bucks for being a school authority and getting mouthed off to by kids? Really?
So what about the other 99% of school staff who get mouthy kids :D

816 days ago


She wasn't unfit for the job but the lack of policy or tools the school gave her for recourse if kids DID act up shows how pitifully ill-equipped schools are when trying to do the job the parents SHOULD be doing.

Private schools don't have the same issues for a reason.

816 days ago


i say she deserves it because of the replay of the video... humiliating for everyone. i do think that she should have stood up for herself and be the type of person who could take charge of kids. teachers are expected to control their class, i think everyone who takes on the responsibility of handling children should be able to handle them.

816 days ago


If she gets $500k I hope they tax her $550k for all the years she took money to do a job that she can't handle.She got paid to ride a bus to the Planaterium every week and cry insted doing her job.

816 days ago


You're missing the whole point. She had no recourse and we're all sick of it. Smacked them? Lawsuit. Even yelled at them? A parent who yelled at kids for mocking his own kid was sued. Anyone who works with kids knows that they're in charge now -- that's why people feel for her so strongly and want to give her a huge F-U check.

816 days ago


She has done nothing wrong.. The media now is up in all this frenzy. These horrendously vile kids said things that an adult would never utter out of their mouths. I think she has shown tremendous restraint. She did not start the fund and at this point I am sure Mrs Klein will do the right thing. This would be taking a token sum for a vacation that the fund was originally intended to do. The rest should be donated to various charities including Kids in Crisis, suicide prevention, etc. Then let the parents and school deal with punishment. If it were my child, their summer vacation would not consist of Baseball Camp or lounging around. He/She would be doing 5 days a week of various community services to see how less fortunate people live. Mrs Klein doesnt have any obligation to forgive. The things that were said were so disgusting that in the same situation, I would not forgive either.

816 days ago


You need to add another option to where bullies will be in five years. Most will end up as warlords of the state of Michigan's GOP.

816 days ago


I feel for her but these were kids... misbehaving and rotten maybe but still kids. This can be a learning experience and say that an apology is not acceptable is nonsense. She was verbally harassed not beat up. The whole point of a monitor on a bus is to control unrully kids so that the bus driver can focus on driving and the kids in the bus are safer. If you are just going to sit there and do nothing while you yourself are being disrespected then you have business being a monitor on a bus. She could have taken names, she could have had the bus driver pull over, she could have done so many things differently. The kids that later came forward and apologized and stated that after seeing the footage that they were ashamed... THAT is a lesson learned and a good one, it shouldn't be blown off... otherwise the next time these kids do something wrong they will also have learned that being sorry means nothing so why bother.

816 days ago


no matter what no human deserves this..the comments before only go to show the lack of human compassion...those who go on about money may be only interested in are now non existant

816 days ago
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