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Jessie J

Accused of Jacking

'Domino' ... from a Man!

6/27/2012 10:18 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF
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British pop star Jessie J is a "Domino" thief ... so says the singer of a California band ... who claims Jessie's smash hit is simply a ripoff of one of his songs.

Jessie is being sued by Will Loomis from the band "Loomis & The Lust" ... whose music has been featured on MTV's Iggy and the Spike TV show "Blue Mountain State."

In the docs, Loomis claims Jessie's 2011 hit "Domino" incorporates huge chunks of his 2008 song "Bright Red Chords."

Loomis claims he never gave Jessie permission to jack his song ... and is now suing for damages. So far, no comment from Jessie J's camp. 

Fun Fact: Jessie J has sold more than 11 million singles and 2.5 million albums to date ... Loomis & The Lust have a very nice Myspace page.


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Similar...but not even close to a rip off.

845 days ago


So what? Both songs sux.

845 days ago


As a musician, I have to say that the chord progression used in both of these songs is elementary and extremely common in pop music. The transition into the bridge is also only natural given what is most common and audibly pleasing from comparing previous compositions. There are hundreds of songs written previously that would have multiple similarities with these songs. In short, I don't believe that she "ripped off" the song.

845 days ago


How do we know Jessie J jacked his song and not someone else involved in the making of the song?
How do we know he did not give Jessie J or someone else involved in the making of the song permission to "jack" it and after seeing it become a bigger success than his he decided to sue over it?
I am not saying the song wasn't stolen, but I doubt we are being told the whole story.

845 days ago


Both songs suck ass!

845 days ago


This is just a piece of the 'domino' that will do this industry in. Stringed instruments have been around for centuries and all of the sudden people now-a-days think that there work is 'unique' and 'original'.

845 days ago



845 days ago


The B-52s should sue both for ripping off Love Shack. The big difference here is she can sing where as the other guys sound like a piss poor version of the credit report .com losers. All rock is redundant, yes some of the phrasing is similar but that is not enough.

845 days ago


They both stole it from Van Halen - Jump

845 days ago


funny because to me their song sounds like they ripped it off the melody of Big Audio Dynamite's song Rush.

845 days ago

Tina Archambault    

After hearing both songs, if I were on a jury, my vote would be in her favor. I don't think they sound alike at all.

845 days ago


Stupid band is just trying to get money from Jessie J.

845 days ago


I say pure coincidence. There are millions of bands out there righting billions of songs, and there are only so many arrangements that are going to sound pleasing to the public's ears. Black Sabbath has a riff in the song "After Forever" that has been said to that The Rembrandts ripped off for "I'll Be There For You". I don't think they are very similar at all, but I can hear what people are talking about. I'm gonna guess that they weren't drawing from the darkest music of the 60's for a hit feel good song in the 90's and that it's just a musical coincidence.

845 days ago


They certainly have a very professional video for a band who only 'have a nice myspace page'.

It isn't uncommon for writers to steal music or lyrics from small and unknown bands. They believe they have no power to sue compared to the resources of the record companies.

This song is very similar to the Jessie J song even in terms of the tone of the music despite being a different style.

845 days ago


Holy sh*t, two songs have a few similar chords?? What a scandal! Just some broke folk trying to cash in on a similarity. Too bad the Loomis song blows. I'm sure they rock the pubs they perform at, good for them. That's cute. Jessie J had a bit more success with hers though. So yeah, let's totally sue her. That sounds like the honorable thing to do. (sarcasm)

845 days ago
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