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Nightclub to Tony Parker

The Drake/Chris Brown Fight Is Not Our Fault!

6/23/2012 9:12 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

W.i.P. nightclub feels it's absurd that Tony Parker is suing them over the Chris Brown/Drake fight ... saying there is no way they could have predicted what went down ... sources directly connected to the club tell TMZ. 

Parker filed a $20 million lawsuit against the club on Thursday, claiming the club should have known "there was bad blood between Drake and Brown" and only fueled matters by selling them and their posse alcohol.

But sources close to the club tell TMZ that Drake and Chris Brown are not prone to such violence, with one source saying, "Chris Brown and Drake are not Biggie and Tupac."

We're told the club feels the fight was out of their control and they did everything they could to stop it as quickly as possible. 

Our sources say the club finds Tony's allegation they were understaffed to be ridiculous ... saying they had around 15 security guards working that night and the owners personally choose who goes in the club and who doesn't.

So far, no charges have been filed related to the brawl, but the case is still under investigation by the NYPD.

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No Avatar


Tony Parker needs to get a grip if he wants to sue he should go after Chris Brown and Drake.

791 days ago


It's funny how he's the first one to sue. I'm not saying that it was terrible that he got hurt but he's already filthy rich. I would rather see the regular people who are not part of the celebrity life be awarded compensation. If anything they(including Tony) should hold Drake and Chris accountable. They have the money to pay everyone for the chaos they created. This club probably has insurance but not enough to cover the amount of people that got hurt in this mayham. So Tony go after the rightful party that initiated the madness.

791 days ago


This guy is a disgusting creep. His married behind was sexting his teammate's wife. You know what they say Kharma is a B!

791 days ago

big al    

He may be 30 but he looks 40ish in th face. Why he isn't embarrassed for not only having been there but for filing an outrageous 20 million dollar suit is beyond me. Didn't his doctor say it wouldn't affect his Olympic run? What a freaking oddball.

791 days ago


Maybe you shouldn't have had your dumb ass in the night club chasing skirts..correct me if I'm wrong but isn't that why you got divorced ..not to mention your a millionaire what about the victims who were injured that don't have money or health insurance..that's a bitch move

791 days ago

Brian Chapman    

These jerkoffs did not anticipate this......They expected lawsuits from some broke ass girls with lawyers that could not match up to their defense teams. Tony Parker has the financial resources to make life very difficult for these two idiots for the next couple of years.

791 days ago


I've always hated this guy. He can't even take personal responsibility for going to a raucous club and KNOWING HIMSELF that trouble was brewing in that overcrowded hellhole. He is responsible for his cornea being scratched and deserves any flack he gets from his team organization for not keeping himself safe.

791 days ago


What a moron.

791 days ago


"it was bush's fault" seams to be going around these days.in there ethnicity!

791 days ago


Lisa - Finally someone that understands the law and you read the lawsuit filed by Tony Parker. You are 100% correct that clubs are responsible for their patrons and they are responsible to stop serving liquor when the bartender feels a person has had too much to drink. The club gets sued first and then the club rolls a new lawsuit against the criminals. It's mandatory that clubs take out insurance for instances like this, just like homeowners have to have insurance for anyone that gets hurt on their property.

A torn cornea is a serious injury to the eye and could blind a person. The club was at fault because they didn't stop the verbal taunting. If they could not stop that, then they should have called police immediately. Once the first bottle was thrown, police should have been called at that point also.

From reading Tony's lawsuit it appears the club has a possible history with their liquor license. Hopefully once the police investigation is complete, all the injured parties will join Tony in his lawsuit and get the club closed down. This will then set a presedence for clubs throughout New York and the U.S. to monitor closer what kind of thugs they'll permit into their clubs.
Drake and Brown should both be sued as a lesson that they are responsible for their groupies that hang with them. They are a risk to the public's safety and that's what this is all about.

791 days ago


he shouldn't get a cent, can't stand people making an easy buck like this, especially ones that are already rich, just makes us pay more for insurances. Also I had the same injury, Jesus, it's not worth 20 grand!! It's eye drops and heal, I wasn't even out of work, maybe a patch for a few days. This is BULL, hope he doesn't get a cent.

791 days ago


i work there this is ridic tony parker shame on you. you should have left or sue the people who were fighting...but the venue how were we supposed to know how was anyone supposed to know this was gonna go down now ur gonna try and put 300 people out of work cause u gotta a lil scratch!!! cry me a river,, god what people would do for money i see why eva left ur cheap ass and next time stay home if u cant deal with life **** happens people get scratched get over it!!!

791 days ago


The owners personally choose who gets in?? Well, there ya go, owners. Have better taste next time. And for regular people, any time you see any of these aholes coming in, that's your clue to leave. These punks are as bad as the bottom feeder thugs they drag from the ghetto to protect them. Way past time to stop letting these idiots skip away from the crap they cause, and that includes their enablers.

791 days ago


Tony Parker is an odd looking dude. Course he's probably better looking then Chipmunk Brown.

791 days ago


How was the club responsible? Chris Brown thought he was cool with Drake according to what I read, so how would the club know Drake was going to pick that night to suddenly act out the Revenge of Wheelchair Jimmy?

791 days ago
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