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Charlie Sheen

NO Hotel Rager ... This Time

6/27/2012 11:00 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF
TMZ Live


Charlie Sheen and hotel debauchery go together like PB & J -- but the warlock called in today to shoot down rumorS he trashed a Ritz-Carlton suite. You gotta see what he says about boozing, and his new show ... "Anger Management."

Plus, Quincy Jones rips Diddy ... claiming he lacks music skills. Charles agrees, but Q's diss sparked a big debate here at TMZ.

Also, Nora Ephron's movies were definitely romantic and funny, but we think they hurt more relationships than they helped. Don't believe it? We'll explain. 

(0:00) Charlie Sheen is calling BS on two stories that are floating around about him ... by calling into TMZ Live! Charlie also talks about the debut of his new show "Anger Management" ... which premieres tomorrow!
(10:00) Lindsay Lohan finally settles with the three dudes she took on a drunken joy ride back in 2007. And as a bonus, we play a classic TMZ clip involving one of the victims ... who said one of our favorite lines ever.
(16:00) Robert Pattinson is chopped liver compared to Justin Bieber and Katy Perry -- after being shut out of his own party bus ... and we have video of Rob's incredibly awkward moment.
(18:00) Paris Hilton is involved in a scrap with a paparazzi ... but more importantly ... her legs look amazing.
(20:50) The officer who arrested Mel Gibson is about to be fired -- but reason behind it may be a explosive load of BS.
(26:00) It pains us to say it ... but have the Kardashian overtaken Oprah in the power department?
(29:50) Quincy Jones takes a shot a P. Diddy's producing skills -- by saying he wouldn't know a B-flat if it hit him in the face. Did he go over the line ... or is he speaking the truth?
(34:35) A Disney exec says the company isn't responsible for raising their child stars ... that's their parents job.
(37:00) Nora Ephron was an incredible writer -- penning such movie classics as "Harry Met Sally" and "You've Got Mail" ... but Harvey has a bit of a problem with the effect those movies had on real relationships.
(42:00) We take your calls!

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Flying Blind    

Evan, you're crazy. Diddy wouldn't make a pimple on any one in Led Zepplin's butt.

813 days ago


evidentemente, la primera referencia que me dan de la señora es su manera llamativa de vestir y su divismo, ergo...logicamente yo describo como iba vestida... capisci?

algun problema??? o es que mis labios no puede pronunciar la palabra lagerfeld?
quieres que empiece a insultarte otra vez?

813 days ago


Harvey and Charles you forgot the biggest reason for Quincy being wrong about Diddy. For one thing Quincey produced small acts like Michael Jackson and Will Smith and Diddy Produced High Quality acts like Aubrey O'Day (by the way does anybody know one of Aubrey O'Day's songs?)

813 days ago


Harvey just so you know the taste tester for the Dairy Queen Blizzard is more powerful than Oprah.

813 days ago


I would like to thank, HARVEY AND CO. For reading my post, FIRST ABOVE ANYONE ELSE and giving the viewing public, and the posters why you did what you did.
Oh wait, I'm sorry, you were more IMPRESSED with Charlie Sheen calling in to try and DISPUTE us posters that what was said about him trashing a Ritz-Carlton was all at the hands of his PR TEAM to drum up interest and get viewers over to his new show.
Yes, and lets not forget, any other minimal thread or question that took away from my QUESTIONS that were all LAW RELATED and blew off. Sorry, but tomorrow, when you ask for questions for TMZ Live, I'm going to cut and paste the same damn, LONG ASSED post until you answer me.

813 days ago


I like Charlie. I think he does well with a script to read...and some direction. With that said...I think he oughta' try and be brief when he talks without a script. Listening to Charlie talk off the cuff is like listening to a child trying to explain how digestion works.

813 days ago


Majestik... great post at the top, & do keep posting it every day... BUT know this, Harvey never reads what is posted & he certainly never addresses anything like that.

He ALWAYS goes on & on about freedom of speech, which is why we have to hear the crap out of Raquel's mouth every day.The girl can hardly speak, yet, she has this holier than thou attitude, which is only condescending, racist & in poor taste! It's why we also always have to listen to loud-mouth Ryan. All in all TMZ has gone to the dogs, & I am amazed they still are on air.

The connection TMZ/Harvey has with the Kardashians is that both shows are owned by E! & that's why they always have some sort of story about them!

Plus, they keep talking about the same people day in & out because they are no longer cutting edge & no one wants to talk to TMZ except the trash!

I think it would be great if someone out there filed a police complaint on the whole "Pole Dancers" story/bus tour, as duly noted so many road rules were broken & the proof is in their own video! (I live in Canada so not something I could easily do from here or I would do so)

The only positive for me is Charles, I think he's intelligent, has a dry sense of humor, & has the ability to get his point across. I do think it is too bad he is wasting his talent on TMZ, but if he likes being there he should do the "Live" show himself or with Evan, seeing as they are both executive producers & lock Harvey up in his office!! lol

813 days ago


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812 days ago


I think people can be incentivitive, I an Native American "Apache" my parents left the reservation and cam to California, my mother had many kids....many, we grew up in East Los Angeles....for me a melting pot, the Ma& Pa store, Korean, Black...I married a hispanic so I had his last name...I remember going into the drug store the cashier spoke to me in horrible spanish...and I responded in English "do you speak english....she was upset and said of course, I was born on this side of the border, I responded and so was I! I was pulled over for my light being out and the highway patrole as well tried to speak to me in spanish, I responded in English do you speak english, he was totally upset. I can not help the way I look, I have slanted eyes, dark hair, dark skin.....but the only language I speak is Engligh!!!

812 days ago
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