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Ashton & Mila

Definitely Maybe

Banging Each Other

6/24/2012 8:22 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF
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062412_ashton_kunis_launchMila Kunis insists they're just friends ... but last night in L.A., the actress hit up a romantic Italian restaurant with her former "That 70s Show" co-star Ashton Kutcher -- and they even left in the same car.

The two have been rumored to be secretly dating for months -- but Mila adamantly denies they're anything more than platonic pals ... who eat out together alone ... and go on romantic weekend trips to quaint little towns.

It's extremely suspicious ... so we gotta ask ...


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Only a bimbo with very low self esteem, self respect for herself and her family will go with a piece of trash like him!!! All his life he was jumping from woman to woman cheating, lying, failed everything dropped out of college, was caught stealing as a kid etc

I would be embarrassed if any woman related to me was with this s***bag!

Her career is going to take a huge dive after this, she was very likable because of the "good girl" image she was portraying, with this guy she lost all of that!!! On the other hand, he gets more and more popular with these actions, don't forget he replaced Charlie Sheen!

816 days ago


After seeing her in Black Swan and Friends with benefits I would stand in line to have a shot at that sexy babe. Ashton has known her for a long time and was probably doing her during the 70's show so why not go back to the well for another drink or downtown for some nector!!!

816 days ago


They do look kinda cute together! Much better than him & Demi!

816 days ago


Maybe they're "reviving" the That 70's show :)

816 days ago

kim is a publicity whore    

I hope they get together >.

816 days ago


Kind of think about it, Kutcher's character closer to Sonia Pizarro! What do you think?

816 days ago


Good for them.

815 days ago


Jackie and Kelso FOREVER! hahaha.

815 days ago


I thought he and Demi would be seeing eachother.

814 days ago

Darren Reis (Scotland)    

Fame just seem like free pass to ignore morals and act like a box of hamsters, the kids that are generated from these people haven't got a hope in hell of any kind of happy life

814 days ago


Poor Demi...she will have to take this news lying down (on her therapist's couch).

813 days ago


As much as I'm trying to be optimist when I look at him and the choices he is making I feel people are perhaps right to criticize and question his choices. I feel he could do far better as a human being and as a man, but obviously he has no real friends to speak the truth to him and tell him he needs to change many things in his life because thus far he is known for his personal life and the drama that goes around it. He may have some talent but around all the nonsense that he does leaves people pretty unhappy to even hear of him. As a Kabbalah follower he is not using any spirituality or common sense when it comes to his personal and carrier choices. And the people that surround him are most likely afraid to speak the truth because they're either lost and confused as he is, or either they're not his friends at all, they are just there for the ride. We are lucky if we find one or two exceptional human beings in our lifetime that can be our friends in every sense of the word. Not to mention that he separated from Demi Moore but has been chasing women desperately like there is no tomorrow. In the mean while he is not even yet divorced, and the many women that the media called them his" one night stands" those women got a lot of crap for being stupid enough to be involved with a married man, but here come Mila Kunis and it is okay for her to be involved with a married man, why because she is an actress? I feel there is no difference between her and those other women who slept with him knowing he is still legally married, it just happens that some people like Mila and so her behavior with him is acceptable, but the rest of the women got whole a lot of **** for doing exactly what she is doing. Ashton needs to take time away from Hollywood and from being in the spotlight ..,that is if he wants to change his life and make some good for his future...,if he doesn't he will reap the consequences of his actions...,as he already is people are sick of him and all his dumb choices...
He can get many pretty faces but what else is there besides that?? Looks fade and unless there is something worth while to hold them together it will come and pass and mean nothing..

813 days ago


What happened to the suffereing and great pain from demi with this News? What happned to Bruce Willis having a "TALK" with Ashton? what happened to all the talk period that went down when he was seen with Rihanna the only "Black' girl of the bunch? Now this really gets you thinking.

810 days ago


i like it, they've known each other before the fame and sh*t

810 days ago


like they haven't done it before? really?

808 days ago
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