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Kris Humphries

Myla Was a Friend

Who Asked About Kim

6/26/2012 6:00 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Kris Humphries swore under oath during his deposition Monday ... Myla Sinanaj was just a friend, who was mighty curious about Kim Kardashian ... sources connected with the bballer tell TMZ.

Kris -- who was required to sit for the depo by Kim's legal team -- insisted he only knew Myla for a few months, even though we're told they were banging since January.

Sources connected with Kris tell us ... he admitted he spoke "generally" to Myla about Kim, but only when she asked questions, such as ..."What's she like in real life?" Kris testified he never spoke to Myla about his divorce.

And our sources say ... Kris was asked various questions about his allegation that Kim defrauded him into marrying her and her motivation was just a crass ploy for ratings. We're told Kris offered no specifics ... no evidence of fraud. 

Sources connected with Kris say they don't want to disclose evidence of fraud until the trial. Thing is ... his testimony was under oath and we're told he offered nothing.

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No Avatar


What did they do? Hire this lookalike chick to get him to talk? So much for trusting others. Kardashians, go to your faux church on sunday and thank God that you are so friggin clever. *gag*

848 days ago


All of this is hearsay. Nothing here is substantiated. Truth? I 'm sure Kris Jenner is loving this, as publicity is all a fun game to her. Of course the K.s want to move on, so that they can focus on Kim's current "fairy tale romance" with ??? what's that current black dudes name? Oh,well-better things to do-later!

848 days ago



For get this I want to her Kim, Kanya, Reggie Bush and Amber Roses depotition. That should be very interesting. Truth will nail Karsnookian.
Well Stinky Beaver, IF TMZ reports anything on the depo's of Kim and Kanye you can bet your last dime it will be ALL positive.
Since Kris wants Reggie Bush and Amber Rose to be deposed, IF TMZ reports on that, you can guarantee it we be just like this - NEGATIVE.
It's too bad that TMZ has fallen into the clutches of Pimp-Mama and her family of Fame Whores. . We can only hope that WHEN this goes to trail each one of the manipulators gets called to the stand where their lies will catch-up with them.

848 days ago


Of course Humphries and his legal team are going to say as little as possible during the deposition phase. They don't want ktrash to be prepared for trial questioning.

848 days ago


These two Minnesotan bumpkins -- Kris Humphries and his attorney Lee Hutton are so green and naive. IT's pitiful. Of course, they have no evidence. They think providing that a produced show "faked" and set up scenes will prove the marriage itself is fake. Um, this is Hollywood -- no L.A. judge is going to care that producers shaped and sliced/diced the show. He's going to have to prove he has some real life evidence away from the show that the marriage is fake. You guys may hate reality productions for their manipulations. And Kris and Lee might. But in Hollywood, everyone knows how production works and they understand scripted reality. So these bumpkins are going to have to prove a strong case or carry their azzes back to Minnesota.

848 days ago


I think the Kartrashian's paid her and set him up. Way to convenient...

848 days ago


I get so sick of TMZ's BIASED commentary with regard to Kim Kartrashian. Quit trying to play lawyer-you're not one! He was under oath and he answered the questions. Just because he didnt offer up any additional information does not mean he lied under oath-as a matter of fact, his team is allowed to defer evidence until trial in order to not put all their cards on the table before hand. Give it a rest TMZ.

848 days ago

city lover    

myla just a little slut. she work at my job. working overnight & visiting guests in their rooms. nasty girl!

848 days ago


Krish Humphries is wasting a whole lot of money flying this attorney back and forth to LA, not to mention the thousands of dollars it costs not just to serve these celebrities with subpoenas, but to then actually get them in a conference room in front of a court reporter and then under oath. Of course Kris Humphries' attorney is loving the travel and lavish hotels that Kris Humphries has to pay for, but those kinds of things aren't doing anything to help Kris with his divorce OR the $7 million dollars Kris hopes to extort from Kim Kardashian.

848 days ago


That picture sums up my impression of Kris. How can I gently say this? He appears to be somewhat developmentally delayed. That was gentle.

848 days ago

Dita Wildflower    

all 3 of these people are total losers.

848 days ago


Photos on DailyMail, of Kim, looking like Nadya Suleman, wearing hideous looking shoes, with a peculiar looking, turdlike hairdo~

848 days ago


Kris Jenner must be a genius. She hired Myla two years ago to work at the Tribeca Grand before Kim knew the Hump in order to trap him into giving her information in case Kim got a divorce from someone she didn't yet know???? If you're going to wear a tinfoil conspiracy theory hat, at least make it plausible.

848 days ago


I agree with the post that Myla could have very well been a plant - that was my first thought when this news broke. This happens in high-buck divorces more than one would think. My hubby is a divorce attorney for "rich & famous people" and wow I have heard plots like this and worse to get out of alimony and to get information from the opposition.

848 days ago


Is it just me or does it seem like my beloved TMZ is getting more and more biased in their selective coverage and tone on certain celebrities? They are really pro kardashian for sure. I might start going to start going to CNN for celeb news.

848 days ago
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