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Rodney King's Fiancee

Not Invited to Funeral

6/23/2012 6:30 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

0622_rodney_king_fianceeRodney King's fiancée Cynthia Kelley is not invited to his funeral services -- King family sources tell TMZ.

According to sources, the services will be held next Saturday in Hollywood -- but the family hasn't contacted Cynthia since the day after Rodney died ... and doesn't plan to.

We're told Cynthia hasn't made any efforts to make arrangements for Rodney -- so the family doesn't feel the need to reach out.

We're told the family is also still skeptical about Cynthia's story -- that she heard Rodney banging on the window around 5 AM Sunday and then heard him fall in the pool.

The family doesn't believe Rodney drowned on his own because -- as one source put it -- Rodney was always a great swimmer.

Some family members don't have any hard feelings toward Cynthia -- but we're told many don't want to speak to her until an official cause of death has been released.

Our law enforcement sources say Rodney's death is still being investigated as an accident, and there are no signs of foul play. Attempts to reach Cynthia were unsuccessful.


No Avatar


So very, very sad. R.I.P.

821 days ago


as if rodney cares. after what the lapd did he could handle that.

821 days ago


If there is nothing in writing then she can not legally make the funeral arrangement as she is not family. Also whoever makes the arrangemnts and signs the papers pays for the funeral. Rodney was a addict who entered rehab multiple times and was unable to stay clean. I hope the house is in the fiances name and the family can kiss their own backsides for not keeping him clean.

821 days ago


The professionals can decide if the story is true or not. But even though he was a great swimmer, that can't help if you are under the influence. His friends have all said he had serious addiction issues.

821 days ago

Dan Frederiksen    

why would a fiancee whack a guy with money before a marriage..

821 days ago


If I can put up with my brothers meth head girlfriend (that looked like a fricken extra from "Breaking Bad") at his funeral, they should be able to put up with this I would think.

As of now there is no proff she did anything to him. So they should let her come. She was a big part of his life for better or for worse. They can always just ignore her. People don't like to be places they are not wanted. So she will probibly high tail it out of there pretty quickly, if she goes at all.

By inviting her they keep their conscience clear. Letting her say goodbye and get some closure. They wont have to think about whether they were right or wrong. They can move on. If it turns out she did do something to him. They can always remember they were just trying to be good people by inviting her.

821 days ago


I don't know that there was any foul play-probably not, but there's NO WAY in this world I could stand by and watch someone I loved at the bottom of a pool. I would retrieve my loved one or die trying.

821 days ago


Im proud to say...I WASN'T'd have to decline!!!!!

821 days ago


The problem is now going to be:

Removing this woman from his life, home, etc.

I sniffed out an-oddity about her from the jump:

"Rodney be doing herb and drinking all day, etc."

-Uncommon when someone passes.

-We normally close-RANKS around such person.

Protect and defend them.

Cynthia didn't.

She threw The_Rodster under-a-bus.

"Fool (be) drinking and smoking all damn day..."

This alone.

Made me question her motives, agenda, story.

I'm with the family on this one -

821 days ago


Is Reginald Denny invited?

821 days ago


Sounds to me that she is guilty of something...Why wouldn't she try and participate in his funeral services? Why hasn't she tried to contact the family? She is ACTING GUILTY!!!!

821 days ago


What is tmz's obsession with blacks dying? Let it go. Everytime a black person dies, you guys drag it out forever. You still do stories about jackson and houston? jackson has been dead for 2 in a half years? Let it go. tmz never does this with white people.

821 days ago


Cynthia Kelley didnt want to her weave wet.. thats what really happened....

821 days ago


Cynthia Kelley didn't want to get her weave wet thats what really happened

821 days ago

the truth    

i didnt like her on the 911 call. she kept saying "" Rodney King! the one who was beat up"" why would she have to say all that?? any normal person would say the name and also say hurry up!! it was just strange. i do believe there is more to this story.

821 days ago
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