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Lindsay Lohan

Settles Up with 2007

Car Chase Victims

6/27/2012 12:40 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF
breaking news

Lindsay Lohan
has finally called it even with the 3 men she allegedly abducted and took on a wild drug-fueled car chase through Santa Monica back in 2007 -- the same chase that resulted in her second infamous DUI arrest.

Attorneys for both sides confirm the lawsuit was settled and a dismissal notice will be filed in court soon. The terms of the settlement have not been disclosed.

TMZ broke the story ... the three men sued Lindsay over the incident in 2008, claiming an intoxicated Lindsay hijacked a car in which they were passengers following a party in Malibu. According to the suit, Lindsay then began an insane ride down the PCH "endangering all of their lives."

The suit claimed Lindsay blew through red lights, eventually ending up at the Santa Monica Police Department where she was arrested for DUI, her second DUI bust in less than 90 days. Cops said they also found cocaine.

Lohan pled guilty to being under the influence of cocaine and no contest to reckless driving and driving with a blood alcohol level of .08 or higher. She eventually served one day in jail.

Days after the incident, one of the men told TMZ, "It was pretty much, like, the worst night of ... my whole summer."



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I bet Bret Easton Ellis would get his 15 minutes of fame if he would just go ahead and name his pornfest film "The Cavernous Vaginas". Less confusion equals more loot.

@breteastonellis If you call it "The Cavernous Vaginas", you owe me one million dollars. I can pick it up on the back end, since the movie will make billions - it has to since Linds and her "magic clam" are in it. Call me.

797 days ago


Hey Smitty/Help,

What makes you want to post under two names like that? Are you doing it to make it look like you have friends? Or are you doing it to make it look like Lindsay has more supporters than she has?

Just wondering what possesses someone to do this...

797 days ago

Grandma Cracker    

X17 is running daily stories on Lindsay. She poses for pictures, feeds them anything she wants out there, and they run with it. X17 is cool for looking at pictures, but that is all.

797 days ago


My avatar is Lindsay circa 2012 porn dinner.....great pic, huh?

797 days ago


Lindsay and Gaga were playing board games at the slumber party. Maybe chess, nah, backgammon, nah, I bet it was CLUE, it was colonel Mustard in the library with the lead pipe.

797 days ago

Grandma Cracker    


GC, is Blo wearing 5" platforms today?
Of course, she wore them to community service everyday didn't she?

797 days ago



797 days ago


Gaga's tweets did not disappear. That's a new Twitter "feature" (super annoying IMO) where they auto-hide replies by default. Go to Gaga's Twitter page and then above her timeline select "All" instead of "No replies". (Or click this link that might take you straight there: hope this works for those of you who aren't logged into Twitter.)

797 days ago


Oh, and I replied to some stuff on the previous page before noticing there was a new one, sorry been away for a bit. For those wondering about dopegirl's column... nothing happened, she wrote about other uninteresting crap today.

797 days ago

Grandma Cracker    

Hy, still all looks deleted to me, and that skinnysnack, all the people on that person's twitter think the tweet was about drugs. Ugh.
Guess the columnist tweeker found something else to tweek on this week! How does she keep a job? Yikes

797 days ago


I tried my link after signing out from Twitter and it still works. No idea why it wouldn't work for anyone else?

Because I seriously have nothing better to do right now, here's an explanatory screenshot that includes the tweets in case they still don't want to show up for you.

797 days ago


The most universal truth about being a drug addict is that you'll hang out with just about any loser if it means you'll get to do some free gaggers. Hence, Gaga's temporary affiliation with Cokehan. Hell, Lindsay is basically the celebrity cocaine ambassador at the CM.

797 days ago


Visited x17 the other day and picked up a highjacker that tryed to take over my computer....spents several hours digging that sucker out ...all just to see nothing worth the I won't do that site again...I have a good firewall and great virus potector but it got right by them.... ..
So watch if you go there.......

Grandma isn't the only one who checkin while working ...I do it all the me a break away from writing...or researching files......Geez some people do work you know Captain Fruit loop.......and I take care of three boys at the same time....I multi -task ..and frankly I sic them on the general most of the time.....outside to play with grandpa.....LOL...

797 days ago

Grandma Cracker    

Milo's twitter is interesting today. Someone is accusing him of having Lindsay followed.

797 days ago


“@therealbobyoung: No charges for mother who abandoned disabled daughter at bar via @msnbc_us ..look out, Dina Lohan, tough competition.”

797 days ago
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