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Soulja Boy Car Crash

Yeah, I Was Driving ...


6/25/2012 11:44 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF
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Soulja Boy
is finally admitting he was behind the wheel when his red Bentley got into a car accident Saturday night in Hollywood -- but the rapper insists ... the other driver isn't just at fault ... she's also a giant RACIST.

Soulja just released a video statement on YouTube, claiming the other driver "ran the light. Our light was green. We were going straight. She turned too fast, thought she was gonna make it, hit my car."

He adds, "You know what that was. That was some people trying to come up on some money ... I was going straight in line." Soulja also says the other driver was "racist" and accused him of driving a stolen vehicle.

People close to Soulja previously said the rapper wasn't driving -- his bodyguard was.

As for the Bentley, Soulja said it took the bigger beating in the accident -- and now, it's in the shop getting fixed. Soulja says it'll take about a week to repair.

As we reported, the other driver's husband claims Soulja ran the double line and smashed into their car. The accident is still under investigation.


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Willing to bet the other drivier was white!!! Why is it that every single time something happens the white person is always a racist?!?!?!? WTF?????

850 days ago


Pfffffttt, he said, she said. I'll wait until the investigation is completed and the Police give us what really happened. The fact they tried already to say his bodyguard was driving has left a bad taste in my mouth. Something tells me they switched stories because of too many witnesses.

850 days ago


And, speaking of racists, harvey, WHEN are you going to finally fire that racist, illiterate staffer of yours, Raquel, who, just the other day, on TMZ Live, screamed out "i wouldn't wanna have a retarded baby!" in reference to snooki falling off her high heel shoes while pregnant??!! All you and your staff do is sweep all the racists comments coming out of that skank's mouth under the rug..we ALL saw the horror in your and Charles' faces when Raquel, yet again, showed how disgusting, racist and hateful she is towards anyone who isn't 'hood' like her. She can't even speak properly or goes overboard to sound like a thug. And, that ridiculous blonde 'beyonce wannabe' wig she's wearing makes her look insane. I'll never forget that day she yelled out about George Zimmerman, saying how she wished people would kill him, and again, you and your minions had to go to break and shut her up, yet, she STILL has a job there. Talk about're paid by the Kardashians to build them up, you use the word 'banging' like your in 7th grade, and you won't fire a skank that you yourself would complain about if she were working for any other company. FIRE that bitch already!!! You know she's not going to stop putting her racist foot into her fugly mouth.

850 days ago


Tony Yayo pulled that crap in Manhattan last week..I was there,he crashed into a cab and when they asked if had insurance for his lil camaro he started screamin WHY BECAUSE IM BLACK???He was like no because you crashed into me

850 days ago


Ya know this guy has already proven himself to be a HUGE douche bag, so anything is says is suspect

850 days ago


maybe her steering wheel is racist

850 days ago


The only thing rasict here is the car driver his fault. But soldierboywas drunk swerving

850 days ago

Soiled Midget Panties    

Wait... WHO?! ...what happened?

850 days ago


So he "finally" admitted to being behind the wheel? Yeah, already he isn't appearing to be too credible.

850 days ago


Travolta showed-up and said "take me."

850 days ago


Travolta showed-up and rubbed all males.

There's allegedly footage.

850 days ago


Maybe she is, but if you didn't run into her you wouldn't have had to deal with her, would you?

850 days ago


funny how he is calling someone else racist when he was caught multiple times spewing racist hatred towards whites on his facebook.

850 days ago


I think, I might have said the word ****** once in my 30yrs... but that piece of sh*t is a "******"

850 days ago


Soulja boy your at fault. Coming to a intersection you should always have your break covered. And also even if the person was in the intersection making that turn you should have had your break covered. The reason you have more damage it is because you impacted the other car not the other way around. You will be held accountable and for bringing up the race card shame on you.

850 days ago
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