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Soulja Boy Car Crash

Yeah, I Was Driving ...


6/25/2012 11:44 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF
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Soulja Boy
is finally admitting he was behind the wheel when his red Bentley got into a car accident Saturday night in Hollywood -- but the rapper insists ... the other driver isn't just at fault ... she's also a giant RACIST.

Soulja just released a video statement on YouTube, claiming the other driver "ran the light. Our light was green. We were going straight. She turned too fast, thought she was gonna make it, hit my car."

He adds, "You know what that was. That was some people trying to come up on some money ... I was going straight in line." Soulja also says the other driver was "racist" and accused him of driving a stolen vehicle.

People close to Soulja previously said the rapper wasn't driving -- his bodyguard was.

As for the Bentley, Soulja said it took the bigger beating in the accident -- and now, it's in the shop getting fixed. Soulja says it'll take about a week to repair.

As we reported, the other driver's husband claims Soulja ran the double line and smashed into their car. The accident is still under investigation.


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Why is it that we only hear about these rap "artist" and their travails on TMZ? You never see this junk on other new outlets. Now TMZ will probably say that's what sets them apart - giving readers news and gossip that others don't provide. But in reality, TMZ, others don't provide it because nobody cares about it.

850 days ago


Souljaboy idiot just contradicted himself. Why would someone try to come up on some money if already accusing theft. Looks like souljaboy wimp just soiled his panties. Man up, boy!

850 days ago


I give it 2 weeks, maximum, before the youtube video gets pulled. Then, when this case goes to court, his account of the event will differ from the youtube video.
First it was the bodyguard that was driving. Then it was Soulja Boy driving. Then it was the bodyguard. Then Soulja Boy. Tomorrow, it will be his secretary.
Celebrities cannot accept responsibility for their actions. It is always the unknown party trying to make a quick buck.

850 days ago


yes of course, it's always a racist thing. What a weasel.

850 days ago


Too funny... Blacks today have no clue what racism really is and do their ancestors a great disservice by making bogus claims of racism. Who is this dumb @ss driving the Bently anyway?

850 days ago


If he can't tell the truth about who was driving I'm sure he's not telling the truth about it not being his fault. Really the other driver is racist? So if your first lie doesn't work then say someone is racist what a complete moron. The only racist here is him.

850 days ago


Must I remind people that Soulja Boy is the same person who insulted and crapped on the American Soldiers earlier this year?
Unless it is making him money or costing him money, **** you!

850 days ago

Who Knew    

Racist? tou're the one who hit a black car, you must be a racist. Lier.

850 days ago


Just TNB really. A black taking responsibility for his or her actions is comparable to finding a unicorn in your bathroom. Anyone who has seen the photos of the scene can plainly see the impala in the turning lane, in its lane and not out in the intersection, with that idiots bently turned into it crossed over the double yellow. Moron was busting a u-turn and hit the impala plain and simple. She should sue that punk for every single dime she can get out of him, he has done nothing to deserve that money anyway.

850 days ago

Ben Choad    

If the other driver was at fault, why did this douchebag initially claim that he was not the driver? He has nothing to worry about if he was in the right.

This guy is full of it, just like most celebrities.

850 days ago


hmm when was the last year he paid his taxes to uncle sam? don't know who he is, but if he can afford that car he needs a stylist to dress him.

850 days ago


His knee jerk reaction is to scream racism... Did he hit his head? her husband is black.

850 days ago

Alex Clarke    

Of course she is racist, it's the default arguement for every thing..

850 days ago


Well, when you are black and have nice things because you worked for them some whites think you either got your job due to affirmative action or you stole the nice car that you have.

850 days ago


I'm not a fan of his music. but i believe soulja boy. regular people always try to screw celebs even though that regular person or people know they did wrong. they still try to blame it on the celebs. yeah, celebs aren't perfect, but when regular people cause accidents like this one and the innocent person is a celeb, they want to get money of that famous person.

850 days ago
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