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Chuck Norris

Keep the Gays

OUT of the Boy Scouts!

6/26/2012 11:33 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF
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Chuck Norris believes gay people have NO PLACE in the Boy Scouts of America ... and claims plans to overturn the "century-old policy" to ban them is simply un-American.

Chuck -- an outspoken Republican political activist -- just penned an article for ... titled, "Is Obama Creating a Pro-Gay Boy Scouts of America?"

In the article, Norris attacks James Turley -- a high ranking BSA official who recently announced his plan to "seek a change" to a Boy Scouts policy that bans gay Scouts and gay Scout leaders.

72-year-old Norris suggests Turley is only championing the cause because he's trying to curry favor with Obama's "pro-gay" administration.

Norris talks about the Boy Scouts as epitomizing the best of America. The insinuation ... that gays don't.

So, we gotta ask ... 


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Do we remember the days of slaves, black people in the back of the bus, women cannot wear pants, vote, take birth control etc. This country will eventually come to accept gay people b/c it is the right thing just like all the other people who were not allowed into the "white" club. Times have changed and you cannot keep discriminating against a whole group of people b/c you do not like it. Gay people are not pedos. Gary Sandusky was a pedo. Pedos are sickos with mental defects. Gays are intelligent, beautiful, hard working and fun just like you and I.

785 days ago


Wow when the cream settles the crap floats to the top.

785 days ago


You give these F**S any kind of rights, and all they want to do is POISON & CONFUSE our children's minds :/

785 days ago


Who the fVck cares what some 72 year old has been thinks. Oh yeah, nice mullet tool.

785 days ago


Well not that I was ever a fan of his, i def am not now!

785 days ago


The list of people I once admired is dwindling! How about we keep PEDOPHILES away from children! Just because a person might be gay doesnt mean they are a pedophile. What an uneducated judgement and statement to put out there Chuck Norris no longer a person of good standing in my book. I will go home and remove his posters from my sons room!

785 days ago


by the way, where was all this outrage when the boy scouts kicked out the atheist guy? please. gays aren't the only minority group in this country that the boy scouts don't let in. if they're going to start letting gays in, as an atheist, i demand that they change their policy against allowing us in.

785 days ago


Way to go chuck at least someone in hollywood has the nerve to stand up to these people and hasn't been forced to tow their party line.

785 days ago


Bruce Lee > chuck norris

785 days ago


Are lesbians banned from Girl Scouts?

785 days ago


HOLY IGNORANT....I hate that whole thing about gays being pedophiles...stupid and WRONG.....***most pedophiles are straight men/women with wives/husbands and families.

785 days ago


What next, a badge for C**k S*****g?.
I wouldn't want to know my son was in
his tent having sex with another teen.
Mr. Norris is expressing his opinion.
That's what makes this country great.
This isn't the Gay Boy Scout's of America

785 days ago


Nothing wrong with gay people being in the Boy Scouts.
But that choice should be left up to Boy Scouts of America, they're a private org.
They have constitutional rights to set and dictate membership standards.
So do gay people, if they chose to start a private org and not allow heterosexuals.
If gay people like Boy Scouts, they should start their own Scouts program and enjoy it.
No use waiting around for private orgs to change their policies when they're not obligated to, and probably won't.
And...Obama doesn't care about gay people, he's a vote-hungry lying little snake. Ssssssss ~~~~~>:

785 days ago


I have always been a fan of chuck norris, the actor. He has become a HUGE internet phenomenon over the past few years, I have 4 kids and if they grow up gay it's because that is the way they were made. They deserve all of the same rights as a heterosexual person does. So one day if my son comes home and says he's gay and wants to be a scout leader, I will be all for it. Up your's Norris. Who the hell do you think you are?

785 days ago

Hardless Winch    

Ugh, another ignorant trash! These pests come out of nowhere with their hate! I hope all the backlash eats him up! LOL

785 days ago
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