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Bodyguard Throws KO

Punch to Pap's Face

6/26/2012 8:10 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF
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062612_rihanna_punch_splash_launchFirst Drake vs. Chris Brown ... and now ANOTHER fist fight over Rihanna ... but this one ended quickly.

It all went down Sunday night in London ... when a paparazzo (not a TMZ guy) got too close to Rihanna ... and one of the giants protecting the pop star unleashed a right cross that connected ... HARD.

Keep your eyes on the huge guy with the bald head ... who was trying to clear out a space in front of Rihanna's ride as she tried to exit the Whiskey Mist nightclub.

The bodyguard wasn't in the mood to talk things out with the photog ... and fired off one punch that sent the shutterbug down for the count. It's unclear if the pap ever got up.

Rihanna missed the action -- she was already inside her car when the knockout punch was thrown.


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Hardless Winch    

I didn't see sqwat sh!t! All I saw more was this stupid 'Ted' preview/commecial! Ugh wat a waste of time, pfft...

820 days ago


Hiring people to beat people up for you should be against the law, she wanted to be Skank Queen and she got it, her fans follow her to see who the next idiot will be she can give an STD...all the money in the world can't cure what she's spreading. She needs to be quarantined. Menace to society.

820 days ago


Not sure - but I think British Neanderthols on steroids take top rung of the meathead ladder - then Russian, Aussies, Americans and a close 4th, the Canadian meathead. Anyways...thats my pick.

820 days ago


Barely touched him, idiot tripped after a surprise slap to the face.

820 days ago

Grouchy Marps    

Good thing that bodyguard didn't hit a woman or Rihanna would have fallen in love with him.

820 days ago


I love how as soon as you Americans see someone get a little slap you all scream LAWSUIT!!! What a joke you guys are, lol.

820 days ago

good as gold    

So Rihanna calls the paparazzi to take photos of her entering and leaving some club then her bodyguards smacks one of them? Rihanna is obviously suffering from LiLo syndrome [attention w.h.o.r.e.]. Girl don't go away mad, girl just go away!

820 days ago


Paps are the s*** of the earth. If a celeb. doesn't want to be photographed then they shouldn't be photographed. I really don't want to see pics of people in their private lives, having dinner, getting coffee or gas, etc. Don't care, leave 'em alone. Paparazzi also shouldn't use flash photography while celebs are trying to drive, it's insane that that is even allowed. And when they get their little toes run over they get a lawyer. Bottom feeders.

820 days ago

Mason H    

If you watch the video closely you can see that a pushing match between Mr. Clean and the pap occurred right before he sucker punched him. You can actually see the pap switch from a one handed push back on the bodyguard to attempting to push him back with both hand at which time, before he made contact Mr. Clean punches him directly in the face. I hope the pap sues and wins but to be honest that bodyguard probably just got a huge bonus and an offer for free legal protection from Rihanna's camp for his actions.

820 days ago


That looked like Jardine, but if it was Jardine the guy wouldn't have gotten up that quick.

820 days ago


Why do you and your reporters make up the stories when you have the footage right there. The guy fell over cause he got tripped up on his feet or the curb - no KO punch.It's like the other day when Van said that the one guy was jacking the champagne bottle while pouring it on his face but the video just showed him pouring it on himself without any jack-off motion at all.

820 days ago


Hope the pap gets a great big check for his trouble. These thug gorillas are going too far. It's only a matter of time until they kill somebody. They probably have a longer rap sheet than the lowlifes they're protecting.

820 days ago


Got knocked the #$%% out.

819 days ago


It's sicking that these people think they have the right the have there body guards hit anyone, He needs to go to jail and she needs to pay a very large fine.

819 days ago


So sick of this chick! She really needs to employ an image consultant! Poor,poor example of a role model to young girls.. She constantly is involved in negative incidents and it appears she enjoys the negative press. Rihanna THIS IS NOT COOL! If you are bored with your life please get a regular job and you will learn to appreciate your success and treat it with humility and appreciation! Lastly
you need an image consultant!

819 days ago
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