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Nightclub to Tony Parker

The Drake/Chris Brown Fight Is Not Our Fault!

6/23/2012 9:12 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

W.i.P. nightclub feels it's absurd that Tony Parker is suing them over the Chris Brown/Drake fight ... saying there is no way they could have predicted what went down ... sources directly connected to the club tell TMZ. 

Parker filed a $20 million lawsuit against the club on Thursday, claiming the club should have known "there was bad blood between Drake and Brown" and only fueled matters by selling them and their posse alcohol.

But sources close to the club tell TMZ that Drake and Chris Brown are not prone to such violence, with one source saying, "Chris Brown and Drake are not Biggie and Tupac."

We're told the club feels the fight was out of their control and they did everything they could to stop it as quickly as possible. 

Our sources say the club finds Tony's allegation they were understaffed to be ridiculous ... saying they had around 15 security guards working that night and the owners personally choose who goes in the club and who doesn't.

So far, no charges have been filed related to the brawl, but the case is still under investigation by the NYPD.

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Where the hell was Tony's wimpy ass French bodyguard when he needed him?

831 days ago


Isn't David Jaroslawicz the target of the Corruption Unit's probe for money laundering via illegal businesses aka bars, brothels, even prostitution for the family that owns Greenhouse and WIP?

This means his client Tony Parker would be suing his other client who owns the club like he did at Smith and Mills when his client was caught operating an illegal business on a fraud certificate of occupancy and had a fire, or his other client Richard Born who was caught operating on an illegal theatre license at The Jane Ballroom, or when they were caught selling drugs at Marquee in a year long undercover drug sting.

Why would Parker involve himself with a lawyer who himself needs a criminal lawyer Ben Brafman in the Anna Gristina’s madame scandal who was the "lawyer friend" who had the police tipping her off when she was about to be raided, or when the police tipped off Matt Abramcyk the neighbors wrote the Mayor over their fire at Smith and Mills, Beatrice Inn who now had WIP busted in some scam or typical Jaroslawicz con?

How would Eva Longoria’s husband be involved with a lawyer linked to fraud, corruption, money laundering and prostitution with the "madame to nightclub operators" the story goes when every lawsuit he filed in the last 20 years is fraud?

Wouldn't this essentially mean Parker wasn't injured since Jaroslawicz doesn’t really have legit clients? They're only shaking [eople down for money based on their own notoriety. Or was he privately skaing down Chris Brown and Rihanna using this lawsuit as leverage which is actually more Jaroslawicz's style?

It isn't plausible he would make his own clents pay Parker - that is who he would be protecting. The only thing for sure is Jaroslawicz isnt on the level.

831 days ago

JugEars McKenyan Sr..    

"Fight Is Not Our Fault!"------Nawwwwwww serving a bunch of hopped up street groids with buko scratch to burn buying bottles of booze for table consumption for 500 bucks a pop had nothing to do with the said street groids hammering on one another over the ho the other one likes to beat to a pulp which she obviously can't get enough of because she's back on her knees for the guy begging to be slapped around like a red headed Mulatto democratic step child... Of course not... Morons

831 days ago


This is why America is turning into a cesspool, overpaid pieces of **** acting a fool and low life's suing for everything. Not to mention these guys are the funniest fake thugs to date. RnB divas who would get robbed if they ever hit up a real hood with or without body guards.

831 days ago


dumb ass parker
why in gods name are u blaming the club???
its was the ANIMLAS FAULT

831 days ago

Krazy T    

It's True, they are not Biggie and Tupac, but they really wish they were!

831 days ago


Reading the lawsuit I kinda understand why Tony Parker wants to sue (violence at the club before,Illegal activity, etc. ). The club was shut down because of apparent numerous offenses that were already being investigated. I'm sure Tony Parker nor the rest of the people knew all that. But fights happen at clubs ALL THE TIME (sometimes worse than this!)

To say the nightclub should be up on celebrity gossip is stupid , if that's the case he should have been informed about it too. Those two have been in the same place at the same time before, even did a remix together so no the club wouldn't expect violence between the two. If he can prove they were violent and belligerent and the club CONTINUED to serve them alcohol...maybe he has a case but IF some random, faceless person in VIP threw a bottle that started everything, the club Or patrons could not anticipate that.

831 days ago


I cannot STAND this dude! What the HELL did Longoria SEE in this goofy looking GEEK? He looks sneaky and "pervy". Ewwwwwww.

831 days ago


How is it any of his business anyway? Sounds like he's looking for a quick payday, but to me he looks like another idiot douchbag.

831 days ago


No its not the night clubs fault but its their responsability to keep their patrons safe. I think chris and drake need to step forward and take care of their buisness because they hurt alot of people. They coiuld have acted like adults but thats too much for their wanna be thug asses

831 days ago


Someone is obviously seeking for attention!

830 days ago


Chris Brown getting close to Rihanna? I bet all those 'friends' or 'whores to the dollar' in the Beautiful People Vid are worried, afterall, their appearance in that is a statement from each of them that Chris dont do **** like that anymore to girls....... biting, punching, scratching.

830 days ago


It is easy to sue, but not as easy to win, especially in this case. Just like HOI, the club will cover medical expenses (assuming a doctor visit was made or police report filed. In regards to Tony, he won't receive "free money" just because his feelings were hurt. Once Tony observed the two thugs in the club did he immediately advise management of potential issues or cause for concern? If not, then stick to basketball.

830 days ago


"Chris Brown and Drake are not Biggie and Tupac."
That is the understatement of the decade.

830 days ago


Please, based on the lawyer Tony Parker hired this ould be nothing but a scam. His lawyer David Jaroslawicz represents the owners of the nightclub he is suing. The guy is under investigatyion for corruption. His recrods were just seized by the DA's office in the anna Gristina madame scandal. Parker must be one desparate guy to involve himself with such a slip shot clown of a lawyer who has links to prostitution and money laundering. The brothel is registered in Jaroslawicz's name.

830 days ago
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