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Kris Humphries

How I Knew Kim

Cheated on Me

6/24/2012 7:55 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

0623_kris_kim_kanye_gettyKris Humphries told his ex, Myla Sinanaj ... he KNEW Kim Kardashian hooked up with Kanye West because he was mysteriously absent from the big wedding ... sources close to Myla tell TMZ.

We're told Kris groused to Myla about how Kris Jenner suspiciously referred to Kanye as "a close family friend" -- someone Kim knew for a long time. Kris H told Myla, "If he was such a close family friend, why wasn't he invited to the wedding?"

We're told Kris confided in Myla he "felt played" by the whole thing and was genuinely devastated when news of Kim's new relationship broke.

Our sources say Kris was with Myla the day Kanye's song about dating Kim (and dissing Kris) was released -- and Kris was "visibly upset." 

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No, the thing about Kim is HOW she got her start, it's not that long ago, plus her VERY X-RATED video is still available all over the internet. It is also a well known fact she negotiated (or maybe a "Momager" negotiated for her ) a $5M fee, which she then had to sign a release, SO SHE COULD HAVE STOPPED IT.
But no, she let Ray J bone her up her butt, then spin her around and take a leak all over her face. NICE. REAL NICE.

821 days ago


JW & others. Comments like yours are just completely ridiculous. Ray J was her BOYFRIEND. For YEARS. Most women in relationships do all that -- except get peed on. They do oral, anal, etc. And they enjoy it with their MAN. Many couples enjoying making sex tapes. Now, this tape was made 4 YEARS BEFORE IT WAS RELEASED. If the goal of making it was to sale it, they are some slow MOFOs. Yeah, she's profiting. So what! If you're such a prude, don't watch her having sex with her boyfriend. You guys act like she went into the porno biz and let a stranger screw her on cam for cash. Not how it happened. Two people in love made a sex tape enjoying a range of fetishes. Four years later, the tape got out in some way, depending on who you believe, Kim arranged for it to be seen for cash. Look, I don't care what a woman is doing on tape with her boyfriend. That is not the same as strangers and porn workers screwing solely for cash. So zip it. Kim is not famous or beloved for that anyway. Do you know how many thousands of people make porn and sex tapes each year??? Are they rolling in a $40 million dollar plus empire? I think not. Don't be simple.

821 days ago


@ Baker. Kris Humphries is a free agent right now. This is one dumb Mofo for squealing so loudly about all this pettiness. How does this make him desirable for a team? He is totally ruining his chances. HE's a good role player, but there are far better power forwards on the market this summer. He's screwing himself and I'm sure the owners (and Jay Z is one although not the controlling owner) are not impressed. Great going, Lurch.

821 days ago


Kanye moved to Paris in the early half of 2011 aka time of Kris/Kim's RL so this isnt even plausible anyway

821 days ago


REGGIE BUSH was fine and handsome. Kim had to settle for stable boy. Stable boy couldn't even shift the gears in the ostentatious, white Lamborgini ,they
flaunted in the Paris video.The Parisians laughed at them and all their nonsense.

821 days ago


Hopefully Humphries has some good attorneys because K-trash and family have such a messed up web of lies, they can't possibly keep it straight with an attorney who knows how to question them.
Especially Kim who is the least intelligent of the whole bunch.

821 days ago


I do believe that the K. family members, are beginning to realize that their success, is likely attributed to two charming,charismatic, glowing,sexually attractive sociopathic personalities.Masters at influence and deception,
innate liars~ an unstoppable team~~~~~~ 2 exhibitionists~~

821 days ago


cee ...she does sell her used clothing on eBay ..maybe she considers that a charity.....just saying lol.

821 days ago


Kim is nasty! Pee on her again! Her family is no good!

821 days ago


Kim is a skank!

821 days ago


My heart goes out to him, completely. She f'd him around big time. Go ahead Kardashians, run off to your faux church and sit there like you're such wonderful people. Team Kris H.

821 days ago


Harvey must have the Kartrashians on speed dial. Enough with this bunch of trash, quit printing what is obviously planted material.

821 days ago



821 days ago


Wow. The K Klan must be really worried about the trial. Usually virtually all the posts are negative from varying perspectives. But here there are so many posts all sounding very similar and jumping to trash anyone who is critical. And trashing Kris H for something he may or may not have said in private when venting on the rebound, to someone who has been issued a subpoena by Kim's side. How curious. We are supposed to believe that all these "quotes" are coming from Kris for what reason? Why?!? What would he have to gain? Nothing at all. He has plenty of his own money and doesn't seem worried about what will come out in the trial, which he wants televised. Common sense says this is all just an attempt to scare him off. Personally, I want to hear what the whole gang (including all the K's) say under oath. For months they've been hiding behind "sources" and "posters who aren't fans but watch the show and will defend them against all the haters" to spread their spin. By the way, it's so junior-high to call critics "haters" and to assume anybody unthrilled with Kim's lying and manipulations is "jealous" of her shallow lifestyle and money.

820 days ago


Kris H is a wiener. Oh, no, I meant a whiner.

820 days ago
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