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Daz Dillinger

Makes It Rain ...


6/25/2012 2:50 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Daz Dillinger making it rain.
Rap legend Daz Dillinger is taking the phrase "making it rain" out of the strip club ... and into the streets -- showering HOMELESS PEOPLE with airborne singles last week ... instead of scantily-clad women ... and TMZ has footage of the money mayhem.

The video was shot for a charity called MakeItRain.TV -- founded by radio host Tattoo from 93.5 KDAY -- and last Friday, Daz, Tattoo and their entourage hit Venice Beach ... where they unloaded $6,000 in singles on the boardwalk.

The cash stunt attracted hordes of money-hungry people, scrambling to pick up as much green as possible. Shockingly, no one was hurt.

In the video, Tattoo (the guy in the cap) approaches several homeless people and buries them in cash. His intentions are clearly good, but it's a little uncomfortable to watch -- because the act of throwing money at people could be construed as humiliating.

So we gotta ask ...


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finally someone is giving back to people who need it most.. how is it humiliating when those people lay there and sit there at venice beach waiting for someone to throw them a few singles.. last i checked everyone is hurting n theres still a dollar menu so thanks to these guys for feeding people r due!!!

816 days ago



816 days ago


While I appreciate the sentiment behind this act and certainly think it is far more appropriate than making it rain on a load of strippers, it made me uncomfortable to watch and didn't seem well thought out.

Wouldn't common sense dictate that this situation could very quickly become dangerous/violent? Wouldn't common sense also dictate that, while 'homeless' people would most certainly appreciate the money, they may not appreciate having it thrown on them while being video taped so that someone else can get some PR? Finally, why would they assume these people are homeless since they appear chosen at random and simply seem to be hanging out on Venice Beach with everyone else?

If you really wanted to help and not simply bolster your own agenda, you would make the donations quietly after speaking with the person and without all the fanfare!! "making it rain" is nothing more than a douche move screaming "look at me and how fabulous I am" and demonstrates a complete lack of respect for the value of money no matter who it's raining on.

816 days ago

Belfont Laroy    

black and mexican folks are the classiest .

816 days ago

john white trash    

So if i did catched, 2 dollars, that means that i´m rich now? bastard, if he is going to give money, at least , he would make it right, make it rain $50 bucks bills or Benjamin´s hehehehhehee.

816 days ago


Dude in the scooter scored big time

816 days ago


What a Piece of **** s***bag.

816 days ago


Yes, to those of us who don't have to worry about where the next meal is coming from, it's pretty messed up. To those homeless people who want to eat or drink or do is money.

816 days ago


If you want to help them either give the money to a homeless charity or just give it to them directly in a respectful way... Throwing money at people or on the ground for them to pick up is just completely demeaning.

816 days ago


who gives a flipping **** about dropping one dollar bills! whats that going to buy a homeless person, maybe i cup of coffee? what a joke, if they want to do some donating why not make it twenty's or fifty's.

815 days ago

Hiroyuki Masuda    

I think it's nice if the money went to the right ppl. I work in the Santa Monica UCLA ER and I can't tell you how many homeless people we have that would use that money towards their addiction to drugs/alcohol. They should have just set up a booth to provide them with food. Much love for Daz tho!

815 days ago


He SHOULD/I WOULD (if I had the money) give $$$ to an orphanage, a poor family with a disabled child, and or retirement home need repair. Homeless people are 50/50 - they could be winos or drug addicts.

815 days ago


Singles at 6g's. Legend? Who the hell is this guy? Make it 20's at 60g's at least mr. Legend.

815 days ago


There are better ways of doing this then grand standing for a camera. This is just BS.

815 days ago


He is a California rapper & produced 2Pac 2 of Amerikaz Most Wanted

815 days ago
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