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The Dream

SUED for Someone Else's Horrific Car Crash

6/24/2012 12:50 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

0623_thedream_gettyThe Dream has been slapped with a major lawsuit by the victim of a brutal car crash in Georgia and what really makes it a nightmare for the R&B star ... he wasn't driving at the time ... or even there! 

Elaine Nowells filed a suit in Georgia, claiming one of Dream's record label employees, Patrick Thrall, T-boned her car while running a red light at a four-way intersection back in June 2010. Nowells claims the accident was so brutal, the car was knocked on its side and slid down the street.

Nowells claims she broke her back in the accident and suffered mental and physical pain due to "the shock, fright and terror she experienced." She claims she suffered permanent injuries and says her medical expenses are through the roof.

In her suit, Nowells claims the accident was all Thrall's fault ...  because she says Thrall was distracted by his GPS at the time.

Nowells filed her suit against Thrall ... but added The Dream and his company as defendants as well. She alleges that since Thrall was on-duty at the time, they can all be held financially responsible.

The Dream himself dropped TMZ an email to say, "Pat Thrall Is NOT an EMPLOYEE of Radiokilla Records, IDJ, or any of its affiliate companies. He is an independent contractor (engineer) who was on the way to his hotel when the accident occurred. We are sorry to hear about her injuries and we hope she gets better."

He added, "We are almost certain that her attorneys put pressure on her to file a lawsuit. Unfortunately, that's the NEW American Dream. Can't win in life, sue someone who can."


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Only in America.

850 days ago

titty bangaa    

sounds like someone else has a dream 2 now there gonna get that money

850 days ago


God I hate America for this. People will find anything to sue someone for big bucks. The laws are ridiculous in some states of america. I don't understand if they are one nation, one people and called them selves Americans...why is the law in the whole U.S. not the same?????

850 days ago


Because she no longer can work with a broken back, her future $400/month in Social Security is really going to make up for this in her life (even though social security will make her wait a year so she has nothing now). Now she can live a life of pure hell. Plus, you guys can insult her for it! Boy will this make her happy.

850 days ago


How ridiculous. I'm so tired of hearing about people suing celebrities or people with money because of something that happened that HAS NOTHING TO DO with the person they are suing. I think his word pretty much hit the nail on the head this time... "the NEW American Dream. Can't win in life, sue someone who can". Truer words have never been spoken... er... written.

850 days ago

just my opinion    

obviously a lawsuit with the engineer is like getting blood out of a turnip...the lawyer checked the dreams resume and realized they hit the jackpot. he wrote baby for justin beiber, single ladies for beyonce, umbrella for rihanna..and the list goes on.

850 days ago


To those, who think he should not be sued...maybe, maybe not.
First, even if he is a "contractor", many companies play fast and loose with that term to avoid taxes illegally. He may well still be an employee under legal definitions, or not. If he is, it sounds like it is possible he was out doing company business (like they would not lie about this?), and that would under every legal principle, make the company liable.
In any case, every company I ever worked for as a consultant, they would not let you step through the door unless you had a $1 million insurance policy for just this reason.

850 days ago


In a civilized country, that lawsuit wouldn't make it past the gate. It would be thrown on first review and any expenses that the Dream company incurred would be charged to the plaintiff. Although in this case, it should be to her lawyers. What a joke.

850 days ago


TMZ is run by a lawyer but no one on staff has a clue how liability law and insurance claims work.

850 days ago


The article clearly states the guy was on duty in his position as an employee at the time. This is very clear cut. If this were any other company's employee who had this accident on their time and their dime you bet that company would be sued. (And by the way, Lifetime and Liz and Dick are going to be sued by the Porche company and by the trucking company because Lilo was driving on their production time and dime when she had her wreck too.)

850 days ago


Much depends on the name(s) on the registration. In many states the registered owner is liable regardless of who is driving.

850 days ago


lindsay lohan was driving but she fled the scene and left justin bieber there

850 days ago


if she really broke her back and it is the dream's car then she is right - you sue the owner of the car because it's is insurance that takes car of this - tis is why you don't lend your car out - cuz if they wreck it's your responsibility

850 days ago


If medical costs weren't so high nobody would need to sue for these ridiculous amounts of money. The way it is now, if you have medical expenses because of an accident caused by someone else, your insurance doesn't cover it. You have no choice but to sue just to pay your bills. The money they get usually goes all to medical bills and the attorneys. Sad but true. And still people don't want to see a change, just because they can't accept that a black man is president.

850 days ago


And she has to sue everyone who may possibly be found liable because that's the way court works. If its found in court that he is liable, the other parties won't have to pay, but if the court finds he was working and his employer is therefore liable, the order can be issued then instead of a whole new case.

850 days ago
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