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Ann Curry

Hard Feelings

Toward Matt

6/28/2012 7:20 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

As Ann Curry said when she said her goodbyes on "Today" ... she wears her heart on her sleeve, so she made it pretty clear there's no love lost between her and Matt Lauer.

TMZ broke the story ... when Matt renegotiated his contract recently with NBC ... he made it clear he did not want Ann as his co-anchor.

So watch the video as Matt says the obligatory nice things about Ann at the end of today's show -- she does everything she can to not look at him. Compare that to her reaction to Al Roker and Natalie Morales, both of whom she looks squarely in the eye with affection.

And then Matt goes in for the kiss and Ann refuses to turn toward him. She embraces Al -- her good friend -- and Natalie, whom she calls a sister.

No doubt Ann has hard feelings, especially since NBC strung this out for months, making her a joke.

And, by the way, it was also telling that NBC didn't have Ann pass the torch to Savannah Guthrie, who was sitting off camera. 

The folks at GMA have gotta be loving this.


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Does anyone blame Ann for not turning to Matt the louse? As for Guthrie, her head bobbles while she's talking. I'll only turn on Today show if there is someone I really really want to see. But I won't be watching daily like I used to. Noticed that while the Supreme Court judgement was being announced, Guthrie & Lauer had eyes only for each other & not the camera.

Ann has been exceptionally strong & gracious throughout this horrendous public treatment she has endured. She is a true professional & has exceptional as a role model as how to act while being publicly humiliated at work.

Good luck Ann.

755 days ago


Such fake tears!

755 days ago


This is going to backfire for NBC, even the most heartless people watching this morning, have to feel for Ann.

755 days ago


Well, I don't think they made Ann a joke, I think they made themselves out to be crue and self-serving, which I think they are. I would LOVE to see Ann go to GMA. I'd watch it everyday! Ann has always come across as compassionate and intelligent, something the Today Show should treasure not scorn. Go Ann!

755 days ago

mom in midwest    

Hold your head up Ann! You leave with no shame. The network bosses (all networks) are the one's who should be ashamed, playing with lives the way they do. I will never again have respect for Lauer. You are a true professional all the way. Move on and enjoy whatever you do. Good luck!

755 days ago


Matt Lauer is a skeevy douche bag and he's not even that good a reporter. I hope they're ratings tank now and he's gone next. It would be the perfect karma for him.

Best of luck to Ann.

755 days ago


A few years ago, I was in NY and stood outside at the Today Show. Of all the hosts who were there, she was the ONLY one who was kind and gracious enough to stay after for pictures. She's a real class act and Matt Lauer - karma's a bit_h!

755 days ago


SHAME ON NBC!!! I am absolutely appalled at the way you’ve treated Ann Curry after many, many years of hard work and loyalty to the network and most of all us, the viewers. I personally loved Ann and looked forward to waking up to the Today show for over 17 years. Tomorrow morning, however, I will be switching the channel and never looking back to NBC in the mornings.

755 days ago


I am really sorry Ann didn't take Savannah with her on the way out but Savannah probably couldn't find the right door to leave. Matt will be dumped soon. Just watch!!!!

755 days ago


Even though Matt Lauer is an "old dude" now, I bet it comes down to Ann not being young and "hot" looking enough to grab people's attention in the morning. Sad, but that's how showbiz is. Always has been. As far as replacements go, I think that girl on MSNBC named Alex Wagner would be a great choice. She's hot looking, smart, and she has a good personality. Natalie Morales would be a good choice if Alex couldn't do it. Who knows, they might even think that Matt Lauer is too old and they'll find some younger guy that the ladies are wild about to replace HIM. Matt is not untouchable. He could get the axe too.

755 days ago


You suck Mat and NBC and Savannah!

Love you Ann, you did not deserve this media bashing that someone at NBC leaked, you did not deserve the humiliating and hurt.

The person or persons who leaked all of this for weeks, should be fired and ashamed, what a heartless POS to do that!

It was so sad to see and Mat, leave your hands off of Ann, you big fake flake!

Mat is the one who should have been released, his arrogant behind is stomach churning and he is so condescending and fake.

Ann was one of the only real genuine people on the Today Show who has a heart.

Savannah I do not like on there at all, nor Mat.

Lost me as a viewer.

755 days ago


Kudos to Ann Curry, what a total.

Ann was actually able to listen to Matt without throwing up!

You go girl!

755 days ago

Keyser Söze    

Bad enough that Lauer was directly responsible for her exist, but did he really need to be this phony after successfully getting rid of Curry?

I expect ABC to try hardcore to get Curry at their network - maybe on GMA, maybe somewhere else, but totally to screw with NBC over this whole fiasco.

755 days ago


Oh how I hope if everyone writing all these comments switches to another A.M. network.
Which ever one you enjoy just ban NBC.
I still hope she does not go over seas;
There should be plenty for her to cover
stateside; Matt makes me sick......................

755 days ago


his head looks like a penis.

755 days ago
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