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Kardashian Family


We're Buying Our Graves!!!

6/26/2012 11:25 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

The Kardashian Family goes grave shopping... It's the Kardashian family's creepiest shopping spree ever -- Kim and co. hit up a famous cemetery in Hollywood yesterday ... to purchase space for their DEAD BODIES.

Sources close to the Kardashian klan tell us, Kim, Khloe, Kourtney, Rob, Bruce and Kris all stopped by the Hollywood Forever cemetery to buy a family plot. We're told they haven't picked out the exact place yet, but scoped out several locations ... including a giant mausoleum.

Right now, we're told the major logistical concern is size -- Kim and her sisters aren't sure how many kids they'll have ... but they want plenty of room for all. Like we said -- creepy.

FYI -- Kim's dad Robert Kardashian is buried in another cemetery.

Dead serious.


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@ Lmao dont be sure there s a say " beware of idiots they will shock u at any moment"

851 days ago


I really hope they keep this up. The Kardashians are pushing every possible limit because they are afraid they are losing their audience. Once they run out of "shocking" things for their show, then they are done. Fncking attention wh0res don't know when to stop. Let them ruin themselves. I think they have one more season and it's over. What will Mamma Kris do then?

851 days ago


who cares.......whores stick together even in death...too bad they aint dead yet!

851 days ago


geez, so sick of seeing these people everywhere i go.

851 days ago


over exposure MUCH?

851 days ago


They just started peddling sunglasses and I was wondering what next? lol Of course, caskets. And their makeup line can double.....for the living and dead.
The possibilities are endless.

851 days ago


This family is so thirsty for public attention they are now taking it to the cemetery. I feel sorry for them I really do. Could this be some type of omen that their days on our TV are finally over? I hope so. If it wasn't so many of these critters they would have been gone.

851 days ago


HOW SOON will they be using them?

851 days ago


LMFAO they can't stand the thought of not being famous for one minute....not even in death...LOL...PATHETIC.....BTW everything they do is for attention...lies lies lies ...that's all they do and that's all they are.......shame on us (inc me) for even taking the time to write something here....NEXT TIME WE SHOULD ALL JUST NOT RESPOND TO ANYTHING ON THEM ....THEN THEY MIGHT NOT GET COVERED>>>>THEN THEY MIGHT GO AWAY

851 days ago


Well, at least Robert will continue to rest in some measure of peace!

851 days ago


I understand close families but the Kardashian/Jenner family cant seem to do anything by themselves. Mommy gets them all jobs, I guess because she figures they cant get jobs on their own, Rob was going from home to home to live because hes too much of a baby to live by himself and be a man,(at least hes got his own place now) Khloe is married to Lamar and they have their own lives and Scott and Kourtney have theirs, but they are still expected to go on vacation with the whole family every time a vacation pops up. Kris pushes everybody about this and that and drives her kids crazy when she should just butt the F out! Get a DNA test . . . .Why are you not pregnant yet . . . .I need keys to all my kids homes so I can just barge in whenever without even knocking. . . .putting Kendall on birthcontrol!!!!!. . . .pushing Kim about decisions concerning her joke of a wedding. When one of them knows something they tell the whole friggin family even though it was told to them in confidence. Kris treats Bruce like sh*t and its a damn shame because he is a great guy. She does whatever she wants and Bruce is always left out or is in the background. Now she "almost" meets an old lover who she left her last husband for but decides against it at the last minute. What is wrong with this woman? She has tons of money - she dosent have to work - she should trust her kids to earn their livings on their own which will help them grow the f*ck up and become mature - she should be spending these years relaxing, enjoying her husband who has put up with all this stupid girlie bulls*it from all the women in that family . . . but no - she feels like shes got to run her familys lives. What a friggin family.

851 days ago

Joan K    

I wonder how it feels to be the most made fun of family of idiots on this earth. It doesn't seem to bother these idiots in the least, I would be embarassed if TMZ was posting every little dumb azz things that I did. I have a feeling they are calling TMZ everytime they leave their houses, losers.

851 days ago

Trooper Tom    

Just more publicity seeking antics from the family of skanky trollops who would even know these b!tches were even at a cemetery unless they called the paps

851 days ago


thats right harvey kardashian, you old sellout flamer, lets us know about every stupid thing the worst family in the world does, after all kris janner and/or seacrest pay you to do just that, you and fat mike. maybe you can buy a plot too, and join the family. you can be the creepy gay uncle, and get a tanned 23 year old amateur bodybuilder like octomom.

851 days ago


That's why I love them so much - TRF.


Rag-on-em (and me) all ye want.

But they take responsiblity for their lives/careers.

851 days ago
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