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Karen Klein

Questions Remain ...

6/23/2012 6:00 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

The Karen Klein bus incident has polarized TMZ users.  Is she a victim or a wuss?  So without further adieu, we gotta ask ...


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If Obama had a son, he would look and act just like the kid in the video.

815 days ago

Hussain bondagjy    

As a father of 7 kids and a grandfather of 4 little girls, i extend our family apoligies for what happend to karen by those boyes and have a great respect for her reaction. I wish if i meet with her during my next visit to my daughter who is doing her Master at RIT, Rochester,NY. I wish her the best from my home country Saudi Arabia. God Bless her soul.

815 days ago


Well does she deserve $500,00.00? NO. Do those kids deserve their asses kicked? YES. Parents we must remember....WE ARE PARENTS!! NOT OUR CHILDS BFF. You let your kids talk to you like ****, they will defiantly talk to others that way. I don't know if I would call these kids bullies, but I sure would call them a bunch of jackasses and I hope when they got home their parents kicked there asses....old school.

815 days ago


I love how people forget what they were like when they were kids. And ****, at least these kids spoke their mind instead of gossiping behind people's backs...well, no, not really...but this vitriol for these kids smacks of there is NO ONE alive who didn't do ****ty things when they were kids....and quite frankly, one of the biggest problems today is that adults act like kids....please, kids are being ****s? ACT LIKE AN ADULT AND PUT AN END TO IT!

Oh, and BTW, "feel-good" parenting has got to go. These kids wouldn't have done what they did if their parents were "PARENTS" instead of "best buddies".....

815 days ago


She's thin and has a lot of nerve for standing up to those kids.

815 days ago


The kids were out of line and the lady took a lot of verbal abuse. But you can't get away from the fact she wasn't just a passenger on a bus, she was hired as a school bus monitor. If she couldn't handle unruly kids, what exactly qualified her for the job? I'm sorry for her being tormented but she behaved like a child herself instead of being an adult and handling the situation more like one. She could have told the driver to pull over and she or the driver could have contacted police, if physical and even sexual threats were being made. She and the driver could have turned around and taken them back to the school. She could have done something besides just sit and cry. If she can get her feelings hurt so easily by kids, I don't think she's in the right line of work. Of course, with that half-million dollars, she won't ever have to work again. Poor thing, I'm almost in tears now.

815 days ago


She deserves the money!! Those brats are filled with hate and they are disgusting human beings!! The money shows there are people that care in this world full of hatred!! I felt so bad for her when she was crying........Those F'ing brats and their parents need some serious, serous HELP!!
It broke my heart listening to how those "Idiots" treated this elderly lady.

815 days ago


Again, she did not start this fund nor ask for any of it. She has not stated what, if anything, she will do with the money. I stated in another post that she should take a token sum for the original intent of the fund, to send her on a vacation. The rest should be donated to various charities. This would be the right thing to do. I have no idea why anyone would criticize her. She hasn't said anything to the sort of taking all that money. She has been very tactful and honest in interviews and it was a terrible thing to endure. The suicide comment takes the cake of one of the most hurtful things said..No one should blame this woman for ANYTHING.

815 days ago

JugEars McKenyan Sr..    

It really doesn't matter if she deserves the money, she didn't deserve the inhumane she got from those freaking punks who are the slime equivalent of s***mmm three times their age, they've hit s***mmvillle very early in life and frankly if my kid did that I'd be jailed today for breaking his freaking neck over my knee bringing his family shame like this. But no kid of mine would do such a thing because they respect their elders first and foremost. Something greatly lacking today thanks to a zero morality Sodom and Gomorrah pop culture feeding them filth all day and night. Children need to be banned from the internet as even the tame sites would have been XXX 10 years ago. 40 years ago many humans never saw another disrobed human of the opposite sex until MARRIAGE!!! Now they're humping each others in the nursery...; (

815 days ago


This situation happened in my hometown and it is a main topic every day. They just had an article in today's paper about this. They talked to other bus monitors and they said that kids act like this all the time. My uncle is a bus driver for the same district and he hears it all the time. The monitors will write these kids up for their behavior but nothing happens to them. So in my opinion, its a good thing this video went viral. Now they are stepping in to finally try to stop bullying (better late than never) and these kids are getting punished. Maybe not to the extreme that people want but they are.

And honestly, I feel for tis woman, but I believe now, she is just milking it. The amount of money that has been donated (again, in my opinion) is overkill. Yes she deserves a vacation, a really really nice one, but this much money? Attack me of you want, but this is something I see everyday...

815 days ago


Have any of you REALLYU listened to what those bullies were saying? It was horrifying!! It was absolutely scary and the parents need to check them all into therapy!! THOSE KIDS ARE SOME SCARY MOTHER F'ERS!!!

815 days ago


Wow just read donations have exceeded $60...5,000...I don't get it. Why are people donating money to this woman? We've all had to deal with teasing / bullies at some point in our lives. You deal with it and move on. As for the kds, kick em off the school bus for a few weeks. Let their parents take responsibility of getting them to school every day. Hell if they were my kids I'd either make them walk, or I'd go with them waring old ratty pajamas and curlers in my hair and I'd walk them to class.

815 days ago


tmz are the bullies to this lady. SHAME on you

815 days ago


I am a teacher in an inner city urban school. I have learned that when children are taunting and bullying and adult, the best thing to do is either ignore or kind of make light of the situation. If you get onto them or act mad, then you are having them the reaction they want, which fuels them along in their bullying. She did the right thing, even though she endured more bullying. I am sad that those brats made her cry. Hopefully they will be punished and learn to be ashamed of those actions. Right now, it seems they have smart mouths and are allowed to talk to adults in that way. It seems in all my years teaching, that students are getting harder and harder to keep under control in the classroom. I think from a child psychology standpoint, we need to observe how their parents interact with them and how they let them behave at home. From there we can work with the parents on strategies that will help them better discipline their children. Amen. It's the end of my soapbox.

815 days ago

titty bangaa    

this lady is a cry baby and that what made that fun for the kids if she would have said things back to them they would have shut up dont be afraid of kids clownn on them and they shut up..

814 days ago
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