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Lindsay Lohan

Lifetime Producers Worried Sick -- THEY DON'T GET IT!

6/23/2012 7:50 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

0623_lilo_lifetimeSources close to Lindsay Lohan's Lifetime movie tell TMZ ... producers have been in hysterics these past few weeks over LiLo's latest hijinks, and we're left to wonder ... WHY?!?!?!

According to our sources, producers were particularly upset over her car accident on PCH. We're told the producers have five big concerns:

-- The company that insures the movie might bail
-- Her probation could be violated for lying to the cops
-- She could be prosecuted for lying to police
-- She could crash her car again
-- She's going to clubs where bad things happen

But here's the thing ... when has a Lifetime movie ever gotten this much press (besides the one where Jennifer Love Hewitt played a hooker)? And don't they know ... nothing bad ever REALLY happens to Lindsay.

$10 says "Liz & Dick" is the most watched program in the network's history.


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Wow just saw those gun to head pics man oh man is she fkin wasted. She has posed with guns before but I think her last shoot was suppose to be like a sexy coke vixen not suicide crack head which these pics clearly are.

Maybe if she actually went to bed at night instead of playing dress up and pin the gun on the coke nose with uncle Terry she wouldnt be so out that it that it takes an entire production team to wake her up at 12 in the afternoon nor would she be slamming into the backs of semi trucks.

785 days ago


someone here has been calling me out...
I have no problem meeting up....
just drop me a line..

785 days ago


Ha! Some "sources" just told me that DUIna's quacking sh!t about the evil paparazzi again, claiming she would definitely be better off not knowing them, but the clear fact is that SHE READS THIS RUBBISH EVERY DAY. So do AA Aliana and whatever "LNor" that's available for abuse. This is what they do. It's their livelihood. They read the truth, get all pissy, smash champagne glasses, and call their lawyers. Then they call TMZ or Radar and submit another dreamscape. Cha ching (kind of). Linds urinates or menstruates on something inappropriate, then it's off to Clam Ahoy to get plastered. Repeat process tomorrow.

785 days ago


OK, I'm DONE! Going back to my ANGELIC Avi.

785 days ago


Oh snap...tacos on the horizon!!

785 days ago


I wonder if Lindsay's ever seen what a human head looks like after you pull that trigger...............
Bullet may only make a small hole about thumb size going in but when it comes out the other side it takes the whole back end of your head out with it along with whats left of your brains which end up splattered across the room and the walls and even the ceiling depending on the voliisoity of the bullet you use.. your eyes usually are blown out depending on the direction of the bullet and sometimes why the whole head just blows apart and lands all over the room...nothing left but your neck bones and torn and a lower jaw bone......course she won't care cause she is dead but the people who have to clean her brains off the ceiling might.... and thats one photo all the photoshopping in the world can't fix......Think about that Lindsay......You want to play with guns but before you so go back to the morgue and your friends you made there and get them to let you take a look at what a bullet does when fired that close...Do it I I dare you !!
Not so damn funny now is it....

785 days ago


Gotta love how Darkape is over on ROL screaming at everyone that the Star Magazine article was a fabrication. The source for his rebuttal? Other Gossip sites.
You can't make this zhit up.

785 days ago

Ellie G    

I'm gonna post something just one time on a touchy subject.

The chat room could have been a fun time for all but absolute power corrupts absolutely. Jeebs thought she was queen and Blood played the part of friend to all while they both stabbed people in the back.

Andy, you in danger! Keep a tight hold of that wallet. The vag is a powerful drug.

I often wondered how many people got bamboozled out of a few bucks to "help out" in an "emergency".

This is all just my opinion. I will shut up now.

785 days ago

help this young woman    

There is a place in hell for all of you haters. You and the media have done nothing but shredded Lindsay apart. You bully her everyday. The tabloids let the haters post all sorts of despicable comments on here that no human should have to endure. She is hounded everyday. Don't you dare try to rationalize it by saying that you can't help a person that does not want help. That is a cop out put out there by AA. It is a load of crap. There are laws to help a vulnerable adult.
A loaded gun held to the temple with the hammer ****ed is deadly even if a plug is in it.
While you azzwipes have been on here with your usual crap, I have been busy trying to do something.
Anyone with a ounce of human kindness would back off for a day or two.
This is suicidal posturing people wake up and show some humanity.

785 days ago


You know what Help ......
I hope you something ...and have it slapped back in your face...because that is what will happen......She and Lohan Inc don't want your help the want you money and undivided attention and devotion to the she can make money.......It was people exactly like you who 30 yrs ago followed their false idol to the jungles of South America... They didn't listen to their friends their family's and the media who warned them and cautioned them against doing it......and you know what happened to those nice people Help .....One night they were all crowded together in the middle of the compound they were in and they those that didn't drink voluntarily were forced to drink koolaid laced with cyanide.....they died that night right along with their leader...who was a con artist and evil fake leader they believed in....
That is what you are defending so despartely...I really feel sorry for you... They use people like you . ..Grow Up !

785 days ago


Ok after ellie's post, Im so aggravated with the BRW AND JEEBUS thing, what did they do, can someone please tell me?..or is it a top secret folder???

785 days ago


Hell ,,,,,,,,
I'm staying up here on these Monkey Bars....Don't know whats going on and I don't really care to know....ain't my business.......So why ya'll are fighting it out I am going to rest up here.....Goodnight...

785 days ago


Can't wait to watch Help spin herself into the ground like a Tasmanian Devil when the Porno starts.
Help, Richardson likes to do 'dark and edgy' shoots when he can, and Lindsay is one of the few willing to go along. There is NO suicide posturing or threat going on. You need to get out more.

785 days ago


Oh, the things that must be on the editing room floor already. I can just see it: Linds in the opossum hat or maybe the Bounty extra-strength turban..... attempting take 36 of a torturous love scene.... "Dick" cooing "Oh, Elizabeth... if only I could buy those exquisite eyes and keep them all to myself". Elindsabeth starts to deliver her line, only to slip out of character once again "What?!! You want MONEY?!!!"

Take 37.

785 days ago


In MY avatar, the gun fires Fentanyl darts.

785 days ago
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