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Nightclub to Tony Parker

The Drake/Chris Brown Fight Is Not Our Fault!

6/23/2012 9:12 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

W.i.P. nightclub feels it's absurd that Tony Parker is suing them over the Chris Brown/Drake fight ... saying there is no way they could have predicted what went down ... sources directly connected to the club tell TMZ. 

Parker filed a $20 million lawsuit against the club on Thursday, claiming the club should have known "there was bad blood between Drake and Brown" and only fueled matters by selling them and their posse alcohol.

But sources close to the club tell TMZ that Drake and Chris Brown are not prone to such violence, with one source saying, "Chris Brown and Drake are not Biggie and Tupac."

We're told the club feels the fight was out of their control and they did everything they could to stop it as quickly as possible. 

Our sources say the club finds Tony's allegation they were understaffed to be ridiculous ... saying they had around 15 security guards working that night and the owners personally choose who goes in the club and who doesn't.

So far, no charges have been filed related to the brawl, but the case is still under investigation by the NYPD.

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Seriously? So all establishments now have to be super careful and pre-screen all of their customers lest any of them act like spoiled little babies? This is what businesses have to do now in America to avoid lame lawsuits from whining little punks?

855 days ago


When you hang with THUGS, what do you expect.

855 days ago


Free Chris Brown.

855 days ago


Tony Parker wants to pretend he's a thug and hang out with the homies. Then when sh*t gets real he wants to sue. Mr. Parker, if you play with fire there's a chance you're going to get BURNT....

or a scratched cornea =)

855 days ago


How could they have predicted it? I mean its not like two rappers and their thug entourages ever got into fights before!

855 days ago


If Tony Parker "thought" the club should know there was bad blood between the two and he was there with them both why didn't he just leave?

855 days ago


what a bunch of girls

855 days ago


The club defends itself against the understaffed allegation by saying it's ridiculous and that it had 15 bouncers working that night. The club then says it wasn't equipped to handle such a big fight. Well, which is it? Were you appropriately staffed or were things too out of control? I understand that Brown/Drake are the MAIN ones who should be sued; however, the club admits to having seen this fight brewing and yet, did nothing until innocent people were seriously injured. The club's gonna shut down in order to avoid a suit and, I say to Tony Parker and the other innocents who were injured, go full throttle after Brown and Drake! The world backs you up..let's clean the streets of these thugs, once and for all!

855 days ago


So these guys are thugs? Seriously??? Drake grew up in a well off part of Toronto and was a teenage actor! Brown on the other hand has only one link to testosterone and that is he dated Rihanna. They need entourages because no one finds them any more threatening that Bieber!

855 days ago


No way is the club responsible for those 2 groups of brats acting like animals. This has become such a sue you sue me country that it's ridiculous. There's so many frivolous lawsuits flying around wasting peoples time and money.

855 days ago


Geez, many people don't know the law. It doesn't matter i it's not your fault, you decide to open a club, and you don't think you are responsible if your patrons get injured. The club have to pay for the patrons injury even if it is not their fault. They can inturn sue Chris Brown and Drake for causing injuries to their patrons. But the club still owns the injured patrons.

855 days ago


Spelling mistakes in my last post - In short, the club is responsible for their patrons injury - whether it is their fault or not. The club also has the right to sue Chris Brown and Drake and use the cash to pay their patrons. That's how the law works. For them to say it is not their fault their patrons got injured is being ignorant. If you don't want to be responsible for injuries or damages, don't invite thugs to your club.

855 days ago


Um, Chris Brown is no prone to violence? Really?

855 days ago


What this lawsuit may guarantee is that Tony Parker will not be invited or allowed in other clubs.

If I was the club owner I would counter-sue and say Tony Parker knew these guys and their background. He had the chance to leave and therefore avoid any issues that may have erupted.

855 days ago


Tony Parker is money hungry. Crybaby get over it

855 days ago
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