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Soulja Boy Car Crash

Yeah, I Was Driving ...


6/25/2012 11:44 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF
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Soulja Boy
is finally admitting he was behind the wheel when his red Bentley got into a car accident Saturday night in Hollywood -- but the rapper insists ... the other driver isn't just at fault ... she's also a giant RACIST.

Soulja just released a video statement on YouTube, claiming the other driver "ran the light. Our light was green. We were going straight. She turned too fast, thought she was gonna make it, hit my car."

He adds, "You know what that was. That was some people trying to come up on some money ... I was going straight in line." Soulja also says the other driver was "racist" and accused him of driving a stolen vehicle.

People close to Soulja previously said the rapper wasn't driving -- his bodyguard was.

As for the Bentley, Soulja said it took the bigger beating in the accident -- and now, it's in the shop getting fixed. Soulja says it'll take about a week to repair.

As we reported, the other driver's husband claims Soulja ran the double line and smashed into their car. The accident is still under investigation.


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Oh quick a Bentley, let me drive my pregnant wife into it so I can make a quick buck!

789 days ago


Soulja Boy, Andy Warhol just called and said your 15 minutes has expired.

789 days ago


You, sir, are not a good argument against racism.

789 days ago


TO: Amber who wrote:
"Willing to bet the other drivier was white!!! Why is it that every single time something happens the white person is always a racist?!?!?!? WTF?????
Probably because she accused him of driving a "stolen car" which would imply that because he's black he couldn't afford such a car. But I will say this: Normally, whichever car suffers the most damage is usually the victim car, except when it comes to Lindsay Lohan; and (2)sometimes, especially in LA, people do tend to have rather stupid accidents with the most expensive car they can find on the road.

789 days ago


He need to pull up his damn pants. He looks stupid!!!!

789 days ago


Yeah it must be that she's racist. It's not that he's a young punk speeding around in a Bentley & then lying to the police by stating that he wasn't even driving the car... idiot.

789 days ago


soulja boy still yapping his garbage

789 days ago


Oh black people...

Always pulling the race card and lying about their crimes. Typical.

789 days ago


This is the same loser that was talking crap about military personnel. So that being said he is s*** in my book. Seems like he is trying to play the race card because he knows he was wrong. How is a car accident becoming about someone being a "racist"??? This kind of stuff makes me sick

789 days ago


Dude Soulja Boy, Hey i am an american blk but very strong racist and patriotic! so you have a problem with me?

789 days ago

Lil Bling Contact:901-643-6612

789 days ago


Celebrities should have to pass a test to be able to drive ANYTHING costing over eighty thousand thousand bucks...

789 days ago


Good Lord, how many race cards are there in the deck of life?

789 days ago


Regardless of what your day job is or how well qualified for it you are , if you dress like a thug, people will assume you are a thug, Given the very image he quite purposefully cultivates, putting his time, money and a whole lot of effort into maintaining that image, is it really that surprising that some white girl accepted it at face value? It would be more surprising if what SB is alleging she said turned out to be actually true. After all, he is the proven liar in this situation.

789 days ago


And another thing... if white's are supposedly the majority in this country and we're all racists, how is it that we have a black president whom MANY believe is doing a better job at running this country than the last white president? If we're so racist, how is THAT possible? I think its time to drop the whole racist BS, the majority of educated white people are WAY beyond judging someone based on the color of their skin.... and we have been this way for at least a couple of decades. To be honest, I grew up in a small midwestern town and I had no idea people judged others merely on the color of their skin until I was in junior high and there was a "race riot" at our school. An eye opening experience for many of us who grew up and were best friends with blacks our whole lives. Its absurd, in my mind, to base your opinion on a person because of their skin, culture, looks, wealth, or whatever else - what matters is how the person treats others and lives their life... i.e. character. But I'm sure its hard for a THUG to understand the difference.... yes its true, people don't respect THUGS, so if that's what you are.... own it and realize you're going to be seen as a THUG. Money can't buy you class... and owning a Bentley doesn't erase the words coming out of your mouth when you speak like a down-right, ignorant THUG - and a racist THUG to boot. Its probably easier to throw a race card into the situation when YOU are the one that's racist.

788 days ago
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