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Randy Jackson

Emotional Visit

to MJ's Tomb

6/25/2012 3:40 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Randy Jackson visiting the Michael Jackson tombAn emotional Randy Jackson commemorated the three year anniversary of the death of his younger brother Michael Jackson by visiting Forest Lawn cemetery in Los Angeles on Monday.

Randy paid his respects and also posed for pics with MJ fans -- including a King of Pop impersonator -- who had come to Michael's final resting place.

0625_impersonator_splashAs we previously reported, a group of MJ fans raised roughly $30K to decorate Jackson's tomb with 10,000 roses to honor the fallen pop superstar.

Michael Jackson died on June 25th, 2009.


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The roses were beautiful. And @Kicksandgiggles, there are fans who are raising money for music programs in schools and a children's hospital!

787 days ago


Randy is Michael's younger brother. The three youngest are Michael, then Randy, then Janet.

787 days ago



The roses were beautiful. And @Kicksandgiggles, there are fans who are raising money for music programs in schools and a children's hospital!


There are people doing anything if they have an opportunity to benefit from it.

I can see that it is very profitable to raise the "fan" flag to get stupid people get into a bandwagon! It must be a new business model. Well at least it maybe good for the economy! Especially for business in the luxury life style!

787 days ago

Renato Hoskins    

One more time TMZ, Randy Jackson is not the older brother of Michael Jackson. Michael was older than Randy Jackson, as a matter of fact Randy Jackson is the youngest male son & Janet is the youngest female daughter of Katherine & Joe Jackson. I suggest in the future you do your proper homework on the Jackson Fam before reporting the wrong Info!!

787 days ago


Wow, I see someone has a new nic and still talking out of their ass.

787 days ago


In this article, TMZ said this.....(An emotional Randy Jackson commemorated the three year anniversary of the death of his younger brother Michael Jackson)....Well I just thought you guys might want to do some homework. Michael Jackson was not the younger brother, Randy Jackson is younger than Michael. Not the other way around.

787 days ago


This is TMZ comment....An emotional Randy Jackson commemorated the three year anniversary of the death of his younger brother Michael Jackson)...Michael Jackson is not the younger brother of Randy Jackson.....Randy Jackson is younger than Michael.

787 days ago


C'mon now....
Looks like Randy didn't learn ANYTHING over the past 3 years...then again, maybe he should rethink joining the bros. on that "unity" tour...
You know, the one that was canceled twice then suddenly had a rebirth just in time for the anniversary of Michael's death? Color him sad....
More importantly, missing Michael....3 years and I'm still heart broken. For 50 years this world had the "GREAT ADVENTURE"...
"Whatever happens, don't let go of my hand..."

787 days ago


it just makes me so upset when people say they love Michael and they say things that are just not Michaelest just mean and nasty but they say they love Michael how could they even when I think mean thought I would like to say to someone that I didn't agree with I would never say it on a Michael Jackson plat form because being mean is not what Michael represented nor the fans that believed in MJ's message

787 days ago


I don't know the truth of what really happen I just wish he was here and if he is still around in the flesh I'm sure he would be ecstatic of what has taken place in his absence watching people come together and discuss what he was trying to do all along and actually trying to make a difference there are people who get the message and are actually acting on it which is a good thing / and as for his family that is not my concern on what they do in front of the news / I just want his children to have a chance at a good life and not be judged by anyone of their family members but just on what they do in their lives I wish them the best

787 days ago


Just a friendly advice from a doctor, for everyone Who has to say stupid and untrue things about MJ (especiallyDuilama) You better use your time to brush your teeth ,and wipe your ass. I bett your breath stinks . No educated ,washed person would waste his time on such comments on a person Who really made something of his life and broght so much joy to ours . Get some education, wash your ass, go to a psich.for help ,and then comment on MJ s life ,

787 days ago


I do not conversate with stupid uneducated ,unwashed person for my level. You clearaly need help.,but i do not give on line consultations. And by the way just a short comment for another unwashed monkey -Mr C. Murray. You ugly monkey are definetely a disgrace for our profesion. U are the only one that actualy made me fel ashame that i m a doctor. Get a shower and a shrink after You two monkeys

787 days ago

Nicole Restle    

what´s a jacksons favourite thing to do? watching a girl pee.
am i right, michael and randy? it´s time to incapacitate your psycho (or psychic) brother michael. am i right randy?

786 days ago


For DUILAMA- thanks for the tip, but so that You know i don t speak not even for a minute the english language. If i think to that i must say i m speaking and writing damn good. I can even write this in 5 languages . Bet You can t say a sentence in other language. Say what You want i am a doctor and i m so sorry i wasted so much time tiping stupidities to morons.And regarding MJ soaked or unsoaked in urine he made our lives glow in happiness so many times.That s not the case with You ,otherwise You wouldn t waste your time writing s... .and this îs it ..

786 days ago


Bless you Randy.
Bless your family.
We loved your brother.

786 days ago
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